Jack Bruce

In 2001 an incredible concert took place, the legendary Jack Bruce performing live with his all-star band; The Cuicoland Express at The Melkweg in Amsterdam. For nine years, only the lucky few who were members of the audience that night were able to experience the magic that took place. Although the show had been recorded, the tapes lay dormant and inaccessible, seemingly lost to the world.

In 2009 an opportunity in New York arose enabling the tapes to be digitally converted, meaning they could be mixed and mastered by Bruce’s long-term producer and friend, Kip Hanrahan.

Off the back of a hugely successful direct artist-to-fan-base campaign with Pledge Music, this live recording is now being released to the public. This will give fans of Jack Bruce, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, the chance to experience original material as well as some of their best-loved Cream and Bruce classics re-worked into a sizzling, energetic fusion of rock and latin jazz. Featuring Vernon Reid on guitar (Living Colour), Bernie Worrell on organ (Parliament, Funkadelic), Richie Flores on congas (Tito Puente, Cachao), Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez on drums (Roy Hargrove, Carlos Santana) and Robby Ameen (Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Simon) also on drums, this unstoppable line-up had the audience on fire.

Born in Glasgow in 1943, Jack Bruce won a scholarship to study cello and composition at the Scottish Academy of Music before dropping out aged 17 to join the acclaimed Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc. He went on to become a founding member of The Graham Bond Organization before turning down an offer to join Marvin Gaye’s band to team up with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers - where he first met Eric Clapton - which was followed by a stint with Manfred Mann. In 1966 he formed the legendary Cream with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton and went on to compose and record some of the best known music of the ’60’s selling in excess of 35 million records in the process. Jack has enjoyed a rich and varied solo career ever since, recording many albums, playing all over the world, winning numerous accolades and being inducted into the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

After recently releasing his critically-acclaimed biography ‘Jack Bruce Composing Himself’ and touring the US, this amazing new live album is sure to give Jack Bruce fans exactly what they want and indeed expect; a musically unique and boundary-pushing experience. Listening to this live recording, you can close your eyes and literally feel like you were there on that special night in Amsterdam back in 2001.





Jack Tempchin

His iconic songs comprise a soundtrack to a fabled era, but Jack Tempchin creates music in the present tense. A new release, "One More Song", reveals the vibrant spirit of an artist moving forward. “My brain is exploding with songs”, he enthuses. “It’s great to have things that you’ve already written that people like, and I play them all when I do a show, but the creative flow demands that when I write a song and really love it, I want to get it out right now”

"One More Song", honors Tempchin’s coffeehouse roots. “A guy, an audience, and a song”, he says. “Circle Ties That Bind,” from the collection is one of the first songs Jack wrote, and although the great Hoyt Axton performed it in concert, until now it has never been translated on record.

In fact, of the 12 songs curated for the latest project, only 3 have been previously recorded. The title track, covered both by the late Kate Wolf and the Eagles’ Randy Meisner, and “Singing In The Streets”, originally tracked by Jack’s band the Funky Kings who were signed to Arista Records by Clive Davis. The band also cut the venerable “Slow Dancing” famously immortalized by Johnny Rivers, now performed by Jack in an evocative solo rendition.

Born in rural Ohio, Jack Tempchin grew up in San Diego, CA, where he performed and hosted open mic nights at The Candy Company, a local folk club. His friendships with collaborators Glenn Frey, JD Souther, Tom Waits, Jules Shear and Jackson Browne, welcomed him as a charter member into a community of soon to be famous fellow travelers whose intimate confessionals would reverberate from the stage of the Troubadour in West Hollywood into massive public consciousness.

Tempchin’s songs became indelible threads in the fabric of the 'Southern California Sound'. His solo penned “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, as recorded by the Eagles on their eponymous debut, is prominent on the band’s "Greatest Hits", the top selling album of the 20th century. Subsequent co-writes such as the band’s 1974 hit, “Already Gone”, and contributions to the "Hell Freezes Over" reunion collection and the double disc release "Long Road Out Of Eden" enriched the band’s repertoire and propelled Jack’s songs to the world.

With Glenn Frey, Jack co-wrote the artist’s solo hits “Smuggler’s Blues”, “You Belong To The City”, plus “The One You Love”. Prominent in the marquee roster who have interpreted Tempchin songs are Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, Tom Rush, The Paladins, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Chris Hillman and the Desert Rose Band, and Nashville artists like George Jones, Trisha Yearwood, Tanya Tucker and Patty Loveless.

These days, Tempchin continues to catch the moments in music. “I head down to the beach at sundown, make songs up, video them on my iPhone and later on turn them into songs”, he says. He also enjoys playing music al fresco. “I’ve got a little rig that fits into a carry on bag, and every couple of months I go to downtown San Diego, lay my guitar on my lap, use a whiskey flask as my slide and play traditional blues”. Passersby have no idea that the bewhiskered street singer in trademark shades is an eminent songwriter with an original page of lyrics that have been displayed at both The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and at The Grammy Museum.

New adventures abound. The hushed, nocturnal “Streets of Midnight” from the new collection was inspired by Jack’s 'pop up club' on Selma Avenue in Hollywood where he invited colleagues and stragglers alike for ad hoc performances. “Singing In The Streets” has been featured for 40 years on a Tokyo radio show, and on Jack’s debut 2016 Japanese tour he discovered that he had an enthusiastic following. “I would do signings after every show, and somehow they would have every record that I ever did, I have more fans there than here. It was fantastic”, he says. A recent writing trip to Nashville resulted in numerous co-writes, new solo songs and a songwriters in the round concert with Rusty Young of Poco and Craig Fuller of Pure Prairie League.

Blue Élan Records provides Tempchin with an ideal platform to record and release records, with "One More Song" preceded by the full length "Learning To Dance" and an EP, "Room To Run". More projects are in the planning stages and a slate of concert performances promises to keep the ever industrious Tempchin on the road.

"One More Song" is a resounding confirmation of a remarkable legacy, a prolific present, and the joyous anticipation of words and melodies still to come.

“I’m extremely delighted and grateful to have written songs that people know and like, but I’m really about today and now”, Jack avows. “I’m here. It’s like I’m a new artist. My big desire is to keep on writing, playing and recording music until my heart stops beating”.




Jackson Browne

Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne has announced plans to embark on a world tour that will extend into the spring of 2009. The itinerary kicks off with a date at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC on September 15, a week prior to the September 23 release of 'Time The Conqueror', Browne’s first studio album in six years. The initial U.S. leg of the World Tour crosses the country through early November, and will be followed by tours of Japan, Australia and Europe. Tickets went on sale to the public on August 8.

Accompanying Browne on the road is his band of fifteen years: Kevin McCormick (bass), Mark Goldenberg (guitars), Mauricio Lewak (drums) and Jeff Young (keyboards, backing vocals). They have been with Browne since 1993’s 'I’m Alive', playing on 'Looking East' (’96) and 'Naked Ride Home' (’02) as well. For 'Time The Conqueror', they’re joined by new members Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills, vocalists Browne met in 2001 when they were still attending Washington Preparatory High School in South Los Angeles and singing with Fred Martin & The Levite Camp. They are prominently featured on The Levite Camp’s debut CD, 2006’s 'Some Bridges', an album Browne co-produced, performs on, and which features six of his songs.

This lineup brings its incredible chemistry and collaborative energy to Browne’s forthcoming album, 'Time The Conqueror', set for release September 23 on Inside Recordings, the artist’s own independent label (with distribution through ADA Global). Produced by Browne and Paul Dieter, it’s the 13th studio album of his career, and his first set of new material in six years, following up 'Naked Ride Home'. The new album’s ten diverse original songs display the artist’s ability to address personal, inner-directed reflection and matters of social and political import with equal passion and intelligence – and eloquent lyrics – throughout.

Most recently, Browne released two live albums recorded at dates on solo acoustic tours in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. The GRAMMY®-nominated 'Jackson Browne – Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1' (’05) and 'Vol. 2' (’08), both out on Inside, feature Browne alternately on piano and guitar, performing a diverse selection of career spanning songs. In his four-star review of this year’s Vol. 2 for Rolling Stone, Anthony DeCurtis wrote, “This is Browne at his best, engaging his audience, his own experiences and the world around him, all in songs that will not lose their resonance any time soon.”

For the upcoming U.S. leg of the World Tour tour, a limited number of premium tickets benefiting The Guacamole Fund will be available directly through www.guacfund.org; proceeds support non-profit organizations working in the public interest, in the spirit of Browne’s longstanding activism on behalf of peace, social justice, the environment and a nonnuclear future. Browne is also encouraging concertgoers to come with non-perishable food items for collection by food banks. With this call to engagement, Browne once again enlists his fans’ participation in World Hunger Year’s Artists Against Hunger & Poverty program.

Ever since his acclaimed 1972 self-titled debut album, Jackson Browne has defined a genre of songwriting and performing that is charged with honesty, emotion and personal politics. He’s been recognized with inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2004) and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame (2007), with recent humanitarian honors including the John Steinbeck Award and the Chapin-World Hunger Year Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award.

"Time The Conqueror" available here.




Jaime Michaels

A venue operator in California refers to Jaime Michaels as a songwriters’ songwriter. He came late to the craft having enjoyed a long career as a covers artist both as a soloist and, for a while, full tilt rock and roll band lead singer with The Truly Dangerous Swamp Band. Not being much of a radio fan, he chose his covers carefully, sometimes something recognizable like Dylan or the Beatles, sometimes just damned fine songs he happened to run across from lesser known writers like Canadian Murray MacLauchlan. He sang the hell out of all of them.
Something happened a few years back when he moved west, far from his east coast roots, to a new home in Santa Fe, NM. Maybe it was just the change of scenery, something in the big western night sky, but the songs started coming. Finely crafted. Tuneful. Both spirited and spiritual, songs of kindness and true emotion. 11 albums, so far, with Jono Manson in the producer’s chair for the past 9. Their 2013 effort, "Unknown Blessings", is a fund raiser with 100% of the sales going to the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation’s teen music camp. That album, along with 2011’s "The Man With The Time Machine" and his most recent, 2016’s "Once Upon A Different Time", have all won the New Mexico Music Awards album of the year award.
Jaime continues touring both in the US and in Italy where "Once Upon A Different Time" was released on Appaloosa records in 2016. He toured in Italy in December 2017 with keyboardist Radoslav Lorcovi?. 2018 dates included a mainstage set at the 2018 Kerrville Folk Festival, a summer tour in California, and a tour in Texas in the fall, with fellow singer songwriter Rj Cowdery. He appeared next on Appaloosa Records’ tribute album to Townes Van Zandt, "The Wind Blows", on the 1st track, a stellar cover of "Snowing On Raton".
And now a new album, "If You Fall", again a collaboration between Jono, Jaime and a new recording band consisting of Austinites Paul Pearcy on drums and Ronnie Johnson on bass, New York City and Nashville veteran pedal steel, mandolin, guitar wiz Jon Graboff and on keyboards and accordions, Radoslav Lokovi?. As always, there are some stellar originals, and a couple of moving covers.



James Taylor

Greenpeace Canada is set to release an exclusive two-disc, re-mastered live recording of "Amchitka - The 1970 Concert That Launched Greenpeace", featuring Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and the late Phil Ochs. The concert, a fundraiser to protest U.S. nuclear bomb tests near Amchitka, Alaska sees a first-time release on 10 November. The CD is available exclusively through Greenpeace and all proceeds will benefit the organization.

“We are pleased to offer this musical slice of history to Greenpeace supporters and music lovers around the world,” said Bruce Cox, Greenpeace Canada’s executive director. “This CD is a piece of musical magic. It contains never before heard songs, duets and chatter that capture the confidence and hope of the times. It carries a timeless message that change is possible.” The concert, which took place at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia on 16 October 1970, was organized by former trial lawyer and activist Irving Stowe. As co-director of the 'Don’t Make A Wave Committee', he raised enough money to send 11 peace activists by boat, christened The Greenpeace, to the Aleutian Island of Amchitka. The activists were unsuccessful in stopping the tests, but their voyage in 1971 marks the birth of the worldwide organization known today as Greenpeace.

“The Amchitka voyage would not have happened without the concert, and so we owe a debt of gratitude to Irving Stowe, and the talents of Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Phil Ochs for generating the momentum that ultimately launched Greenpeace,” continued Cox. “The activists that traveled to Amchitka set the example that has guided and defined Greenpeace: non-violent direct action to protect our environment and motivate societal change.”

The upcoming release features concert performances by then-rising Canadian star Joni Mitchell and a 22-year old James Taylor. Protest singer, Phil Ochs kicks off the CD. Earlier that year Mitchell had been named Top Female Performer of 1970 by Melody Maker magazine and Taylor had released his major breakthrough album "Sweet Baby James".

Of the historic concert, Amchitka emcee and Canadian broadcaster, Terry David Mulligan says, “The crew of ‘The Greenpeace’ took hold of our hearts and minds and pulled all of us along. As always, music carried the day.”

Get the background to this amazing story, right here.







Janni Littlepage

A delicate, beautiful and refreshing talent, Janni Littlepage’s music has been described as romantic, eloquent and richly cinematic. In genres spanning bridges from folk to country to pop and back again, Janni’s resonant voice holds qualities reminiscent of Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, and Joni Mitchell.

“Strange Angels”, her new album and special edition CD, was co-produced with Robinson Eikenberry. It is a masterfully pristine production with a myriad of layers, aural textures and hues. The songs are beautifully written and emotionally transportive, as is the breadth and beauty of Janni’s voice, and the subtle strength and skill of her players.

The album features the musical virtuosity of the late and beloved Kenny Edwards, extraordinary singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (Linda Rondstadt, Bryndle, Karla Bonoff). Edwards’ distinctive supporting vocals and superb musical talent on guitars, electric bass and mandolin grace
every track, along with collaboration by other gifted musicians.

Accompanying this new release is an artful and luminous music video of the album’s evocative title song “Strange Angels” by wunderkind filmmaker-director Jack Giles Harrison.

Janni’s professional music career began at the age of 21 when she was introduced to Bruce Kunkel, a founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band who encouraged her to pursue a career in music. Throughout her career she has been fortunate to work with many wonderful and notable artists, producers and arrangers, among them Jon Mark, Jim Messina, Kenny Loggins, Henry Lewy, Malcolm Seagrave, Al Kooper, Chris Brubeck, and Robinson Eikenberry.

The supportive camaraderie of the musical communities in both California and Nashville, TN, offered inspiring and nurturing environments for the deepening of her art. Composing on the piano since childhood, Janni also writes on the Appalachian mountain dulcimer which lends a different
range of color and rhythm to her compositions. In the coastal town of Santa Barbara, California in the 1980's, Littlepage joined Jim Messina’s acoustic trio with singer-songwriter Alan Thornhill, and later performed with Loggins & Messina at the Heartlight Concert in Los Angeles, L & M’s first reunion concert in nearly a decade. During those years working with Messina, she recorded and released her first album “Lady In Waiting” to a delighted audience. Out of print now, this vinyl record is considered a collector’s item by audiophiles worldwide.

Continuing to follow the songwriters’ dream, a move to Nashville in the mid 1990's opened new doors. Janni’s song “A Rain Of Angels”, co-written with award-winning Nashville songwriter Michael Dulaney, was recorded by Lila McCann and appeared on her platinum debut album “Lila” on Asylum Records in 1997.

Returning to California in recent years, Littlepage found further inspiration in collaboration with writers from the international songwriting community through the Listening Room International Songwriters Retreat series. Several songs from this series appear on the new album and are co-writes with Johan Seige of Västerås, Sweden (“A Delicate Dance” and “The Buckeye Tree”), and Parisch Browne of Galway, Ireland (“When The Snow Falls On Baghdad”). “Always Coming Home”, another song written with Nashville’s Michael Dulaney, and a lovely and unusual arrangement of the traditional hymn “Amazing Grace” also appear on this collection. Folkinspired “A Train In The Distance” and “This Road Of Your Own Making” and the incandescent piano ballad “All My Days” were all co-written with longtime lyrical collaborator Vivien Kooper, while the three capstones of this beautifully constructed album were penned alone by Littlepage... the reflective and redemptive “Until The Rains Come”, wistful and nostalgic “Gerry & Her Baby Grands”, and the album’s ethereal yet earthy essential theme “Strange Angels”.

With a curtsy to Folk, a waltz across Americana to Country, a polite nod to Classical, a knowing wink at Rock, followed by a full run towards Orchestral Pop, and back into the arms of Folk, whatever the genre, Janni Littlepage’s music may be defined as poignant and soulful, poetic and uplifting.

Simply expressed... the song of an open heart.




Jaron Reid Raven^sky

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Jaron Reid Raven^sky, born of the prairies on the vast Alberta, Canada, vista. His 1st nation heritage echoing clearly on “Black Crow Cloud” and “Broken Down“. Gifted with a beautiful voice, a singer of charm, dignity and empathy, with a deep self felt comprehension of pain and the raunchy side of being. Jaron’s latest double CD, a serious, long time in completion, delivers the true artist he has become.
Jaron, gifted on the piano and guitar, his passion, since he first heard notes of music at an early age. Influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jaron, unsigned, roamed the bars and clubs of Europe, paying his dues with his  love of performing. Over the last few years, he has awed audiences young and old throughout Europe, including, Norway, Switzerland, and Ireland. His deep talent lead him to performing around the Caribbean, as well, years of some settling’s downs, some out times, and a seasoning of his abilities.
 In 2016 the album started its conception in the cold winter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at the CCM Studio. 3 serious renowned American musicians laid the instrumental tracks supporting his music on this epic double CD. There followed a week of additional input from a group of talented Canadians. Some things just take time. An Italian break, an island decision to record the vocals again and mix at the Prairie Sun Studio in California of Tom Waits history. Additional tracks and vocals in Edmontone Studio. The end of 2017, Matt Wright mixed all 25 songs at Prairie Sun Studio. Another hiatus arrived. Those years, some settlings downs, some out times, a bit wiser.
Finally, time arrived for the mix tweaking by Matt Wright, the mastering of the double album by Ken Lee, this fall 2019 in California, USA. Yes, 25 songs, a stunning 16 page booklet, in the old fashion way, pull him back on the road. Born to it, with his name Jaron meaning 'sing out'. The pulse of the vocal gift to transport, enhance and heal his audience with his shaman soul whether intimately in a small club to the larger stage as opening act in Casino, Paris, this life capability for his music to find it’s way into the secret places of the soul, a utopia gut jarring double album.
The artist delivers imposing songwriting in a spiritual rusty voice traversing the dark, commanding euphoria vibes on 25 songs.





John David Souther


John David Souther was greatly influenced by Texan Roy Orbison, whose sound he tried to emulate. Following his move to Los Angeles in the late 1960s, he met a young guitarist from Detroit named Glenn Frey. They bonded over their Detroit roots and a common love of country and R&B music. In short order, they began working together while sharing a small apartment in Los Angeles' Echo Park area (their downstairs neighbor was Jackson Browne with whom both Souther and Frey would collaborate on numerous projects).

Shortly after meeting, Souther and Frey formed a folk duo called Longbranch Pennywhistle. Their lone album, released in 1970 on Jimmy Bowen's Amos Records, featured significant contributions from guitarists James Burton and Ry Cooder, fiddler Doug Kershaw, drummer Jim Gordon, pianist Larry Knechtel and bassist Joe Osborn.

After recording an eponymous solo album in 1972, persuaded by David Geffen, Souther formed the Souther Hillman Furay Band with Chris Hillman and Richie Furay. The group released two albums, but creative tensions and lack of record sales (not to mention Furay's discomfort with playing secular music following his conversion to Christianity) led to the band's demise.

Souther is probably best known for his well crafted songwriting abilities, especially in the field of country rock. He co-wrote some of the biggest hits for the Eagles, including "Best of My Love", "Victim of Love", "Heartache Tonight", and "New Kid in Town". He also wrote songs for several of Ronstadt's multi-platinum albums, including "Faithless Love" from "Heart Like a Wheel" and "White Rhythm and Blues" included in her "Living in the USA" album. He also recorded several notable duets with Ronstadt, including "Hearts Against the Wind," "Prisoner in Disguise," and "Sometimes You Can't Win." He wrote "Run Like a Thief," which appeared on "Home Plate" by Bonnie Raitt.

His biggest hit as a solo artist was his 1979 Orbison-influenced song "You're Only Lonely" from the album of the same name, which reached number 7 on the Billboard charts. A collaboration with James Taylor called "Her Town Too" from Taylor's "Dad Loves His Work" album reached number 11 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart.

He was a contributor on the "Roy Orbison & Friends - A Black and White Night" 1987 concert and video, sang The Platters' "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" in the 1989 movie 'Always' and sang the theme song to the 1989-1992 sitcom 'Anything But Love'.

"If The World Was You" is his first new album in 24 years. The album was recorded live in the studio with a five-piece jazz ensemble. It includes the 12 minute 56 second epic 'The Secret Handshake of Fate'.



Jeff Golub

In June of 2011, at the age of 56, the acclaimed guitarist Jeff Golub lost his eyesight overnight. In 2013 he went in the studio to record his 12th solo-album, with a little help from his childhood-hero Brian Auger on Hammond B3 and vocalists like Christopher Cross and Alex Ligertwood.

For Jeff’s 3rd album with eOne/Membran/Naxos he has joined together with British jazz-rock legend Brian Auger and the signature sound of Brian’s Hammond B3. This amazing duo along with Alex Ligertwood on vocals and Steve Ferrone from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on drums, have crafted a timeless journey blending Soul, Jazz and Blues. Train Keeps A Rolling also features two vocal giants, Christopher Cross on the classic Ace song “How Long”, and David Pack on The Police’s “Walking On The Moon”.

"Train Keeps A Rolling" takes you back to a time when Bill Graham’s Fillmore East and West ruled the rock world. From the opening notes of “The Cat”, through the classic Curtis Mayfield cover “Pusher Man”, onto the classic blues of Mose Allison’s “Live The Life I Love”, Jeff and Brian deliver a powerful musical painting. Close your eyes and join Jeff Golub and Brian Auger as they deliver a classic soul-rock styled album that is both unique and contemporary.


Jeff Larson

"They don’t often make new records anymore like 'Yesterday’s Dream', a brilliant throwback to the golden era of singer songwriters. Vocalist Jeff Larson evokes the fragile authenticity of the greats and unsung twang scholar John Blakeley of the 'Endless Summer' soundtrack lights up the spare, supple tracks on this haunting, compelling, altogether intoxicating debut." ~ Joel Selvin



Jeff Pevar

"During the summer of 2010, I received an invitation from my friend, Greg Fredrick, to compose music for a documentary he was producing on the Oregon Caves. I happily agreed to take on the project while assuming I would compose this music in my home studio to previously assembled documentary footage. Shortly after I took on the project, I was presented with the exciting and unique opportunity to record my acoustic guitars in the Oregon Caves themselves!

I purposely decided not to prepare anything for this event prior to the recording. I had a premonition that playing my guitar in such a sacred space would strongly influence my improvisations and evoke unique creativity. I decided to bring 2 acoustic instruments for the recording session in the caves, a 6 string acoustic guitar and an 8 string mandocello.

On the afternoon of Oct 6th, 2010, in the largest open cavern in the caves, called the Ghost Room, 12 compositions were spontaneously conceived, one after the other. I performed one take on each piece, without any idea of how the music would begin or unfold.

The caves were chilly and damp, yet deeply calm and serene, as if time were standing still. Condensation dripped from the rock walls, which you can hear during quiet moments of the recordings. As I had previously hoped and imagined, the decision to improvise while in the caves had a profound impact on the compositions.

After the staff at the Oregon Caves National Monument heard what I had recorded, they inquired if I would consider releasing this music as a CD of its own. The concept of turning these improvisations into complete arrangements, much less a debut release, wasn't at all a consideration previously. I assumed that only excerpts of this guitar music would be used to support the PBS documentary, 'The Marble Halls Of Oregon'.

To my surprise and delight, a lifelong quest was realized. Up until this time, the daunting task of deciding what music might possibly be included on a debut project of my own had eluded me. Now in one fateful, fruitful three-hour visit to the Oregon Caves, this wish had been visualized, crystallized and documented.

Rather than release this debut as a solo guitar record only, I chose to add more sonic diversity, color, and intensity to the songs by taking the 12 original performances back to my home studio and overdub additional instruments to the tracks recorded in the caves. In an effort to keep the music as organic as possible, I avoided using any electric instruments. While most of the instruments heard on these songs are overdubbed performances of my own, as the project evolved, I was imagining some other sonic textures, so I decided to invite a number of special guests to add their unique flavor on selected songs.

On a whim, I sent the song 'River Of Dreams' to one of my favorite vocalists and composers, Jon Anderson, best known from his work with the band Yes. To my delight, Jon wrote the lyrics and sent back a recording of his vocals only a few hours later, with a heartfelt letter telling me how much he enjoyed this music and this opportunity to collaborate.

I am humbled by all of this. I thank all involved for the wondrous gifts of their participation. I offer this music out, from within. It has given me a faith that more is available to us than we could ever imagine, if we trust to call on it. From The Core ~ Jeff Pevar


Jerry Douglas

"Traveler", the new album from world-renowned musician Jerry Douglas, will soon be released by eOne Music. This is Douglas’ first solo release since his acclaimed 2009 Christmas album, "Jerry Christmas!", and features special guest vocals from Eric Clapton, Mumford & Sons, Paul Simon, Keb’ Mo’, Marc Cohn and Alison Krauss & Union Station.

The 11-track album also features legendary musicians Dr. John (piano), Béla Fleck (banjo), Del McCoury (harmony vocals), Sam Bush (harmony vocals and mandolin) Omar Hakim (drums) and Viktor Krauss (bass), among others.

Recorded in Nashville, New Orleans, New York and Banbury, UK, "Traveler" was produced by Russ Titelman. Songs include versions of Paul Simon’s “The Boxer” and “American Tune”, as well as several original tunes from Douglas. Of special note is Douglas’ rendition of the Leadbelly classic “On A Monday”, which marks his lead vocal debut.

Internationally recognized as the world’s most renowned dobro player, Douglas ranks among the top contemporary artists in American music. Douglas has garnered thirteen Grammy Awards while holding the distinction of being named 'Musician Of The Year' by The Country Music Association (2002, 2005 and 2007), The Academy Of Country Music (11 times), and The Americana Music Association (2002 and 2003), as well as numerous International Bluegrass Music Association awards. Douglas is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Americana Music Association, and was honored as the 2008 'Artist In Residence' at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN. In 2004, the National Endowment for The Arts honored Douglas with a National Heritage Fellowship, acknowledging his artistic excellence and contribution to the nation's traditional arts, their highest such accolade.

In addition to his groundbreaking work as a member of Alison Krauss & Union Station, The Country Gentlemen, J.D. Crowe & The New South, Boone Creek, Strength in Numbers, Elvis Costello’s Sugarcanes, and others, Douglas has graced over 2,000 recordings by such distinguished artists as James Taylor, Paul Simon, Ray Charles, Lyle Lovett, Elvis Costello, Garth Brooks, Charlie Haden, Earl Scruggs, Phish, Emmylou Harris, Bill Frisell, The Chieftains, and the eight million-plus selling soundtrack to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".



Jimmy Somerville

Iconic singer Jimmy Somerville has announced the release of his 6th solo album "Homage" on March 10th, 2015. The record, a collection of 12 original disco tracks, is a tribute to the genre that inspired Jimmy so much during his teenage years, and is available to pre-order now.

While working with the record’s producer and friend John Winfield, Jimmy had the idea to turn the songs they were working on at the time into 'disco'. John didn’t need convincing. "We took all the songs and structured them into disco, when we started doing that I realised they were all closet disco songs and they all came to life, it was really exciting”, explains Somerville.

The album was a ‘family and friends’ affair on which the legendary vocalist had full control, something, he says, that hadn’t been happening since the Communards. "Working with people who have been really been into it, completely supportive and understanding about what I wanted to achieve has been a complete dream, no egos, no drama queens, no divas, just a real commitment and connection to it”.

Inspired by music and politics, Jimmy Somerville rose to fame in the early 80's as the lead singer of electronic dance outfit Bronski Beat. Their radio friendly single "Smalltown Boy" boldly addressed the social issue of gay isolation, while bringing into the spotlight one of the most unique voices of that generation. Following singles "Why", "It Ain’t Necessarily So" and "I Feel Love" consolidated Somerville’s success. Bronski Beat’s only album "The Age of Consent" reached platinum in the UK before Jimmy’s departure in 1985. The talented singer went on to form The Communards, enjoying a string of hits from their two albums " Communards" (1986) and "Red" (1987). Their single "Don’t Leave Me This Way" held the # 1 slot for several weeks and went on to become a classic. Jimmy Somerville embarked in a solo career in 1989 and released 5 albums. Always an outspoken crusader for the gay community, his disarming honesty only contributed to his outstanding achievements throughout the years.

Famous for re-making disco classics as his own, "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)", "Never Can Say Goodbye", "Don’t Leave Me This Way" and "I Feel Love" to name but a few, "Homage" was a logical next step in Somerville's career, one at which he can only excel considering his background, passion and undisputed vocal talent.



Jimmy Webb

Over a remarkable 45 plus year career Jimmy Webb has received every major award this industry has to offer, including being the only artist to ever receive Grammy awards for music, lyrics, and orchestration. Jimmy Webb has personally written the Great American Songbook, including such masterworks as “Up, Up and Away”, “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”, “Wichita Lineman”, “Galveston”, “All I Know” and “MacArthur Park”. His songs have been performed by many of the most popular contemporary singers, including R.E.M., Glen Campbell, The 5th Dimension, Thelma Houston, The Supremes, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes, Art Garfunkel, Amy Grant, Linda Ronstadt, Donna Summer, Barbra Streisand, and Carly Simon.

For “Still Within The Sound Of My Voice” Jimmy delves deep into his songbook for some of his most dynamic performances to date. From the opening notes of “Sleeping In The Daytime”, Jimmy and Lyle Lovett are off and running with a contemporary sound that will be blasting out of AAA radio speakers all across the country. The album again unites Jimmy Webb with some of today’s biggest selling and enduring artists for once in a lifetime performances, including the iconic “MacArthur Park”. In celebration of its 45th Anniversary, Jimmy reached out to Brian Wilson for his inspirational vocal harmonies which take this American classic soaring to new heights. This album is full inspirational vocal performances from the breathless seduction of Carly Simon on “Easy For You To Say”, to the joyful contemporary styling of Keith Urban on “Where’s The Playground, Susie”. In celebration of Jimmy Webb’s career as a singer, songwriter and performer, it is easy to see why these artists all have joined together for this amazing collection of duets from the Jimmy Webb Great American Songbook.



Joan Osborne

Multi-platinum selling recording artist and seven time Grammy nominee Joan Osborne has just released her 8th studio recording, “Love & Hate”. The poignant 12-song collection, which weaves together strands of American roots music, poetic lyrics and impassioned vocals, is released via Membran in Europe.

Osborne wrote or co-wrote every song on “Love & Hate”, making it her most intimate album yet. “These songs resonate especially deep for me," she says. "I feel like I've grown so much as a songwriter, using simpler and simpler language, getting to the heart of the matter in a purer way". Osborne co-produced “Love & Hate” with Jack Petruzzelli (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright) and recorded the album in her current hometown of New York City. The pair previously collaborated for Osborne’s “Bring It On Home”, which was Grammy nominated in the Best Blues Album Category last year

Of the concept behind “Love & Hate”, Osborne explains, “The image I keep coming back to is that of a beam of white light: we think it’s one thing, but when you shine it through a prism, you see that it’s made up of many different colors, different frequencies. Love isn’t just one thing either; it can be made up of faith and passion, power struggles, humor, anguish, deep spirituality, lust, anger, everything on that spectrum. People we love can bring out the very best and the absolute worst in us, and we can do that to them, too. Love is always a risk".

The soulful vocalist, who counts such legendary artists as Etta James and Ray Charles as influences, has toured extensively with her own band and as a member of The Dead. She was one of the original artists on Lilith Fair and has performed alongside many notable musicians, including Bob Dylan, Luciano Pavarotti, Stevie Wonder, Emmylou Harris and Patti Smith, to name a few. Osborne’s debut album “Relish” produced the massive MTV and international radio smash, "One Of Us”. Osborne is currently a member of the rock band/creative collective Trigger Hippy formed by Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman along with Jackie Greene, Tom Bukovac and Nick Govrik.


Joel Rafael

Singer-songwriter and folk musician Joel Rafael has been writing and performing for over 50 years, beginning as a drummer with his first band, a jazz combo, in the 6th grade. After transitioning from jazz to surf music in junior high, Rafael soon found himself swept up by the rise of folk music in the early 60's. He began learning chords on a cheap guitar he picked up in Tijuana, until he was able to afford a more respectable instrument by selling an expensive rifle he’d been given. He soon became the resident folk musician of his high school, performing in hootenannies, benefit shows, and on open stages, polishing his style. He began incorporating his own lyrics and melodies into the folk format, and by his senior year he was gigging in clubs his classmates were too young to enter.

Rafael enrolled in college at Cal State Fullerton, because the Vietnam War was raging, and the draft was very real, but only stuck it out for two semesters, before moving to Los Angeles, where he could perform on stages at the Troubadour and the Ash Grove. Eventually those clubs started catering more to rock groups, and, after losing his student deferment, his draft status was again 1A, so Rafael headed north with a group of outlaws, artists, writers and mystics, eventually landing in Oregon.

Two years later, Rafael was busted for hashish in Portland as part of a citywide sweep of the entire underground. He was released with three five-year probations (fifteen years) to be served concurrently, and was forbidden to reside in the State of Oregon. Still intending to avoid the draft, he relocated back to Los Angeles where he found day work at North Beach Leather to support himself, while honing his songwriting in the musically fertile hills of Laurel Canyon. An opportunity to assist a friend open an “old world” leather shop took him north to Seattle. From there, he eventually retreated to the mountains where he worked on his songwriting, and learned to live simply.

The draft board caught up with him, and demanded he report for a physical. Instead he relocated and settled in North San Diego County where he learned to grow avocadoes on a newly planted ten-acre ranch. Life in rural North County presented new opportunities, and each one seemed to inspire a song. Finally, with the ending of the draft, and his probation behind him, Rafael’s songs no longer reflected the idealism of his teen years, he now wrote about his life and his family and what he saw in the world around him. In nearby Encinitas, he began to play his songs in front of a real audience again, at the Blue Ridge Guitar Shop, where he also began a lifetime friendship with Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin.

During the late 70's, Rafael performed around Southern California in various groups including as a duo with Rosie Flores. In the early 80's, after he and Rosie parted ways, he found a niche in San Diego County as an opener for nationally touring acts at several local venues, which allowed him to grow as a performer of his own original songs. Jesse Colin Young added Rafael as an opener on a short tour of the Southwest in 1981, shortly after he recorded his first album, "Dharma Bums", with San Diego songwriter Richard Bowen. In the early 90's, with the mentoring support of Paul Rothchild, the Joel Rafael Band was born.

After releasing 2 albums with the Joel Rafael Band, "Joel Rafael Band" (1994) and "Old Wood Barn" (1996), he was invited to join Jackson Browne’s Inside Recordings for a 3rd album, "Hopper" (2000), which would end up being the band’s last. In 2002, with his daughter Jamaica and guitar player Carl Johnson, he performed 5 original songs, 2 co-writes with John Steinbeck, and the background musical score for a new radio play of 'The Grapes Of Wrath'. After performing the play for a week in Los Angeles, the live recording became part of NPR archives where it surfaces annually. After 5 years on the Woody Guthrie Festival, he decided to release an album of all Woody Guthrie tunes, "Woodeye" (2003), which included one song for which he composed the music, and one original talking piece combined with a Woody Guthrie song. Shortly after, he turned his focus to another album of Woody Guthrie songs, "Woodyboye" (2005) –– this one including four more Woody Guthrie co-writes with lyrics given to him by Woody’s daughter, Nora Guthrie.

After six years devoted to presenting as much of Woody’s songs as he could, Rafael found himself again touring the country, but this time as part of a road show of songwriters dedicated to presenting Woody Guthrie through his songs and prose. And it was time to return to his own songs, so with more than an album’s worth of material, he went to Austin and put together 13 songs with a band of musicians who backed Stillwater, Oklahoma native, and Austin icon Jimmy LaFave. The resulting "Thirteen Stories High" (2008), introduced a new musical collaboration embracing his original work and including the songs of Steve Earle and Jack Hardy.

By the time he released his next album of original songs, "America Come Home", it was 2012 and the year of Woody Guthrie’s Centennial. 2 of Rafael’s co-writes with Guthrie were published in a book of 100 songs, "Every One Hundred Years: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Songbook", and he was asked to perform on several tribute concerts around the country, the most notable, and an admitted high point of his career, was the final 2012 show at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

As a solo performer and with his band, he has opened shows throughout the southwestern United States for artists including Joan Baez, John Trudell, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Sheryl Crow, Laura Nyro, Taj Mahal, Emmylou Harris and John Lee Hooker.

"Baladista", Joel Rafael’s 9th album, delivers 10 essential ballads that embrace and celebrate the human spirit and reflect the half-century journey of an American songwriter.




Johanna Lillvik

The debut EP of Johanna Lillvik is just the tip of the iceberg. Though having written songs from an early age, this is the 1st time ever that she unravels her poetry mind and clearly colourful compositions on an available recording.

Many years of performing as a singer, and an artist in various projects, have rendered her a reputation on stage, but her plentitude of songs are still quite unknown to the main audience. They have bred in the dark, with strong melodies and bewitching rhythms. Some are ready to hatch at the beginning of January 2017 and show their beautiful plumage.

Johannas influence on her debut is omnipotent. As a composer, writer and as a producer, she really sets the conditions for her pieces, yet the music shows a great deal of creative interaction with her excellent fellow musicians. Her voice hovers over the supportative arrangements that distinguish the different character of each one of these 5 tracks.

Critics have twisted their heads trying to define the genre she plays, since she fearlessly moves across the borderlines of many. Wether or not she will be the inventor of one in the end, I wish you a safe flight if you wish to take off with Johanna Lillvik as your pilot. Don´t forget to buckle up!




John Cee Stannard

Moving On”, the new album from John Cee Stannard, release date May 24th, 2019, sees John Cee moving forward, not from the last album, but from his earlier 2013 “Doob” album. Because this is very much a follow up to “Doob” we are including a copy for reference as it was not widely distributed at the time.

“Moving On” is concentrated more on the big band sound of “Doob”, whilst still nodding to the more acoustic country blues styles with songs like “Evening Sun” and “You Took Me By Surprise”, a wry look at partnerships, and “Something That You Do To Me”, which was a deliberate attempt to write a song for harmonica in the Jimmy Reed style.

2 of the songs were specifically written for this album, and the full band treatment. Both are songs about Reading, John’s home town. The opening track “Cemetery Junction” refers to the major junction to the east of town, and is also a crossroads song. The other, “Seventeen” pays homage to the # 17 bus route which started as a tram service over a 100 years ago.

The 2 covers on the album are, “Tougher Than Tough” by Jimmy Witherspoon, which captures the feel of the smaller jazz and blues combo of the 1950’s, and “Someone Is Knocking”, a powerful song by Reading blues artist Julia Titus, known for her performances as “Ma Bessie”. The jazz and blues combo style is also reflected in another new song “Do Right To Me”, which would sit well with any tune of the period.

17 guest musicians helped John put this album together and of course these include his close friends Mike Bake on guitar and Howard Birchmore on harmonica, who continue to support John as part of the live performance trio, John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon.

Says John “I have been so lucky that as each album has been completed, I have been so completely happy with it, I’ve never listened back afterwards and thought ‘I wish I had done it this way, or changed the arrangement at that point’. The difference with this album is that at the outset, I had a more complete idea of how the album should sound, how it should flow, and the moods and vibes it should generate along the way. It is exactly what I was trying to achieve and I am so thrilled with it.

“Doob” was a big learning curve for me, I leaned how to produce and piece an album together, and how to get the best out of the great musicians who were helping. This continued through the following 3 albums, always working closely with Matt Bew at Whitehouse studios, sometimes it’s almost like he has a better idea of what I’m aiming for than I do. Having a team is so important, both in terms of production, and musicianship. The guest musicians come into the studio and create there parts, yes there might be some points of direction, but creatively, it is their input that helps make the album what it is”.

“The Doob Doo Album” was recorded as a one off project with no intention of performance or future albums. It was an album John had wanted to make for decades. It was the encouragement of those involved that opened the door to performance, and more recording.


Joni Mitchell

Greenpeace Canada is set to release an exclusive two-disc, re-mastered live recording of "Amchitka - The 1970 Concert That Launched Greenpeace", featuring Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and the late Phil Ochs. The concert, a fundraiser to protest U.S. nuclear bomb tests near Amchitka, Alaska sees a first-time release on 10 November. The CD is available exclusively through Greenpeace and all proceeds will benefit the organization.

“We are pleased to offer this musical slice of history to Greenpeace supporters and music lovers around the world,” said Bruce Cox, Greenpeace Canada’s executive director. “This CD is a piece of musical magic. It contains never before heard songs, duets and chatter that capture the confidence and hope of the times. It carries a timeless message that change is possible.” The concert, which took place at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia on 16 October 1970, was organized by former trial lawyer and activist Irving Stowe. As co-director of the 'Don’t Make A Wave Committee', he raised enough money to send 11 peace activists by boat, christened The Greenpeace, to the Aleutian Island of Amchitka. The activists were unsuccessful in stopping the tests, but their voyage in 1971 marks the birth of the worldwide organization known today as Greenpeace.

“The Amchitka voyage would not have happened without the concert, and so we owe a debt of gratitude to Irving Stowe, and the talents of Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Phil Ochs for generating the momentum that ultimately launched Greenpeace,” continued Cox. “The activists that traveled to Amchitka set the example that has guided and defined Greenpeace: non-violent direct action to protect our environment and motivate societal change.”

The upcoming release features concert performances by then-rising Canadian star Joni Mitchell and a 22-year old James Taylor. Protest singer, Phil Ochs kicks off the CD. Earlier that year Mitchell had been named Top Female Performer of 1970 by Melody Maker magazine and Taylor had released his major breakthrough album "Sweet Baby James".

Of the historic concert, Amchitka emcee and Canadian broadcaster, Terry David Mulligan says, “The crew of ‘The Greenpeace’ took hold of our hearts and minds and pulled all of us along. As always, music carried the day.”

Get the background to this amazing story, right here.






Jordi Baizan

Jordi Baizan is a 1st generation American and native Texan songwriter. He is multicultural, born in Houston to Spanish and Cuban parents, and married to Carmen who hails from Mexico. Jordi is also a multi tasker, writing songs and managing his flourishing music career in the same home office where he runs his small business, which helped them raise their 2 girls and 2 boys. Now that the kids are away at college and beyond, the empty nest at home has provided Jordi the opportunity to take his music on the road.

In May of 2017, he released his 1st record as a solo artist. This record, appropriately named ”Like The First Time”, and some of the songs on it enabled Jordi to be recognized by two prestigious Texas songwriting competitions, the Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition and the Songwriter Serenade Competition. Jordi continued writing new material with his next record in mind. These newer compositions garnered him recognition by the Songwriter’s Serenade for the 2nd year in a row, as well as the 2019 South Florida Folk Festival’s Singer Songwriter Competition, and the 2019 Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition.

Jordi felt the songs on this record were important enough to present in the very best way possible. He knew the sound he was looking for and pursued his first choice, Walt Wilkins, as producer for the project. Jordi was pleased and honored when Wilkins accepted. Wilkins states, “This is a deeply artistic group of songs, moving, hopeful, mature, honest. I’m anxious for Jordi to have this record out in the world, finding new listeners”. In late 2018, Wilkins assembled some of the best folk and americana artists and musicians at co-producer and engineer Ron Flynt’s Jumping Dog Studios in Austin, TX.

Jordi shared the new record with the prestigious Berkalin Records and was signed to the label in April 2019. Berkalin Records owner Brian J  Kalinec says "Jordi's songs convey authenticity perfectly intertwined with memorable melodies. His unique voice and his stories draw you in from the beginning, and you can't wait to hear the next page". The new record, ”Free And Fine, will be released on July 2019 and will be followed by a 36 month tour of the US and Europe. With the support of dedicated fans, Jordi is taking to the road to humbly bring to each listener a sense of joy, adventure, gratitude, and respect for our common humanity.



Josh Rouse

The Past. The Present. The Future.

This record is in some ways unique. One that bridges both history, and what is to come. All highlighted in a musical collection that also reflects the current day, and the here and now for the artist. This is the world of Josh Rouse circa 2011: An American, born in the Midwest, who has over his life called many parts of the United States home, but an American now living a more cosmopolitan existence in modern Europe. The common thread through this rich journey has been the music – distinctive, appealing, and much celebrated across the globe. And so the life of Josh Rouse, of the Artist, is reflected in this set of new recordings, a new album, his 9th overall, and with the simple title, ‘Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations’.

This album we are talking about was recorded in Spain, but decidedly not “Spanish” in feel, or not, as some might say, ethnic. This is an album that, in some fashion, reflects a reprise of the singer-songwriter’s roots. It encapsulates a past for Rouse that is steeped in that American Midwest, infused with the spirit of the endless plains and a homespun existence in Nebraska. And a past also touched by the American South – one with a distinctive friendly nature, like a warm hug by a lake on a glorious summer evening. It reflects a life growing up with the smooth uplifting sounds of early 70's AM radio. The soft rock sounds of the Artist’s youth. That is the past.

But this album is also informed by the present. While not sounding what could be described as “latin”, there is no doubting that La Furia Roja is manifested in the tracks within. This is an album recorded in this European nation, which – by definition – adds its own distinctive texture to the sounds and spirit and feel of these nine songs. Spain – a land where an afternoon siesta is still a holdover from what now seems like a past, simpler life. A society inspired by the glorious sun-soaked beaches of the Mediterranean, where life is free and easy. And modern Spain – which embraces a mixture of the old and new, where 21st century architecture nestles alongside ancient buildings. This is Spain – a forward thinking country, living beyond the traditional rules by which the crossroads of commerce and culture must adhere. A nation exemplified by the bright colors and bold brush-strokes of artistic masters such as Miró and Picasso, reverentially embracing culture – where art is life, and life is art. This is what inspires the Artist, and has motivated the formation of these songs.

And the album is steeped in the future – a new decade in 2011, and on toward the years ahead. This is a future where the world is no longer carved into distinct small units, where life has become universal – a melting pot of different cultures, and personalities, and influences – one reflecting a cosmopolitan spirit, with no boundaries. This is also a future where technology breaks down barriers and distance. It is a world that has enabled an album to be recorded for posterity, in part in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; in Barcelona, and on to Valencia, Spain; where it is gathered together as a cohesive whole. Indeed, Valencia – the city of arts & sciences embracing the avant garde & the futuristic – one that could be said to epitomize, the future.

"Josh Rouse & The Long Vacations" - Released by Bedroom Classics/ADA Global on September 27th, 2011.



Jude Johnstone

Jude Johnstone has gone a step further toward intimacy on her new and 8th album for independent label BoJak Records. She and engineer and producer Michael Hanson recorded the album with no isolation, no frills, in her house in East Nashville, TN. The result is a spare and achingly honest set of 10 songs aptly titled "Living Room". Jude has received numerous awards with her profound, raw and emotional songs over a stellar career spanning 40 years.

A testament to her talents are the artists who have covered her songs including Mary Black, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt and Trisha Yearwood. With “Living Room”, Jude delivers songs consistent with her reputation of cultivating artistic truth. Uniquely for Jude, several of her songs are from a male perspective with vocals provided by artists Ben Glover, Brandon Jesse, Hunter Nelson and Tim Hockenberry. This collection continues the legacy of Jude Johnstone as being one of her generation’s finest songwriters.



Judith Owen

For most artists, an album of cover songs is an idea of last resort, a Hail Mary pass when one’s creativity has stalled out or there’s a contract to be fulfilled. But most artists aren’t Judith Owen.

This firebrand singer songwriter and pianist is currently riding the wave of a tremendous couple of years. Her previous album "Somebody’s Child" was adored by critics around the world, The Sunday Times UK chose it as one of the best records of 2016 and Analog Planet said that it “sparkles with Owen’s witty energy” and noting that “the songs will stay with you long after the record ends”.

Her live performances, whether as a headliner or as the handpicked opening act for Bryan Ferry’s recent tours of Europe and North America, have been wowing listeners and gaining fans like fellow artist Jackson Browne, who said of Owen’s onstage prowess, “It’s a masterclass on how a show should be done”.  

So with all that wind in her sails, why then turn to the music of others for her forthcoming album "redisCOVERed"? For Owen, it is something of a gift for her fans, both old and new. 

“Over the years, so many people, whether it be film producer Nick Wechsler or audience members who hear the covers I’ve done over the years, have always had the question, ‘Why don’t you make a collection of these things because they’re so unique and unusual?’”, Owen says. “And I had to really ask myself why I do these covers and why they bring me so much pleasure”.

Those questions are easy to answer once you listen to "redisCOVERed". As she has done since her earliest days attempting to plunk out the music of Mozart and Debussy on her family’s piano to her days playing 4 hour sets in piano bars fulfilling customer requests, Owen makes these songs her own. She molds the familiar melodies and lyrics to contemporary pop hits and longtime favorites to her unmistakable voice and style. 

“The line I always use is, ‘I don’t do karaoke’. I don’t perform or sing music unless it means something to me”, Owen insists. “I knew I had to make these songs matter to me, to have my truth in them”. 

It doesn’t take much digging to find the deeper layers of meaning in her song choices and her performances on "redisCOVERed". Look within even the seemingly silliest selection and you’ll find a big piece of Owen’s heart waiting for you.

For some songs, the connections are fairly easy to make. She pays loving homage to one of her biggest influences Joni Mitchell, recording a pair of the Laurel Canyon legend’s compositions, “Cherokee Louise” and “Ladies Man”. They’re somewhat surprising choices, as they come from Mitchell’s post 70's heyday when her commercial star had faded somewhat yet she was still producing incredible work. Work that resonated loudly with Owen. 

“There’s a line in ‘Ladies Man’ where she sings, ‘Why do you keep trying to make a man out of me?’”, Owen says. “And I really relate to that because when I met Joni, I realized I knew exactly what she was talking about.  She is someone who is one of the guys. She does not lead with her sexuality. She leads with her musicianship and her abilities. The most important thing is to be respected on stage and in the studio. Yet, there are times when I’ve wished that the person I was working with could perhaps notice that I was a woman. She nailed it in that one line and it really touched me”.

Owen had a similar relationship within the lyrics and mood of “Black Hole Sun”, one of the breakout hits for grunge icons Soundgarden that she performs with such thoughtfulness and verve on "redisCOVERed", in tribute to the late Chris Cornell and to the message she found within the song.

“When I heard it, I thought, ‘This is the best song about depression and being in the darkness that I’ve ever heard’”, she says. “You couldn’t make that song darker, but what you can do is bring this kind of pompous kind of perkiness to it, which always how I feel when I have my game face on. Like most people who struggle with the ‘black dog’, they have their daytime face that they go out with so you won’t see what’s going on inside. So I liked the idea of doing this almost skipping, ‘Take Five’ version of it, which belies the words”.

Her biggest test, though, was seeing herself within the very modern hip hop of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.

“I said to Harry Shearer, my husband, ‘Choose the most extreme thing, something contemporary that you would think I could not relate to’”, she says. “But of course I can because I’ve been in that place where I was constantly waiting for the phone call that would come from the guy who would call me only when there was no one better to be around. That song became more of a torch song. That’s absolutely a woman’s song if ever there was one”. 

Owen’s arrangements breathe fresh life into these familiar songs recording with Grammy winning co-producer and mixer and engineer David Bianco whilst surrounding herself with some sharp musical talent. She’s joined throughout this album by legendary bassist Leland Sklar and master percussionist Pedro Segundo, both key members of Judith’s recent live band.  

You’ll also find contributions from the likes of Paul Beard, George Shelby, Snarky Puppy member Michael ‘Maz’ Maher, trumpeter Nicholas Payton and her dazzling London string players, longtime cellist collaborator Gabriella Swallow and violinist Lizzie Ball.

What every track on "redisCOVERed", be it a pop chestnut from Grease, a modern chart hit, an icon or evergreen 70's dancefloor classics, reveals is that what we bring to a song that we love is what ultimately defines its truth. 

“These are great songs that I’ve deconstructed and re-claimed or simply found my life and new meaning in the lyrics”.

“What started as a 'Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ request sung for a good friend’s wedding, this version turned into one more akin to Sinatra’s 'One More For The Road', the joy of first love was exchanged turned in a ‘not into you’ and the perfect bookend for the album starting with 'Hotline Bling' and seemingly perfect ending for the album”.

“This is the thing about music”, Owen avers, “We always get a different read from the same song. A song means so many different things to different people, and they’re all true. It’s what it means to you that matters”.

“I  will continue to live by my family motto, 'Ego Non Karaoke'”.



Judy Collins

Folk icon Judy Collins will release her new album 'Paradise', on June 28th, 2010, on Wildflower Records. The collection of songs selected for Collins’ latest project reinforces her lifelong commitment to quality songwriting and worldwide reputation as one of the finest interpretative singers in any genre. 'Paradise' is a collection of songs with universal themes, desires, and cries of a human being searching for paradise here on earth. There are 10 heartfelt songs with tales to tell about finding love, losing love, personal freedom and redemption. Collins teams up with the legendary Joan Baez and Stephen Stills on two tracks.

'Paradise' provides a modern take on the times, with brand new renditions of archetypal songs made fresh with Collins’ striking arrangements and intimate, breathtaking vocals. The material here is drawn from great sources such as Jimmy Webb, Tom Paxton, Joan Baez, Tim Buckley, and Stan Jones, to name a few. The duet of Collins and Baez singing “Diamonds and Rust”, Baez’s 1975 hit single, is stunning as you listen to their angelic harmonies revealing sincere feelings on the complexity of love in haunting words and melody. And, with the often-recorded Tom Paxton song “Last Thing On My Mind”, Judy Collins pairs up with Stephen Stills to create a fresh and sweetly melodic track, beautifully weaving their complementary voices together with soft and jangly guitars of a song reminiscing a couple’s breakup. The poignant duet from these two former lovers, singing “I could’ve loved you better, didn’t mean to be unkind, don’t you know that was the last thing on my mind” make for a wonderfully lilting and bittersweet tune.

Renowned for her activism and performing socially relevant material Collins’ 'Paradise' includes the recording “The Weight Of The World,” by emerging artist Amy Speace, an anti-war song with powerful and personal lyrics. Singing about a brother unthinkably heading off to fight, Collins’ voice is a plaintive, universal cry of the unspeakable senselessness of losing a loved one to war. We can feel the weight of her world in the intimacy of the song’s lyrics, resonating with “The weight of the world, too heavy to lift/So much was lost, so much was missed/It doesn’t seem fair that any boy or any girl/Should have to carry the weight of the world”.

'Paradise' concludes with a song of hope and wonderment as you listen to Collins’ enchanting recording of the#1 movie song of all-time, “Over The Rainbow”, Her recording of this song is also included on a CD insert to her new children’s picture book project, also titled “Over the Rainbow”.



Justin Currie

When Del Amitri’s singer-songwriter Justin Currie released his first solo album, "What Is Love For" in 2007 he described it as ‘eleven thunderously dreary dirges’! Fortunately, not everyone agreed with him, and the album won accolades from critics, fans and fellow artists, as a thing of dark and starkly honest beauty.

Now Currie returns with a second album, "The Great War", which delivers a bracing set of original compositions that break yet more creative ground – And should further cement Currie’s place as an ambitious and versatile solo artist.

"The Great War" finds Justin delivering some of his most compelling work to date, with such memorable numbers as "The Way That It Falls", "At Home Inside of Me" and the epic "The Fight To Be Human" overflowing with catchy melodicism and vivid wordplay, while "A Man With Nothing To Do", "Can't Let Go Of Her Now" and "You'll Always Walk Alone" offer a trenchant mix of romantic idealism and hard-won experience.

"I didn't want to repeat what I'd done on 'What Is Love For'," Currie states. "'What Is Love For' was intended as a very introspective record, and it was so sad and dark that I didn't really expect it to get any airplay. But 'The Great War' is much brighter and more accessible; there are actually three or four positive love songs on there, which is unusual for me. This time, I wanted more major keys, and more variety in the tempos. I don't write a lot of up-tempo songs these days, so it took me a while to write enough to be able to get the kind of balance I wanted.

"I also used the device of making little jokes out of the songs", he continues, "so quite a few of the songs on 'The Great War' have punchlines that completely reverse the assumed meaning of the song. I find that enormously satisfying when it works. A famous poet, whose name I forget, said that a poem must always have a little revelation at the close — a quiet epiphany — and I see no reason why songs can't sometimes do the same. Why repeat to fade? Why not end on a handbrake turn, a slap in the face or a 'reveal'? I tried to make the entire album do this, so that the last line of the last song is an unmasking".

Justin Currie has plenty of experience in defying musical expectations. He was still in his teens when he co-founded Del Amitri in his hometown of Glasgow. Between 1982 and 2002, the band evolved from resourceful D.I.Y. indie combo to international hitmakers, releasing six much-loved studio albums before amicably parting ways.

"It's a big difference being a solo operator", Currie observes. "What you lose in companionship, support and input, you gain in creative control. But most of the elements of what I do haven't changed all that much. I'm still looking for melody and lyrics that I can feel something from, and trying to put them into the standard structures of the rock or pop song. I love those structures; to me, the verse/chorus/middle-eight thing still seems filled with endless unexplored possibilities".

"The Great War", which was recorded and mixed by frequent Del Amitri associate Mark Freegard, features Currie on lead vocals and various instruments, along with a talented group of players that includes ex-Del Amitri guitarist Mick Slaven. Currie considers the album's title to be "a nice broad and flexible metaphor", adding, "Album titles are hard; you have to find something non-specific that still somehow suits a collection of songs. I noticed a few common references to struggle and conflict in the lyrics. I don't think there's a single song on the album that the title doesn't resonate with in some way".

The combination of uplifting tunes and darker lyrical themes has long been a recurring motif in Currie's songwriting. "Del Amitri were often described as 'bittersweet' for that very reason", he notes, adding, "Do I do this deliberately? I don't know. I am an enormous devotee of pop melodies, from Cole Porter to Amy Winehouse, Smokey Robinson to Buzzcocks. Lyrically, more often than not, I seem to gravitate towards the ambiguity of feelings, the struggle with motivations and doubt in relationships, self-loathing and disappointment — somber things sometimes, but with a scintilla of hope, or at least catharsis. As a songwriter, I use melody to make all of this less maudlin, hopefully, and to create tension”.

"I love to undermine a lyrical conceit with a contrasting tune", Currie asserts. "I like to sew doubt in the listener's mind. Does he mean these things? Is this song actually as melancholy, defeatist or cynical as it seems? Or is this guy a romantic who's optimistic about the consoling power of love?”

"If I have a mission as an artist", he concludes, "it would be to get a little more poetry into the great warehouse of rock music. All I can do is get it out there and fight to be heard; that's the great war."



Justine Vandergrift

"Justine Vandergrift is an emerging artist with that most precious and rare gift, an original voice, it's hard to capture such things in words, but hearing is believing " ~ Stephen Fearing, Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

Justine Vandergrift is like the old hymns she grew up with, even if you can’t put your finger on what makes them authentic, they are undeniably so. Her 3 studio releases reveal a clear, rich and emotive voice and finely tuned song craft, and her upcoming album ”Stay” represents a deepening of an already impressive artistry.

Justine Vandergrift is becoming a household name in the Canadian country roots scene with her past cross Canada tours and several collaborations. In the fall of 2019 she will release ”Stay”, the album, and tour Germany, Holand and the UK.

Not only is Vandergrift a competent and unique songwriter, she has developed the chops to play almost any country song, on guitar, and has been known to sing with several exceptional Canadian acts. She continues to develop her ear, artistry and live performance and looks forward to the exciting growing career ahead of her.



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Justine Vandergrift
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