Performed by The Good Intentions w/additional guitar by Graham Seaman
Recorded and mixed by Graham Seaman at Sack The Cat Studio, Liverpool, UK
(P) & (C) The Good Intentions Music 2012

"Just before last Christmas, we came across an online excerpt from Woody Guthrie's diary from 1941, in which he set out a list of resolutions for the new year. These ‘rulin's’ said so much about the man - his politics, his spirit, his humour - that it felt like he was still here with us, and what he had to say sounded as relevant and true as it did seventy years ago. Woody may be gone, but his light still shines in the world, and this song is a tribute and a passing on of the torch."

Come on all you people, and listen to me now
I’ve sung of all your troubles, and I made it through somehow
But now here at the year’s end, there’s something I must do
Write down some resolutions, for me if not for you

Save up all the money from every show I play
And send enough to Mary, so the kids will be okay
Cut down on my drinking, maybe learn to dance
Dress to please the ladies, bath when I get the chance

Help to win the war and put the fascists on the run
Change my bed clothes often, try to have some fun
Never get too lonesome, but never waste my time
Dream about some good things, and always know my mind

Do some better work and write a song most every day
Try to listen when somebody has something to say
Loving everybody, but fighting to be free
Of all I have resolved, that seems the biggest one to me

So there you go, my friend, I am a poor but honest man
The rulin’s I have made, well I will keep the best I can
So good luck everybody, until we meet again
And take it easy, brother, but take it just the same

(Peter Davies & Woody Guthrie, The Good Intentions Music)


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