Song performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Ulrik Arturén at Studio Ubaat
and written by Jonas Larsson
Ulrik Arturén: vocals, guitars, bass, drums; Lars Örtegren: keyboards; Jimmy Årjes: guitar;
Robert Petersson: lead guitar; Lotta and Marie Arturén: vocals; Peter Gagner: saxophone;
Per Utbult: trumpet; Thomas Pehrsson: trombone, horn arrangement
(P) & (C) 2014 Paraply Records

“This song was part of Jonas Larsson’s ‘So It Was Written’ which was staged at Röda Kvarn in Borås. A musical about some people's progress in life, seen from our perspective and eyes, there and then... and thankfully, a lot has happened since...”

(Jonas Larsson)


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