Song written by Alexander Andersson (lyrics) and The Stomping Academy (music),
performed, produced and recorded by The Stomping Academy at Big C Studio,
Elefantmannens Sovrum and at Rockborgen
Alexander Andersson: vocals, guitar; Sara Hansfeldt: vocals; Christian Naumanen: lead guitar;
Niklas Jokiaho: bass; Tobias Jensen: drums, percussion; Rikard Ferreira: percussion;
Erik Svensson: bongos, percussion; Linus Karlsson: saxophone;
Christoffer Björnram: trombone Martin Pettersson: trumpet
Mixed by Tobias Jensen

"From Piteå in the north, to Malmö in the south, from Stockholm in the east, to Borås in the west. Eventually had all ten members, scattered across the country, put their brush strokes on this piece about frustration, change and joint efforts."

I watched an empire fall
Forced down from its holy wall
Kings turned into thieves
Hanged by their own greed
Viva la revolución

Ain't got bread, but we got votes for all
Decay and famine is what silence calls
Rebellions come from the dirt
Creations of mother earth
Justice has just given birth

Row, row, row

Bring your shepherds we got lots to do
It's just a matter of what we lean on to
There might be hypocrisy
Some words are not what they seem
But things will shatter

Don't bother me, man, I'm just passing through
My burdens keep me on a sacred route
Rebellions come from the dirt
And it's a bottomless curse
Well things just couldn't be better

(Alexander Andersson/The Stomping Academy)


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