Kevin Stokes: percussion; Sid Griffin: everything else
Recorded, mixed and produced by Kevin Stokes at Barbara's House Of Hits, Richmond, London, UK
(P) & (C) Prima Records Ltd 2013

"I wrote this song in the optimistic musical and spiritual style of the great Pete Seeger, America's greatest living folksinger and also our most famous left-winger. In my dreams I hear marching people in peaceful protest singing it... but then again I have some crazy dreams."

We’ll walk the road right past the harbor
Through windswept fields which never end
They’ll be laughter a little further
And a smile Right ‘Round The Bend

In this world u can get battered
Beaten up and pushed around
Kicked aside as if not breathin’
But u cannot be kept down

In this life u be an angel
Be a beacon in the night
A force 4 good, a smilin’ neighbor
And your world will shine a light

Here today we witness sorrow
Sometimes sadness with out end
If men won’t live as brothers
How can nations live as friends?

To wake up cold in dark tomorrow
To witness wars which never end
We beg for peace but do not borrow
All the love we’re free to send

(Sid Griffin, Coal Train Tunes/Bug Music/BMG, BMI)


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