Jenai Huff: lead vocals; Eugene Ruffolo: background vocals; Ben Wisch: piano; Kevin Barry: dobro, acoustic & electric guitar; Zev Katz: upright & electric bass; Chris Marshak: drums
Recorded, mixed and produced by Ben Wisch at Bailey Building & Loan Studios, New York, NY
(P) & (C) = Jenai Huff 2012

“I think right now humans are at a turning point in our existence. There are many extremes in opinions and in fears now being expressed, and the media exploits those fears for the drama and profit of them. To me though they seem to be like a 'last stand' in a war before it is going to won and over. I think mostly humans are like each other. We want the best for our children. I think really we even all want the best for the earth. My song talks to the extremes which do exist, but also to the sameness in us that also exists.”

Sitting in your towers
Behind your gated walls
Cuz you don’t want to see us
Cuz you don’t want to know

What are you so afraid of?
That you don’t want to see
What are you afraid of?

What if we met face to face
You looked in my eyes
Could you still ignore me?
Would you walk on by?

What are you so afraid of?
That you don’t want to see
Are you afraid that you’re just like me

We started from different places
Then we walked through different doors
Is that be the only difference?
Is there anything more?
What if the tables were turned?
Would I put up the walls?
Would I ignore you?
Would I walk on by?

What am I so afraid of?
That I don’t want to see?
What am I afraid of?
What the truth might be
What am I afraid of?
I’m afraid that its true
I am afraid
I am afraid
That I’m just
That I’m just like you

(Jenai Huff & Antara Hunter, BMI)


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