Kenny White: all instruments
Produced by Kenny White
Recorded by John Squicciarino at Crushing Music, New York, NY
Mixed by Kenny White & John Squicciarino
(P) & (C) Kenny White 2004

“Originally written for a Mel Gibson film called ‘We Were Soldiers’. This is a letter from a guy on the front lines writing home to his wife. In Vietnam, November 1965...the great Battle of Ia Drang took place in Landing Zone X-Ray (LZ X-ray).”has vanished, falling through the cracks of society with no place to turn.”

If I ever needed you, I need you now
Imagining this billet doux, could fall into your hands somehow
Now the ice is finally melting, at the end of a long season
As we measure life in victories, yeah, like that gives us a reason
It’s like the blue fell from the sky or the dark wouldn’t give back the light

If I did a million things all wrong
At least i’d know i did one right
I rode into this storm myself
And I’ll get out of it somehow

Home’s a place i just might see again, but it’s so far away right now
Your skin was velvet in my hands, your voice, a bird on a wing
And when i’ve taken my last breath, I will feel like i had everything, yeah, i had everything
Now I’m thinking of this old song, and that you’re probably at home
Not even conscious that you’re singing along, that will get me through this night alone

But if some fate should change my plans
And destiny fools us after all
Look for me where the breezes blow
Keep your voice down
So you can hear me call

(Kenny White, MVP Music, ASCAP)


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