Doug Ingoldsby: lead vocal; Kenny Loggins & Eugene Ruffolo: background vocals;
Jesse Siebenberg: acoustic guitar, lap steel, tremolo guitar, organ, bass, drums
Produced by Jesse Siebenberg
Recorded and mixed by Jason Mariani at Brotheryn Studios, Ojai, CA
(P) & (C) Doug Ingoldsby 2012

"In our lives there are certain friends. Unlike acquaintances, they are with us even if not in the same physical location. Years can go by. When our paths do cross again we continue the conversation as if no time had passed. Brothers."

I’m coming to see you now
All that was lost’s been found
It’s been too long
Whenever I see your face
All of that time and space is up and gone
It’s all about give and take
And the way you treat others
It’s all about the friends we make
Oh, my brother

All of the tide and time
The ties that bind
Our hearts
I know you my friend
It’s as if there’s been no time apart
It’s all about the love you find
That you share with others
‘N how you gonna spend your time
Oh, my brother

All of my life’s been a struggle of trying to get free
But this world I created turned out to be only about me
Forgetting we are Brothers

It’s all about give and take
‘N the way you treat others
It’s all about the choices you make
Oh, my brother

All of our lives we’ve pretended to hide what we feel
Trying hard to believe
That the distance between us is real
Lost in me
But now I see, we still are Brothers

(Doug Ingoldsby & Kenny Loggins, Cathedral Peak, BMI & Gnossos Music, ASCAP)


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