Allan Thomas: vocals, electric rhythm guitar, fills; Pete Wasner: keyboards
Armando Compean: bass; Mike Buono: drums;
David Anderson & Michael Lanning: backing vocals
Mixed and produced by Stephen Barncard
Recorded by David Epstein at Sound Solution, Santa Monica, CA
(P) & (C) Black Bamboo Records 2012

“A laundry list of questions and grievances set to an early 80’s, southern California blue-eyed-soul groove. The protagonist bemoans mans inhumanity to man and wonders about our fate if we continue careening down this mine-filled path. Seems to me these lyrics could just as easily have been written today instead of thirty-two years previous, sad to say. Some things never change…”

Sometimes I think it's absurd the things that we do
Take a look around and tell me if these things aren't true
We're greedy and crazy out to get it all
And it don't matter how we get it who has to fall
We're killing each other as fast as we can
Got no respect for human life what's become of man
And your answer is that it's always been this way
But How Long Can This Go On, How Long Can This Go On?

We rape the land we live on and pillage the earth
Poisoning the air we breathe and that's not the worst
We put ourselves in danger through ignorance and pride
And if we leave it to our leaders, you can kiss it all goodbye
And I don't know how much more abuse this rock can stand
And the way this baby's shaking, you'd think we'd finally understand
And though I might sound like some preaching kind of fool
How Long Can This Go On, How Long Can This Go On?

We're fucking with the ocean, fooling with the sky
And I wonder what affect we're having on the planets beyond our sky
The strong getting stronger, while the weak remain poor
And sometimes I wonder, who the hell we think we are
We treat each other as if we weren't kin
And we repress nations of people for the color of their skin
And I shake my hand and shudder at the damage we have done
And wonder How Long Can This Go On, How Long Can This Go On
How Long Can This Go On, How Long Can This Go On?

(Allan Thomas, Black Bamboo Music, BMI)


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