Mietek: vocals; Wendy Waldman: programming, acoustic guitar, vocals; Mark Nubar: programming; Jason Arnold: programming; Pawel Zarecki; keys, programming; Piotr Kominek: programming;
Abraham Parker: dobro, electric guitar; Brent Rowan: electric guitar; Marcin Pospieszalski: bass; Aaron Sterling: drums; Scott Babcock: percussion
Produced by Wendy Waldman (additional production Mark Nubar and Abraham Parker)
Recorded by Rob Hoffman, Mark Nubar, Wendy Waldman, Pawel Zarecki & Piotr Kominek at The Longhouse, Northridge, CA; Super Deluxe, Hollywood, CA; Pueblo People Studios, Izabela, PL;
Studio Kominek, Bielsko Biawa, PL
Mixed by Rob Hoffman at Rob's Loft, Los Angeles CA
(P) & (C) Mietek & Wendy Waldman 2012
www.mietekszczesniak.pl / www.wendywaldman.com

“I knew that Mietek’s voice and vision, that of a Polish citizen, an eastern European, but also a great Polish star and songwriter, could bring a new dimension to the project. Few of us western Europeans or Americans can understand the depth to which our brothers and sisters in the east have been forced to deal with chaos, darkness, transition and change. It’s a rare opportunity to hear from someone who grew up on the front lines as Mietek did, launching his ultimately stellar career back when Poland was still under the harsh yoke of communism, marching as a teenager with the courageous freedom movement Solidarity, which eventually with the help of Polish pope John Paul II brought down the Soviet Union - coming of age in a country still haunted by the worst darkness ever seen in history, and yet building a new, exciting, and hopeful democracy. Mietek’s vision is, well, Polish; apocalyptic, troubled, spiritual, world weary, hopeful, observant, but grounded in the reality of the east, where there are still nightmares aplenty for the millions of people just learning that it’s ok now to think freely, and where there are still some places where this basic right is denied. This song is at once a dark vision and a prayer.”

In the night I’m not dreaming
Close my eyes, I’m still seeing
Every day is giving us life
Every day is giving us death
People on the street are just laughing
I saw California in ash, fire all around
Don’t know where it’s going

Praying for the times
I can see the Signs
Something’s coming

Every day is giving us light
Every day is giving us dark
People on the street go on laughing
I don’t wanna see it again
Water all around
Don’t know where it’s going

Praying for the times
I can see the Signs
Something’s coming

Even when I close my eyes
Even when I try to deny
Things I never wanted to know
I know

(Mietek Szczesniak & Wendy Waldman, ZAIKS & ASCAP)


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