Kenny White: piano, guitar, bass, percussion, all vocals; David Barratt; everything else
Recorded, mixed and produced by David Barratt at Abattoir Of Good Taste, New York, NY
(P) & (C) Kenny White 2009

“There are days when you play the lead character in your life, but as an observer. You struggle to be a participant. This is a snapshot of that feeling of detachment.

I’m out of my element, it’s very concerning
Each breath is a stranger, the earth gave up turning
Nothing distracts me for more than a minute
My skin feels unnatural, as if I’m not in it
At a time like this you could be so eloquent
Instead you’re so quiet, and I’m Out Of My Element

I thought I was all-terrain, tough in any condition
I come to find out I’m mettle deficient
My eyelid’s on fire, got a heart made of glass
My shadow walked out on me and I’m fading fast
A closet claustrophobe who can’t be protected
I’m Out Of My Element and I did not expect it

I’m trying to walk straight but the sidewalk is nervous
My tears need a curfew, my steps need a purpose
I’ve suffered fools, mostly kept them at bay
‘Til the biggest one showed up in my mirror today
I’m Out Of My Element, the operandi modus?
Nobody cares or even bothers to notice

I’m Out Of My Element, some alternate journey
My devil-may-care has been strapped to a gurney
I’d embarrass a Greek with my ‘poor me’ soliloquy
But the real tragedy is that I let you get to me
My love has misfired and I’m nursing the bruises
What once was salvation is now just a nuisance

Like a suburban mom on the number 3 uptown
Out Of My Element and too scared to turn around

(Kenny White, MVP Music, ASCAP)


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