Janni Littlepage: vocals, piano, dulcimer;
Troels Alstead: rhythm guitar, piano, bass drum, cymbal, shakers, claves;
Klaus Caprani: harmony vocal, 12-string guitar, double bass, banjo;
Simona Abdallah; darbuka & frame drums
Produced by Troels Alsted
Arranged by Klaus Caprani, Troels Alsted & Janni Littlepage
Recorded and mixed by Troels Alsted at Echo Studio & Powerhouse Studio, Copenhagen, DK
(P) & (C) Janni Littlepage 2012

“In January 2009, I sat down to write with my dear friend and co-writer, Robert Stanton. Barack Obama had just been sworn in as President of the United States, and we were filled with hopeful joy for all that the promise of ‘Change’ could bring, while sobered by the immense journey that lay ahead. We were watching both the awakening of the world to the possibility of a higher, more humanitarian and responsible way of living as global citizens, while witnessing the death throws of the old guard, the good old boys club, the old paradigm that still refused to yield. Despite terrible storms and earth changes ensuing from the effects of global warming, despite the world economy collapsing and imploding from greed and deliberate shortsightedness of commerce over humanity, and despite the continued escalation of the cycles of violence and warring - there is still reason for hope and optimism. Around the globe in unprecedented numbers, people are risking their lives to stand up and stand together for human rights, for peace, and for a dream of true democracy - one which holds no debt of authorship - where our voices may be heard, and our lives and those of our families and communities, considered and protected. Time to open up the gates...
and see how much our hearts can yield.”

Here come the Winds Of Change
like a hurricane
they’re going to blow through every
fortress that we’ve made

Oh, the bitter taste of truth
the writing on the wall
what looms before us now
is unmistakable

Here come the Winds Of Change
like a monsoon rain
we’ve got to climb to a higher ground
before we’re swept away

And as these times grow harder
our fate cast to the wind
we’ll have to travel farther
than we’ve ever been

Time to open up the gates
Share the bounty from the field
Gather waters from a well so deep
We’ll see how much our hearts can yield

Here come the hearts of change
beating like a drum
here on this tiny planet
spinning round the sun

If we can only change our ways
a new world may be born
and bring us to a place of peace
and shelter from the storm

Time to open up the gates
Share the bounty from the field
Gather waters from a well so deep
We’ll see how much our hearts can yield

Time to lay our weapons down
Find forgiveness filled with grace
When love and mercy break all boundaries
This world shall be a finer place, a finer place

Here come the Winds Of Change, here come the winds,
The Winds Of Change, the Winds Of Change

(Janni Littlepage & Robert Stanton, Little Pages Music, BMI & Sonic Debris, ASCAP)


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