That Thing That's a Whole Lot Bigger Than This
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I’d like to suggest this as a theme for another compilation down the road: Secular hymns. Not necessarily songs hinged to specific religious disciplines (which tend to be too judgmental and divisive), but rather songs that somehow have to do with “That Thing That’s A Whole Lot Bigger Than This”. I’ll bet times like these have generated great stuff on that topic. Suggested title: “That Thing That’s A Whole Lot Bigger Than This – Hymns From Home”.



01. Greg Copeland –
A Life Of Crime
02. Anthony Crawford – Silver Stars
03. Steve Noonan – Lay Me Down In California (For Kenny Edwards)
04. Jack Tempchin – Jesus & Mohammed
05. Dan Krikorian – Angels Sing
06. I See Hawks In L.A. – If You Lead I Will Follow
07. Kate Campbell – Free World
08. Marc Black – Sometime A Spark
09. Keith Miles – Something Bigger Than This
10. Greg Copeland – My Favorite Dream
11. Elliott Murphy – The Eternal Highway
12. The Plastic Pals – Miracles
13. Anthony Crawford – On The Hill
14. JD Souther – On The Day Nobody Likes You
15. Mikael Persson – War Is Over
16. Jude Johnstone – Unchained
17. Pelle Johanson – Mist

18. Judy Collins – How Can I Keep From Singing?
19. Gary Wright – Winter’s Dream
20. Citizen K – She Will (The Hymn)



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