Francesco Lucarelli "Find The Light" (Route 61 Music)

Francesco Lucarelli has delivered, with this new release, the musical baby which is born out of an intense love affair that he had with the sound and music originating from the sunny scene in Southern California. The result of this ‘work of love’ is astonishing beautiful, and a real pleasure to enjoy.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"Here is 'Find the Light', an album Francesco Lucarelli invested more than a decade’s worth of personal effort and care in making, and it’s a genuinely stunning complete piece of art. In this age of iTunes and 99-cent songs, it’s refreshing to hear compositions that sound like they belong together and are meant to be listened to as a continuous whole. The album is bookended by two versions of “Fat City”. In between, there are melodic, harmony-filled songs of wonder and reflection, quandaries and dreams, searching and growth, and ultimately acceptance and hope."

- Dave Zimmer / Rock's Back Pages -

"The presence of all these famous folk on the album would not be worth a damn if the basic material with which they were working, wasn't so strong. As well as to Francesco's songwriting, singing, guitar playing and production skills, recognition must also be given to the Italian crew - engineers, singers and players - who provided such a strong foundation. And a final tip of the hat to Francesco, for keeping going and keeping the faith, whilst holding down a job and loving his family!"

- Paul Higham / The Lee Shore -



The Britannicas "The Britannicas" (Kool Kat Musik)

For those of you whose taste doesn't stray too far from the 3 Holy B's; The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys."

- Philip Verhaege / Keys & Chords -

"This band brings us timeless, classic, catchy guitar pop on all twelve tracks on this album. The trio sounds at first hearing somewhat chaotic. Yet that is only apparent, because if you listen more closely, you'll notice that it is all very well put together. Nice pop, great songs and excellent arrangements!"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

“The Britannicas is a virtual band of 3 singer-songwriters from Australia, USA and Sweden, which share their admiration for catchy classical pop songs from the 60's & 70's over the internet. There selfmade songs are soundalikes of the music we all can remember from The Beatles, The Byrds and old wave surfers The Beach Boys.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Kimmie Rhodes "Miracles On Christmas Day" (Sunbird Records)

When you feel you really can’t listen to 'Stop The Cavalry' one more time, then this album makes a very welcome change!"

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"Around Christmas I will certainly have a splendid time with 'Miracles On Christmas Day' - An album with sensitivity and respect for those whoe were raised with a religious spirit of Christmas."

- Rein van den Berg / Alt Country Forum -

"Kimmie Rhodes has created a fine collection of Christmas songs, old and new!"

- Adolf Goriup / FolkWorld -

“Finally no longer a need for ‘White Christmas’ or ‘Jingle Bells’ during the upcoming year end. The angelic voice of Kimmie Rhodes and her own beautiful compositions of thematic Christmas songs is a true gift to all her fans, and to all admirers of great songs and excellent vocal performances. With the song 'Wake Up Sleepy Town' where the accordion of Joel Guzman excels, a new traditional is born.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Jump4Joy "Made In Norway" (Abstract Media/Groove)

"Define it as high energy musical entertainment with a strong New Orleans flavour!"

- Philip Verhaege / Keys & Chords -

“If you're not yet able to see Jump4Joy perform live on stage, their live album ‘Made In Norway’ is probably by far the best substitute. You will surely feel the energy and thrilling drive of this fantastic band, as if they were playing in your own living room. Don’t forget to dance and have lots of fun!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -



Annie Keating "Water Tower View" (Annie Keating)

"With her sleeves rolled up, gritty blue-collar values, and her free-spirited approach, Keating is a must hear. Not least is this the case than with ‘The Borderline’ plus there are the likes of title-track, ‘Water Tower View’, and the rocking harmonica fired, funky ‘On the Loose’, where she speaks of going down to the race track and spent all that she had!"

- Maurice Hope / Flyin' Shoes -

"Annie Keating proves to be both a sincere and a complete Texan singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York."

- Ruud Heijjer / Kippenvel -

"With some very sympathetic backing from a variety of players, all of these songs beg to be heard, but the standout songs are 'The Borderline', with a very restrained backdrop and Keating’s vulnerability well to the fore, and the closing 'Scene I/Scene II', which, as the title suggests, is like an aural movie. Intimate and engaging, an excellent recording!"

- Paul Kerr / Blabber 'N' Smoke -

"Annie Keating sounds like a female John Prine, with her songs about losers on the dark side of America.The lyrics are narrative and sound great, warm and dynamic. Highlights are 'Long Shot', 'First Of November', and 'The Hollow', where she shows her originality and flair."

- Robert Lagerström / Gaffa -



"Hey Jimi - Slowman & Friends Play Hendrix" (Slow Records)

"This is a great album, since Slowman adapts the tracks slightly and adds his own, special tone, and on the way are polishing up the originals, to really make them shine. The solos, like the slide on 'Bold As Love', are simply great. This is not just a tone-by-tone remake, but a translation into modern times, and the intro track sounds as if Jimi himself could have written it today!"

- Dietrich Gastrock / Home Of Rock -

“Swedish singer-guitarist ‘Slowman’ is honouring his musical hero Jimi Hendrix in eleven cover versions and by means of one own written tribute song to his ‘Electric Angel’. Hendrix-fans may judge this effort as a blame to his work, but there is nothing wrong in bringing his songs in another music style. It only confirms the strength of these songs, even if they first landed on vinyl about 40 years ago.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Delaney Gibson "Hurricanes & Forget Me Nots" (Green Faerie Girl)

"Delaney Gibson is standing on the porch of a long lasting, successful career in a musical world she really loves to play in. Her fantastic songwriting skills, as well as her vocal performance, will be heartily welcomed by true music fans. ‘Forget Me Nots’ is her request, you bet we won’t!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"Delaney Gibson's songs turn lots of musical corners and sharp edges, that go into your ears very comfortably, keeping away from the mainstream and bleak future of music, and definitely makes you hungry for more - A strongly recommended album!"

- Michael Masuch / Hooked On Music -

"Pop songs like 'La Di Da', 'Mexico' and 'Better Version Of You' are very good, but I also like the duet with Joshua Bartholomew on the ballad 'Rain Or Shine'. Positive music indeed!"

- Kaj Roth / Melodic Net -



"Imagined - The John Lennon Song Project" (Red Engine)

"Under the direction of Tom Dean and Rex Fowler, The John Lennon Song Project has achieved an outstanding album! Finally an outfit who rely simply on the great songs of the Beatles, and The John Lennon Song Project are original enough to pull it all through!"

- Joachim Brookes / RockTimes -

“With lots of admiration and affection for the work of the man who has inspired them to start their own career in music, Tom Dean and Rex Fowler have created a great tribute album that all John Lennon-fans can blindly add to their collection of CD’s from their idol. This is a magnificent labour of love on respectfully selected songs from one of the greatest songwriters ever alive!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"Tom Dean and Rex Fowler are two folk veterans who have created an album around the songs of John Lennon.The surprising thing about this album is not that the folky, acoustic versions of Beatles songs work so well, or that the voices of Dean and Fowler mix togeether so beautifully, especially in the surprising combinations that the two have made. Several songs are telescoped in a manner that sounds totally obvious, sometimes with a guitar riff from another song is subtly woven through it. Furthermore, they sing those songs also in a way that once again you really hav to listen to the lyrics, which is certainly also quite amazing for these songs, who, all of them, for half a century, are in the collective conciousness. So much fun!"

- Holly Moors / Moors Magazine -


Rachael Sage "Delancey St" (MPress Records)

"Rachael Sage's vocal performance is almost spellbinding, and I want to compare her to Olivia Newton-John, who is another extremely brilliant singer. The songs on this new album is piano driven jazz pop, that bring thoughts to Norah Jones and Vanessa Carlto. Most tracks are laidback, like the beautiful 'Everything Was Red', that is a great ambassador for the album. But Rachael also gives us the fresh upbeat 'Big Star', and a strong version of Hall & Oates' classic 'Rich Girl'. Lovely - Like medicine for the ears!"

- Kaj Roth / Melodic Net -

“Crystalline vocals and untamed craftsmanship!” (5/5)

- Laura Bethell / Maverick Magazine -

“Gently suprising, singular touches that come across as effortless and instinctive!”

- Tony Clayton-Lea / The Irish Times -


Gary Wright "Connected" (Larkio Music/ADA)

"The new album 'Connected' is a strong westcoast album in the same vein as Michael McDonald, Billy Ocean and/or Steve Winwood. The production is crystal clear and especially the sound of the bass is awesome. Gary is singing like a God and I have nothing to complain on. Absolutely faultless and wonderful!"

- Kaj Roth / Melodic Net -

"This new album has the same charm 'Dreamweaver' had, yes, you could almost call it 'Dreamweaver 2', in another time, in another place. A very elegant and cool album, in post-Toto and post-Phil Collins land. The ballads are second to none, so folks who love white soul-pop like this, should surely give this a try!"

- Dietrich Gastrock / Home Of Rock -


"I Like It Better Here - Music From Home"

"Not all the tracks here make the hairs on my arm stand up, but most songs do!"

- Rein van den Berg / Alt Country Forum -

"The inclusion of folks such as Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Jack Tempchin, Steve Noonan and Greg Copeland, all bonafide paid up members of the Laurel Canyon set, is impressive. In addition some lesser-known names of the time and some contemporary continental artists pitch in with some very simpatico styled songs.

Jack Tempchin (writer of the Eagles’ 'Peaceful Easy Feeling') contributes a fine rootsy acoustic blues song. Greg Copeland recalls the edgier side of L.A. on '27 Red House Road' while Steve Noonan‘s 'Goin’ Home' relates a tale of him, Greg Copland and Jackson Browne building a spooky urban scarecrow to keep drug addicts away from their door. Both songs are superb. With some fine uptempo country-rock from Mikael Persson ('Home Sweet Home') and the excellent Steve Stills-styled acoustic jab of 'Home Nights' by Sugarcane Jane, the newcomers more than hold their own.

The album ends as it begins with a live song from a seventies survivor, Jackson Browne, with a great rendition of 'The Rebel Jesus' that demonstrates that some of these guys are still as vital and significant as they were then."

- Paul Kerr / Blabber 'N' Smoke -

"I'd say 'go for it' and get surprised by all this beauty in such a shiny little disc!"

- Frank van Engelen / Blues Magazine -

"If you're a fan of classic singer-songwriters, this one's for you - The strongest cuts on the album are Bob Cheevers' 'If This Old House Could Talk' and Sweden's very own Mikael Persson, contributing his 'Home Sweet Home'."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

"The best 'mix tape' I've heard in years - The hidden track by Greg Copeland is the highlight of the album - Don't miss it!"

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

"This disc is made of several selections that can be considered a classic. For example the tracks by Joel Rafael, Amy Raasch, Jeff Larson, Keith Miles and Bob Cheevers are nothing but sensational. Not only is the music great, but the cover art is also a visual sensation, the disc itself in the form of an old LP."

- Czekus Mihaly / HiFi City -

"If you want to hear the subleties of this disc, you have to hear this at home, not at work or in the car - Only then unfolds the beauty of the acoustic sounds in the majority of these tracks, all dealing with the concept of 'home'. Picking songs is difficult, they all have their special charm, be it the harmonies, the lyrics, the way to rock, gently - If one has set up the radar on 'acoustics', almost every song goes down like oil. Even if you're inclined to the electrical side of rock, this may prove to be a very intense experience!"

- Dietrich Gastrock / Home Of Rock -

"Do yourself a favor - Get ahold of this beautiful compilation and discover all of these wonderful musicians!"

- Alfons Maes / Keys & Chords -

"This new album is filled with comfy music that grows on me each time I hear it..."

- Kaj Roth / Melodic Net -

"I can't remember the last time I recieved such a great, smart, interesting och well conceived promotion sampler - Exemplary!"

- Claes Olson / Musikindustrin -

"Connected by a loose theme of 'home', spread across a wide range of subjects, this is a rather splendid collection of new, previously unissued and live recordings from a diverse line-up of 'roots' artists, including several legendary 70's West Coast names - There's very little here you'll fast forward, and quite a few you'll want to explore further!"

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"Here's a brand new compilation with all the shining stars in the 'Hemifrån-stable' - The tracks by Jackson Browne and Citizen K are simply outstanding, but there's much more great stuff to check out, if you're into this kind of music."

- Petter Seander / Red Hot Rock Magazine -

"Finest pop by Citizen K, dreamy sounds with rough edges by Amy Raasch, best West Coast by Jeff Larson, country infected pop by Vince Melamed and finest americana by Sugarcane Jane, interrupted only by Mikael Persson with a rocking song that sounds more american than the americans themselves - Congratulations, in this fine sampler you can all take pride!"

- Wolfgand Giese / RockTimes -

"With one eye towards Nashville, and the other one out in the world, especially the American west coast, bringing together some key figures of the Californian folk-rock scene, today Hemifrån debuts as a record label, expanded its interest beyond the barrier of the simple press office: a dream, let's face it, many of us, who are in some way involved in this passion, would want to cultivate."

- Fabio Cerbone / Roots Highway -

"I've never heard a compilation that feel so seamless - There's often one or two songs that fall through the cracks - But not here; Just honest, inspiring songs and a lot of damn good voices singing them!"

- Tom Arvidsson /Thirsty Boots -


MC Hansen "Pariah" (Bogrough Records)

At the age of 18, MC Hansen got a guitar instead of the expected new car and keys - Thank God for that, since his music sounds a multifold times better than the sound of a car engine! The melancholic country influences in many songs, as well as his affection for swing and jazz, let us come to this conclusion: 'OK for broad consumption'."

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"Just like Dylan twisted and turned his own persona in 'The Rolling Thunder Revue', MC Hansen does the same - One time it's a Rodney Crowell-ballad, another time it's a Ry Cooder-slide type of song, the third time it's 'closing time-jazz', the fourth time it's Greenwich Village-folk, and the fifth time it's a melancholy song about salvation - But all the way through, it's definitely that MC Hansen, Scandinavian, personal touch!"

- Johan Kronquist / Lira Musikmagasin -



The Fantastic People
"Fantastic Music For Fantastic People" (Fantastic Music)

"A subtle work in details graces the songs with handclaps, synthesizers and choirs - A fresh musical playfulness!"

- Johan Kronquist / Borås Tidning -

"I am amazed over the big sound, because it truly sound like a million buck production, and I know the band releases it on their own label - This is mainly a rock album, but with a rather soft sound, the guitars gently sweep through my head like birds singing early in the morning."

- Kaj Roth / Palace Of Rock -



Peter Mayer & Friends "Goodbye Hello" (Little Flock Music)

"This is the ultimate tribute, the final tribute, the tribute of tributes - Great, great CD!"

- Dietrich Gastrock / Home Of Rock -

“It is very risky business to touch these traditional Beatles-classics to give them a personalized treatment. Die-hard fans of the Beatles will call his effort an unforgiveable assault, but others may see this rather as a positive way of bringing these historical masterpieces once more to the attention of a new generation of true music lovers!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"You are either mentally insane or very clever to take on The Beatles and record 15 covers on one single album, well Peter Mayer is that clever and does not play these classic songs note by note the way they sounded back in the 60's. He gives these timeless songs a new sound, and does it really good. 'Goodbye Hello' is a celebration of perhaps the greatest band in history and I must say I never thought I would hear The Beatles in a classical/jazzy mood performed by a brilliant singer like Peter Mayer - Mayer has been around making albums since 1988 and sounds like a true veteran in my ears, how can you not love his versions of 'Here Comes The Sun', 'Something', 'Fixing A Hole' or 'Hello Goodbye'?"

- Kaj Roth / Roth'N'Roll -



Seth Swirsky "Watercolor Day" (Grimble Records)

" I'm a sucker for 70's pop, so when I hear an album like this, my knees gets weak and I get all warm inside - Highly recommendable!"

- Kaj Roth / Roth'N'Roll -

"Going back in time, to the golden 60's, and the swinging 70's - The original Beatles will regretfully never return, so you will no longer get any closer to the sound of the ‘Fab Four’ than with this highly entertaining album!"

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"By taking the road through the Godfathers and their offspring, Seth Swirsky establish a mighty, mighty force to be reckon with, really, really strong, even thirty-forty years after the fact!"

- Patrik Forshage / Nöjesguiden -


Jackson Browne & David Lindley "Love Is Strange"
(Inside Recordings)

"Reunited with his 70's musical 'Mr Fixit', Browne delivers a great career-spanning live set. He fluidly unifies his entire body of work - His best album in years!"

- Bud Scoppa / Uncut Magazine -

"This is a nice double album that not only reflects on the past, but also announce a new tour by this duo in 2010. As expected with David Lindley in your midst, there is some great slide-guitar work to be found on this album, in combination with the warm voice of Jackson Browne. Add some local musicians to the set who throw in a handful of Spanish flavors and the picture is perfect. While this is a nice treat for the fans, the occasional lover of Jackson Browne will certainly have a good time with this one as well!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

"“A bit unusual selections from the songbook of both Jackson Browne and David Lindley are finding a new place in their musical history by some ravishing interpretations from local Spanish stars like Carlos Nunez, Javier Maz, flamenco-singer Kiko Veneno and beautiful Luz Casal, who delivers an unheard interpretation of 'These Days'. 'Love Is Strange' is a double album that is destined to become a true collectors’ item for all long time fans of both these living legends.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"It's about time that this little tour-souvenir will the streets - It's a pearl of an album!"

- Henrik Friis / Gaffa Magazine -


Anais Mitchell "Hadestown" (Righteous Babe)

"The power, passion and boldness of an extraordinary album - A must-buy!"

- D.C. - Sunday Times -

"For her fourth album, folk singer Anaïs Mitchell has made a bold leap: a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, reset to the Great Depression, and soundtracked by American roots music, incorporating country, blues and jazz in the manner of Bruce Springsteen's 'Seeger Sessions Project'. Mitchell plays Eurydice, with Justin 'Bon Iver' Vernon playing Orpheus, Ben Knox Miller of the Low Anthem as Hermes, and Greg Brown and Ani DiFranco as Hades and Persephone.

But the real star of the show is Michael Chorney, who has scored Mitchell's songs to wondrous effect: the New Orleans jazz of 'Way Down Hadestown', the grumbling lament of 'Why We Build The Wall', the sweet and tumbling melody of 'Wedding Song'.

A project like this runs the risk of dryness, but between them Mitchell and Chorney have created something joyful and witty that yields more with every listen."

- Michael Hann / The Guardian -

"Mitchell has always been good, but 'Hadestown' is her Odyssey!"

- New Musical Express -



Sarah MacDougall "Across The Atlantic" (Copperspine Records)

"She’ll be crossing the Atlantic to tour England throughout May and June, and with this record acting as a primer, it’d be just as well getting your tickets early!"

- David Cowling / Americana UK -

"It's a remarkably skilfully performed and produced album that should travel to pretty much anywhere that English is spoken or understood."

- John Davy / Flyin' Shoes -

"The arrangements, the production of these 10 songs, keep them swaying from clear alt country, into sharp focus pop, and back into atmospheric roots rock, never muddy, never lazy, instrumental voices often slyly shyly fading in, twisting the girl here then there, never distracting from the sound of the trio, this is, after all their music and they delight in sharing it!"

- Martin Smit / Next Big Thing -

"It's a good and intimate album, and I can really recommend it to you, if you like intimate female singer songwriters."

- Pär Winberg / Melodic Net -


Justin Currie "The Great War" (Rykodisc)

"A real nice, laidback album, where mr Currie's superb vocal performance is in the centre of each song. I think this is a perfect album to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon - Thumbs up for the beautiful sound atmosphere, and the 8 minute long 'The Fight To Be Human', that is the real highlight here. Good stuff!"

- Kaj Roth / Roth'N'Roll -

"Del Amitri's singer Justin Currie is an experienced songwriter who is giving each song on his new album, 'The Great War', its own typical musical and lyrical character. Having found the love of his life in Glasgow has been leading to several positive songs about relationships, very much in contradiction to his previous solo work. This album is a silent witness of a happy man who is willing to share his joy with his fans."

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Krista Detor "Chocolate Paper Suites" (Corazong Records)

"It’s now been two years since I first fell for the veritable charms of this transatlantic siren of song, yet Krista’s songs regularly catch my emotions off-guard; they behold an immediate and affecting impact that demands emotional engagement, and rewards with a perceptive and calming rapport. 'Chocolate Paper Suites' persists beautifully, refining this delicious and distinct recipe."

- Mike Wilson / Folk Radio UK -

"I can assure you that 'Chocolate Paper Suites' is even better than 'Mudshow' and 'Cover Their Eyes' - It's a new pearl on Krista's crown!"

- Blowfish / Rootstime -

"Krista Detor’s latest CD ‘Chocolate Paper Suites’ is a beautiful album presented via a series of music suites. Each suite is connected by theme and imagery inspired by the works of Federico Garcia Lorca, Dylan Thomas & Charles Darwin among other thinkers, artists and experiences."

- Lee Williams / CMR Nashville -

"Krista Detor's new album surpasses all expectations - It is simply great!"

- Rein van den Berg / Johnny's Garden -

"Krista Detor is one of the best singer/songwriters today"

- Holly Moors / Moors Magazine -


Born 53 "Foreign Accent" (Big Note)

Blending blues with original songs, drenched in roots-music, Born 53 is hailing from Sweden where they manufacture their fragile, but interesting tunes. The total outcome is very interesting, and tempts me to hit replay once more. However, this time I’ll will sit down with a whiskey to enjoy it again!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

“On their brand new album, ‘Born 53’-lead singer Anders Lindh sings true Americana with a ‘Foreign Accent' from the very high north. Their own songs stand tall next to three carefully selected cover songs, which all are getting a splendid ‘Born 53’-touch. All in all, this is a very enjoyable record!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -



Jess Klein "Bound For Love" (United For Opportunity)

This country and Americana-influenced new album by Jess Klein is by far her strongest performance until today, which is extraordinary if you happen to know the high quality of her previous six releases. Her voice is angelic and true and in the specific spirit of each song full of tears or joy. ‘Bound To Love’ is an absolutely splendid album, which might appear to become Jesse Klein’s career masterpiece.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"Jess Klein's latest CD, 'City Garden', from 2006 was rewarded with, among other things, 5 stars in Mojo, and gained overall very nice critique. This new CD has also received excellent scores in most magazines. I think that the disc is a really safe buy and, when the disc is good, it is very good. I like very much the quieter songs where her voice becomes more intimate. An example of this is 'Bound To Love', which is a wonderful track. Other songs that are worth mentioning here is 'Before I Go' with a deliciously cool rhythm, and the wonderful 'Rosalie'. She is pretty much influenced by Emmylou Harris in general, but you can also find a lot of Patty Griffin vibe in her music, and there is no bad names to be read in conjunction with. A safe buy if you like these legends."

- Pär Winberg / Melodic Net -


Jon Strider "Fresh Tracks" (New Sky Records)

"Grownup, neat Americana - The first track on the album, 'Apple Pie Song', is simply terrific!"

- Petter Seander / Red Hot Rock Magazine -

“Jon Strider proves, once more, with these ten ‘Fresh Tracks’ that he deserves his firm place between the best singer-songwriters of the era. The rest of the world should finally make an effort to get better acquainted with the wonderful songs of this great guy!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Josh Rouse "El Turista" (Bedroom Classics)

"'El Turista' is a joyful injection of vitamine C and Josh Rouse best work since the glorious masterpiece '1972'!"

- Lars Löbner Jeppesen / Gaffa -

"This is a glorious hopscotch game that lands on Spanish lyrics, Brazilian samba and Cuban beats. Covers of the 'Louis Armstrong of Cuba', Bola De Nieve shimmy, alongside Rouse originals 'Lemon Tree' and the exuberant 'Valencia', a love song to his adopted town, full of the heartfelt joy that leaves this record spinning like a compass needle!"

- Victoria Segal / Q Magazine -

"The title is misleading, Rouse is no musical tourist, he's put down roots and, if this is any indication of what lies ahead, then it would be a stubborn fan indeed who'd urge repatriation."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"'El Turista' is a glorious and well-crafted album, containing several shimmering pearls in a slowly, swaying flow of fascinating songs, easily carried on comfortably relaxed rhythms..."

- Claes Olsson / Musikindustrin -

“Josh Rouse has settled comfortably in the Spanish city of Valencia, where he is swallowed by the local musical culture, and found a style that makes him feel at home. How well he does feel there can be experienced by the listeners while they are enjoying his new album ‘El Turista’.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Slowman "I'm Back" (Slow Records)

"Slowman is back where he started, with a collection of eleven thrilling blues songs - Slowman is finally ready to make his name as blues artist! 'I’m Back' is a very enjoyable album, with a couple of different sides and sub-genres, taken form the greater blues genre! A truly pleasing album!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

“Unforgiveable, but it’s forgiven to Slowman that he waited more than 20 years to cherish our lives with his great bluesy tunes and fantastic singing. After the superb debut album ‘The Best Of Slowman’, he delivers again, with top class material. We now all sincerely hope that he’s back... to stay!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"A highly recommended purchase because of the mix of blues, rock and funk, close to guys like JJ Cale, Mark Knopfler and Peter Green. Slowman easily switches between styles, yet at the same time is a master at whatever he does - Not one dull moment!"

- Dietrich Gastrock / Home Of Rock -



Allison Moorer "Crows" (Rykodisc)

"'Crows' is a very sofisticated collection of deep-blue ballads, where Allison Moorer seems to be stronger, the more she holds back - This deserves a huge audience!"

- Nils Hansson / Dagens Nyheter -

"Allison Moorer has had her share of success. She was nominated for an Academy Award for 'A Soft Place To Fall' from the movie 'The Horse Whisperer', and she earned a Grammy nomination from her collaboration with husband Steve Earle in 2007. But mainstream success has eluded her. That should change with her latest stunning release, 'Crows'.

"Just Another Fool" is the song that could break Moorer into the mainstream as her technically perfect, angelic voice takes what should be a mid-tempo bore of a song and makes it brilliant. Then she kicks it up a notch with "The Broken Girl."

Moorer tests her range on "Should I Be Concerned" with jaw-dropping results. Vocally, the ace up her sleeve is her power, which she does not reveal often on this album, but when she does, she blows you away.

Allison Moorer is the complete opposite of her sister Shelby Lynne. Where Lynne's voice sounds weathered and is perfect for her alt-country sound, Moorer has a voice that sounds like she's been professionally trained for decades. Her crystal-clear vocals and vibrato combine innocence with lyrics that provide gravity, all with the periodic lounge singer's flirtatious undertones."

- Tim Wardyn / Ink 19 -

“Allison Moorer will mainly be recognized as the younger sister of Shelby Lynne, and the wife of Steve Earle, but her own songs and vocal performance on her seventh album ‘Crows’ are impeccable, and should give her all the credits she fully deserves.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -



Reto Burrell "Go" (Echo Park)

Switzerland's own mr Springsteen, Reto Burrell, puts full steam ahead on his new album, recorded in Los Angeles, with a bunch of top-notch studio pro's. Burrell surprises us all, both as singer and songwriter. More New York than Zurich!"

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -

“The Swiss passport of Reto Burrell can’t hide his Americana-roots, that are reflected in the rock songs, and melancholic ballads, on his excellent latest album, ‘Go’. The flavour and the scent of Nashville and L.A. are undeniably present in all tracks. This CD is strongly recommended to all music lovers!”

- Valére Samperman /Rootstime -



Tokyo Rosenthal "Ghosts" (Rock & Sock Records)

"There's lots of slowly discovered pleasures to be had from 'Ghosts' - Tokyo Rosenthal is a thoughtful songwriter, with an interesting way of going about things."

- John Davy / Whisperin' & Hollerin' -

"If you enjoy Americana/country, with just the right touch of rock and folk to it, you should give this disc a spin!"

- Chris Dahlberg / Cosmos Gaming -

"The title-track and 'House On The River' are two examples of Rosenthal’s exceptional songwriting skills. Be it ballads, or rather rocking titles, such as 'Inside Your Skull', this musician masters all facettes."

- Bruno Michel / Country Music -



The Coal Porters "Durango" (Prima Records)

The audio equivalent of a feel-good movie, this release is the result of two weeks spent in a mountain studio, just outside the town that lent the album it's name. Inpired by The Band's initial era, it was recorded all in one room, with few mikes and everyone a much intent as capturing the vibes as much as the undoubted quality of the music.

That the ploy worked, is evident right from the opening hokum of 'Let's Say Goodbye', though there are even better things aboard, including fiddle-queen Carla Frey's duet with a gueating Peter Rowan on his own 'Moonlight Midnight', while the groups harmonies on 'I'm Not Going Away', prove creamy and gorgeous!"

- Fred Dellar / Mojo Magazine -

"Some more strokes for folks who love bluegrass!"

- Arthur Wood / Maverick Magazine -

"A great, classy album! Warmhearted and 'feel-good' music with a really high 'pleasure-factor'!"

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"From mandolin to dobro, and all manner of instruments in between, the playing on this album is thoughtful, alive and deeply emotional, no solo unnecessary, no chorus too much. The passion conceived here stays long after the final song has played. Go out there and buy this, it deserves to be in as many homes as is possible!"

-Martin Smit / The Next Big Thing -

“In Europe, bluegrass music might not be so broadly recognized and appreciated, but the true lovers of the genre will find a splendid moment of entertainment in the 13 songs on this album, from ex-‘Long Ryder’ Sid Griffin’s band ‘The Coal Porters’."

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


I See Hawks In L.A. "Shoulda Been Gold 2001 - 2009"
(American Beat/Collector's Choice)

"I See Hawks In L.A. are the finest country-rock band currently flying the freak flag of freedom, eco-peace and psychedelic transcendence on planet earth. They can be mellow as cellos, while never losing integrity, purpose and a razor's edge. Numbering Chris Hillman among their collaborators and fans, this is highly recommended for those who miss the original Flying Burrito Brothers!"

- Michael Simmons / Mojo Magazine -

"Good heavens 1970's style country-rock still lives and breathes!"

- Arthur Wood / Maverick Magazine -

“For those who do not yet know ‘I See Hawks In L.A.’, this album is a perfect opportunity to correct that mistake. Those who do know them, will extend their music collection with several unreleased tracks, as well as 3 brand new songs, with high added value from angelic duet vocaliste, Carla Olson”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Will Hoge "The Wreckage" (Rykodisc)

A series of swinging rock-songs, melodic pop-tracks and melancholic soul-ballads are now compiled on ‘The Wreckage’, the ‘return-to-real- life-album' by Will Hoge, after his horrible scooter accident. His powerful music and meaningful lyrics demonstrate that he is 100% back in music-town, alive and kicking!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"Big-hearted, hip-shaking rock & roll that's unabashedly emotive, lyrically potent and truly intoxicating!"

- S.W.A. / Rootsville -

"'The Wreckage is without doubt the best album for Mr Hoge so far, and is one of the better albums I’ve heard this year. It comes with doses of heartbreak, rock'n'roll and country, and if there is a man who knows how to deliver his music, then Will Hoge is for sure. A must have in your collection!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

"'The Wreckage' is the first album from Will Hoge since his scooter crash a while back. However, it sounds like he was never gone.

One might argue that Will's sound hasn't evolved much throughout his albums, but when it works, why change? To me, this is exactly the kind of music that Will Hoge should be making. It is very good to have Will back, sounding as good as ever. The thing with Will Hoge is that his voice works with both ballads and more up-tempo songs. It is rough enough to handle the faster songs, and adds a raw nerve to the ballads. Fans of his previous albums should obviously get this one. But also you who like country flavored rock with great vocals. One of the top albums of 2009 is delivered by Will Hoge!"

- Rickard Holmgren / Melodic Net -


Tony Denikos "Already Gone" (Tony Denikos Music)

"Tony Denikos' songwriting is filled with emotion and romanticism, moving from social commentary to small portraits of American life. In a word he seems to come from an old school of folksinger, like his mentor John Prine, but he’s also quite eclectic to embrace different styles of roots rock music, and not to close himself into a ghetto. 'Already Gone' is a good example of modern Americana and songwriting of noble birth."

- Fabio Cerbone / Roots Highway -

"In the songs on his new album 'Already Gone', Tony Denikos blends all the musical influences absorbed during his long career. Things that happen in everyday's life are casted in heartfelt lyrics and put on John Fogerty & Creedence-styled swamp rock, or in lovely ballads which is reminiscence of John Prine. This album is a highly professional work of love by a gifted songsmith and great performer."

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -


Joshua Singleton "Joshua Singleton" (Joshua Sings)

"Exponent of BIG songs that, like Jeff Caudill and Jack Ingram, deserve to be heard in stadiums!"

- Phil Edwards / Americana UK -

"Joshua Singleton’s self-titled record may claim country influences but he’s far too eager to turn his guitar up and wail like a Memphis soulman to impress the Nashville crowd. Good. His Stonesy stomp, big riffs and organ washes, appear to have materialised from another age, when rock dinosaurs walked the Earth, and the only thing Robert Plant would want to do with Alison Krauss is unmentionable on a family website. Rock and roll with spirit and soul - you know where to go..."

- Rob Forbes / Leicester Bangs -

"Debut album of hot southern swamp rock that hints at great things in the future!"

- Alan Harrison / Maverick Magazine -



Jubal Lee Young "The Last Free Place In America"
(Reconstruction Records)

"This is an alt-country CD we strongly recommend!"

- Johan van Zundert / The Country Startpage -

"'The Last Free Place In America' is another proof of what a brilliant songwriter, and a great singer, Jubal Lee Young really is!"

- S.W.A. / Rootsville -




Joel Rafael "The Songs Of Woody Guthrie" (Inside Recordings)

"That this careful interpretation holds for two whole albums must be what has given Joel Rafael the epithet "best Guthrie interpretor". Because it's one thing to perform one or two texts, but to perform this many, demands more than just momentarily pleasure!"

- Frank Östergren / Hifi & Musik Magazine -

“’The Songs Of Woody Guthrie’ is an obligatory collector’s item for all fans of one of the most extraordinary songwriters ever that once has set the historical roots for the folk music. This fantastic tribute of love and admiration by Joel Rafael, and a selective group of great musicians like Jackson Browne, Jennifer Warnes, Billy Bragg, Pete Seeger, Van Dyke Parks, Jimmy LaFave, etc. deserves a central place in everyone’s music collection!”

- Freddy Celis / Rootstime -


John Batdorf "Old Man Dreamin'" (Batmac Music)

"This is just the way this album is. You put it on, and you like a few tracks, and then you play it again, and after each and every play new nooks and crannies are revealed, you like it more, and then play it more. This is the classic rock experience. Coming home, breaking the shrinkwrap and dropping the needle and being drawn into a whole new world. Amazingly, this concept lives on in the twenty first century, with John Batdorf's new album!"

- Bob Lefsetz / The Lefsetz Letters -

"Do you like Billy Falcon? Because if you do, you should definitely check out this artist. His name is John Batdorf and plays really nice midwestrock. John is definitely no newcomer. He's been around since the early 70's, and his career has included almost everything. Even to sing background vocals for Mötley Crüe in the 80's..... His raspy voice sounds like a mixture of Brett Walker, Don Henley and Billy Falcon, and the songs fall somewhere between the sound of Billy Falcon, Mr Reality and Don Henley. This is a really good CD you should check out, if you, like me, enjoy the American rock music from the southern United States, mixed with classic midwestrock."

- Pär Winberg / Melodic Net -


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