Music Is Love (Hemifrån/Route 61 Music)

(A Singer-Songwriters' Tribute To The Music Of Crosby Stills Nash & Young)

"A bit heavy? Yes. Affordable? Absolutely! 'Cause when Ian McNabb sings the mantra of the title song from David Crosby's first solo album, almost two eventful hours has gone by, in the company of both famous and lesser-known artists, proving that music is always love....."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"CSN&Y's glory days are re-awaken on this double celebration with artists like Carrie Rodriguez, Steve Wynn and Judy Collins. A 3rd of the songs (9 out of 27) are from the group's catalog, while the rest belong to the four members solo careers. Most interpreters have chosen personal versions, so this is defintely not a dull tribute disc, few of the songs are really close to the original. Most positive surprises are Andy Hill & Renee Safier ('Thrasher'), Sadie Jemmett ('Teach Your Children') and the Coal Porters ('Fallen Eagle'). A great tribute where none of the four faces is allowed to over-shadow the others."

- Gert Fridlund / Hallandsposten -

"CSN&Y is finally saluted with a stylish double CD digipack. The band's songs comes to life one more time and touches us once again.The album is a strong summary of a great musical deed."

- Mattias Gustavsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Most things here are genuinely loving, if not subversive, interpretations of an immortal and timeless song treasure."

- Mark Andersson / Lira Musikmagasin -

"Some of Neil Young's best songs can be heard in other artists' interpretations of the brilliant tribute album "Music Is Love", which is dedicated to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The tracks are not just CSNY-songs, but also their solo works. Highlights include a dimmed, fascinating version of 'Cortez The Killer', signed Carrie Rodriguez."

- Claes Olson / Musikindustrin -

"So in the end you just, for the umpteenth time, surrender. Forget all the objections you might have towards the tribute concept and just realize that great music is always great music. Simple as that!"

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"This is a perfect CD to put in your car radio if you're planning a longer ride, preferably somewhere along the west coast....."

- Roger Jönsson / Rootsy -

"This tribute album comes packaged in a beautiful 36-page booklet with lots of info about the artists performing the songs and the albums the songs are taken from, a real treat, I must say! You can tell CSN&Y started their careers in the summer of love in the late 60's, because these songs are filled with hope and love, something we truly need in these hard times of economic crisis and wars."

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -

"Among the great acquaintances on this new tribute album is Judy Collins, who interprets successfully, and completely fresh, 'Helplessly Hoping', while we in Mary Lee's Corvette gets a great 'Tracks In The Dust' and The Cardinals' Neal Casal treat us to a very convincing 'Hey You (Looking At The Moon)', and one of the real highlights is Ron Lasalle's soulful reading of Buffalo Springfield's 'For What It's Worth'."

- Espen Strunk / Gaffa Magazine -



Bob Cheevers "Smoke & Mirrors" (Back 9 Records)

"Smoke & Mirrors' swings in that moody Texas manner between pride and virtue, and sin and shame, with one boot firmly tapping on the honky tonk dance floor....."

- Tim Merricks / Americana UK -

"This is an album that you will probably never tire of exploring and each listen will certainly throw up something different to consider. The recommendation is to seek the album out yourself and it is guaranteed you will discover a different interesting perspective each listen."

- David Hughes / Fatea Magazine -

"Smoke' is a perfectly enjoyable collection, but it’s 'Mirrors' that provides the instant connection. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to seeing Cheevers in an acoustic setting, alone on stage with just his Martin guitar and a head full of stories. Here he’s joined on several tracks by producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Tveraas, and the very best songs 'Days In Death Valley' and 'While The World Falls Away' are beautifully written and will provide much cheer for Americana fans."

- Tony S / Leicester Bangs -

"Two years after 'Tall Texas Tales' Bob Cheevers confirms his reputation as master storyteller with 'Smoke & Mirrors'."

- Cis van Looy / Keys & Chords -

"It's strange, that before playing 'Smoke & Mirrors' I had never heard of Bob Cheevers, even though he has been an active musician for a long time. But it has been a delightful acquaintance, and now I am hooked and there’s no way out."

- Roger Molinder / Real Music Journal -


Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson "Wreck & Ruin"
(Sugar Hill Records)

"Had it not been for this married couple residing and working 'down under', they had certainly been hailed as much as the duo Gillian Welch and David Rawlings....."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"This album was recorded on Kasey Chambers brother's farm in Hunter Valley. The album was born in this relaxed atmosphere. At some point a pig ran into the barn, and the yard was always full of kids. Between breaks, a fishing trip was made, or maybe a ride on the motorcycle, and in this enviroment the songs were born. Now, I do not think that this in itself is the reason that the disc feels so liberating, but it is the true sense of the music that makes it stand out so well."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

"The atmosphere is warm and laid-back, the harmonies are tight, the songs are strong, both heartfelt and with a lot of black humor."

- Robert Lagerström / Gaffa Sweden -

"A married couple from Australia, dedicated singer-songwriters, can this really be something? The answer is an undeniable yes!"

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon -

"This particular harvest festival is so wholeheartedly simple, the performance so tasteful, that you can not help but to surrender when playing the album from start to finish."

- Espen Strunk / Gaffa Denmark -

"This album was recorded at the Foggy Mountain Studios, owned by brother Nash Chambers. A new band was formed and the results are really impressive. A refreshing sound that goes in different directions, from bluegrass to country, a completely successful project."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"Wreck & Ruin reunites two notable songwriters from Australia in very fine prairie and mountain stuff and heartbreaking ballads....."

- Cis van Looy / Keys & Chords -


Don Felder "Road To Forever" (Rocket Science/Membran/Naxos)

"Don Felder has not been in a hurry with the release of his 2nd solo album, it is of more importance that the music is heartfelt, than the issuance rate....."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

"Don Felder overshoots significantly, and he varies his classic guitar rock with more quiet ballads, and the grade is more than approved."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"This is a very good album if you like adult rock'n'roll, especially 'Girls In Black' and 'Give My Life' are really strong songs."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Don Felder's new solo album is a positive surprise. It's vital and with a bunch of really well written and performed material. Add a couple of really cool guests, such as Tommy Shaw on the great "Wash Away" (fabulous tune!) and there's plenty more. He also got help from names like Crosby Stills & Nash and Randy Jackson, to name a few others. A big surprise, and this album is well worth to check out if you like vital american melodic rock, with a vibe of both a tough westcoastsound and a more dusty AOR-sound. Bravo!"

- Pär Winberg / Melodic Net -

"The vocal harmonies here are as beautiful as expected, and the title track and "Life's Lullabye" are two real gems."

- Jörgen Holmstedt / Nostalgia Magazine -

"The new songs are of very high class and and his guitar playing have the usual bite."

- Anders Lundquist / Rock 'N' Roll Magazine -

"I can assure you that 'Road To Forever' is a great California rock album where Don Felder is delivering the goods like a true westcoast hero."

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -

"I must commend Felder to have done a very good album, there are well-organized rock'n'roll songs with a lot of touch of the Eagles sound and full of skillful guitars in all possible forms, and it's hard not to like the sympathetic Felder."

- Tom Arvidsson / Thirsty Boots -



Wanda Jackson "Unfinished Business" (Sugar Hill Records)

It's inconceivable that an artist, or I should really say icon, like Wanda Jackson still can perform at her very best, age notwithstanding, but it also proves that you're never too old to and rock n 'roll....."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

"This album sounds at it's very best as she plants herself in the country soil, as in 'California Stars'. Inevitably, we compare this album with Rick Rubin's Johnny Cash-albums, and those heights are not very far away....."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"In songwriter Greg Garings' tearjerker 'Am I Even A Memory' the result is unforgettable, where artist and producer makes a very poignant duet."

- Pierre Hellqvist / Sonic -

"Justin Towne Earle should be complimented for the great production, and the song selections are very gifted, from the cabinet put in place already with the opener 'I'm Tore Down' to the grand finale of 'California Stars'. Simply top class!

- Espen Strunk / Gaffa -

"After nearly six decades the flame is still burning and with 'Unfinished Business' Wanda shows she's still alive and sometimes very kicking, especially in the more intimate country tinted work".

- Cis van Looy / Keys & Chords -


Dave Stewart "The Ringmaster General" (W.O.M.E./Membran/Naxos)

"Forget about Eurythmics and Super Heavy, this is the real Dave Stewart, at this stage of his life....."

- Kalle Oldby / Country -

"This is really a pleasant surprise in the middle of the autumn darkness!"

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"Dave Stewart is awesome on guitar, while he may be a moderate singer. The best part is when he focus on his guitar playing and leave the singing to someone else, which he often does here."

- Mattias Gustavsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Allison Krauss, Diane Birch and Jessie Baylin are some of the singers backing up gave Dave Stewart here, brighten up and lift this album to unexpected heights."

- Bengt Berglind / Nya Skivor -

"I surely must say that no one can make acoustic guitars sound so fantastic on recordings as Dave Stewart can. Just such a thing makes it worthwhile to acquire this disc. And hope for future greatness....."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"There's no doubt Dave Stewart is a maestro of pop music!"

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -


Black Prairie "A Tear In The Eye Is A Wound In The Heart" (Sugar Hill)

"The vocals are given more space, the fusion of styles feels completely natural and everything is mixed with natural elegance....."

- Robert Lagerström / Gaffa -

"Besides releasing a really great album, it feels like Black Prairie will be beneficial in other ways. To be an outlet for wild ideas and influences can certainly find new strength and new sources of inspiration for The Decemberists. I'm already looking forward to the next disc. By both Black Prairie and The Decemberists! And, by the way, do not miss the hidden extra track. You've never heard anything like this. Promise!"

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"This melting pot of stimulus collected here is not only interesting, but also a very exciting and enjoyable musical experiment. Absolute freedom and being boundless in a big way!"

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"This must be one of the best Americana albums of the year so far. Even better than their debut 'Feast Of The Hunter's Moon' from two years ago. And that was a bonafide smash!"

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

“The dreamy folk songs that fiddler Annalisa Tornfelt is singing so heartfelt and moody are in strong contrast with the traditional Baltic klezmer instrumental tracks which make you feel like attending a joyful gypsy wedding in Rumania. This blending of music styles makes this new album of Portland, Oregon’s band Black Prairie exceptional and extraordinary good!”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



The Coal Porters "Find The One" (Prima Records)

This most recent recording from The Coal Porters might later become classified as their best ever.....”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Here you'll find twelve good reasons to go straight to your local record store to purchase this gem of an album!"

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

"This is classic, and not alternative, bluegrass, and for me a personal highlight!"

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"'Find The One' has many small, tasteful pursuits and notes from each band member, and with a variation that raises the album that little bit extra....."

- Frank Skoveng / Groove -

"'Durango' I think, is the best album Sid Griffin has done since he reformed the alt-country rock band The Long Ryders into alt-bluegrass band The Coal Porters, and relocated from the US to England, but question is, if not the sequel, 'Find The One', is even better....."

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"The Coal Porters' new album 'Find The One' is their most solid album so far. The music is based on bluegrass, combined with ingenuity and humor. It works surprisingly well. Among the guests we find the legendary Richard Thompson. Twinkle in the eye is the hallmark of the entire project, and is reflected also in the booklet, which is great fun to browse through."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"An impressive album, that swings like crazy, from these crusaders among bluegrass roots."

- Bengt Berglind / Nya Skivor -


Kathy Mattea "Calling Me Home" (Sugar Hill Records)

"A gorgeous album, testifying courage, and above all, love for the music, beautiful is the word......"

- Holly Moors / Moors Magazine -

"'Calling Me Home', a sequel to 2008's 'Coal' is a very fine and much balanced album. It contains support, from among others, Bryan Sutton, Stuart Duncan, Bill Cooley, Patty Loveless, Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris. For fans of Kathy Mattea, this new album is a must!"

- Gerrit Vermeij /Muziekvenster -

"'Calling Me Home' is a somewhat neat and polished, but nevertheless very well played and produced, bluegrass-infected country album, where one can almost smell 'corn in the crib and apples in the bin, him in the smokehouse and cotton in the gin' - A quality product!"

- Espen Strunk / Gaffa -


Mikael Persson "Man With Hound EP" (Paraply Records)

"With this new EP, Mikael Persson announces a new album to be released in the first few months of next year, and if one judges by these 4 songs, there will be a lot to cherish...."

- Czekus Mihaly / HiFi City -

"We can very well appreciate this 4 song EP from Swedish singer-songwriter Mikael Persson, but honestly, we are even more curious to hear what great songs he still has in his pocket for the next full album, which we hope that we don’t have to wait too long for.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This EP opens with a strong song, but the other songs aren't on the same level....."

- Patrick van de Wiele / Keys & Chords -

"It's not often you get to hear a rootsy folk-rock album with a big sound, but Swedish artist Mikael Persson and producer Peter Holmstedt truly nails it. Mostly albums in this genre are quite naked and rather basic, but the sound of this new EP is just lovely. The music is also varied, where the EP opens with the upbeat 'Man With Hound By His Cottage' that can be described as a mix between Irish folk and old-school country and western. The 2nd track 'What A Wonderful World' is slightly prog-ish that bring thoughts to Peter Gabriel (pay attention to the brilliant fretless bass work!). The 3rd track 'Some 50 Roads' is a laid back Crash Test Dummies-like song, it's OK, but check out Mikael Persson's vocal performance on 'Sweetest smile' - He's a deadringer for Leonard Cohen on this one - Great song!"

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -

"This album doesn't 'do it' for me. The music is still what I use to listen to, OK songs, but I don't feel anything. Took another listen again today, and all I can say that 'Man With Hound...' is a great song, but for me, I think the problem is the recording itself. Well, not the performance, but just the sound of it. There is no warmth and no bottom in the mix, and it gets quite cold. This is music that should curl itself up in the lap of a loved one, but it doesn't....."

- Pär Berglund / Meadow Music -

"With equal parts of clear, inherent darkness (rising from Mikael's basement, where this EP was recorded) and hopeful light, he steers the listener through four shiny tracks of americana sounding folk-rock, where there is a constant dreamy feeling present".

- Karl Åkerström / Boråskuriren -



Jerry Douglas "Traveler" (Entertainment One/Membran/Naxos)

"This is really great music, simple as that....."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"Brilliant vocal contributions and beautiful instrumental songs seasons this extremely tasty dish....."

- Magnus Eriksson / Lira Musikmagasin -

"At first I couldn't figure out the title - then I realized that it is ingenious. Jerry Douglas takes us on a musical journey from Nashville to New Orleans, with many interesting side-tracks, which sometimes even leads to the old world.

Eclectic things of this type often miss the target and aim for many directions simultaneously. No risk here. There is a plan to let the Nashville meet New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta. And all over it all hovers Jerry Douglas resonant tones from his guitar. Technically perfected, but with lots of feeling, in interaction with participating guests, like Eric Clapton, Keb Mo, Dr John, Del McCoury and Alison Krauss.

The album has a good balance between vocal and instrumental music and is a perfect encouragement for tired and cold souls. Best track is Leadbellys initial 'On A Monday' which, along with Del MCourys harmony, turns into something that could have been borrowed straight from Ry Cooder."

- Jonas Öhman / Om Country -

"Jerry Douglas gives us American roots music of the finest variety, the album has a warm feel and sounds like it was done for, and together with, friends."

- Anders Lundquist / Rock'N'Roll Magazine -

"Although Jerry Douglas is one of our top dobro players and a fast growing lap steel guitarist who could do very well on their own, he has the good taste to invite some great singers and fellow musicians that makes 'Traveler' to a musical journey quite beyond the ordinary. Congratulations to those who choose to jump on!"

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"Jerry Douglas has made over a dozen solo albums and also gifted hundreds of country and bluegrass albums with his divine dobro playing. He has a perfect technique, but he is also very loyal and never intrudes on his fellow musicians. This new solo album is his most commercial, with vocal guests like Eric Clapton and Keb Mo. His beautifully expressive dobro and lap steel lifts the music all over the ephemeral. This album contains some exquisite instrumentals."

- Magnus Eriksson / Svenska Dagbladet -


Buford Pope "Matching Numbers" (Unchained Records)

"This is a wonderful and gifted songwriter, with an eye for both commercial and more bluesy songs, a jewel originating from the cold depths of Sweden....."

- Alfons Maes / Keys & Chords -

"Buford Pope is a Swedish Rod Stewart ‘voice-a-like’ who delivers an excellent new album with ‘Matching Numbers’, the 4th release in his singer-songwriter career. This recording is nicely orchestrated and the songs are strong, so there are lots of reasons to play Buford Pope on many international radio stations."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This is a very varied album with both uptempo songs and ballads, an album that definitely deserves our attention. An exceptional talent."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"A fine slice of cake of new, great music, I hereby congratulate mr Buford Pope to a very successful release."

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"A nice, warm, and easy-listening acquaintance."

- Mattias Gustavsson / Ikon -



Shooter Jennings "Family Man" (Entertainment One/Membran/Naxos)

"A strong and consistent album from Shooter Jennings where fans of daddy Waylon and all-things-outlaw-country have many things to cherish....."

- Marcus Thell / SCC Nytt -

"Shooter must have experienced an amazing musical upbringing, which gives him a unique ability to write and perform great music - This CD is the proof."

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -

"'Family Man' is a very good title for a great album from a young man who takes the best from his roots, adds something new, and wakes up to discover that honesty surely is the best thing, and as a result secures a high placement on the Billboard chart."

- Jonas Öhman / Om Country -

"Nowadays Shooter Jennings is an excellent singer-songwriter, with a hefty dose of southern charm, variety in songs, great material and humor, and he actually fills his dad's boots to the brim."

- Patrik Forshage / Nöjesguiden -

"If Shooter Jennings continues like this, he will be really interesting in the years to come!"

- Lars Kjellberg / Kountry Korral -

"Great songs, great singing, great musicians - Simply put; Great contemporary country music."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon -

"Let's hope that Waylon Jennings' son has now found his way and continue his path to more traditional country music, 'cause this one surely is a keeper!"

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -


"Better World Coming : Lowlands & Friends Play Woody"
(Gypsy Child)

"The songs' inherent strength really comes into its own with a full band, and Edward Abbiati sings better than ever....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"This album is a celebration of the universality of Woody Guthrie, and Lowlands are to be congratulated for their skills in capturing his spirit; we’d be proud if they were a UK band delivering such sounds. Overall a very fine tribute and a very fine listen!"

- Paul Kerr / Americana UK -

"The ghost of Woody Guthrie is hanging over practically every track on this album, but there is still a great deal of Lowlands left.

- Ivan van Bellghem / Keys & Chords -

"The major achievement of British singer-songwriter Edward Abbiati, a.k.a. ‘Lowlands’ and his Italian friends, on the tribute album ‘Better World Coming’, is that they have not just copied the old Woody Guthrie-songs. Instead they put lots of energy and dynamics in their effort to transfer these songs into marvellous contemporary ‘Lowlands’-versions.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Joey + Rory "His And Hers" (Sugar Hill Records)

"Album of the year, no arguments, this IS country music....."

- Alan Cackett / Maverick Magazine -

"This is a masterpiece, probably the best country disc of the year. The words that best sum up Joey + Rory's CD, are the final two words of this review, 'instant classic'!"

- Paul Riley / Country Music People -

"This is the 3rd album with twelve brand new songs from singer-songwriter couple Joey and Rory Feek. 'His & Hers' is a great, rootsy album that I enjoy a lot."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"You're not likely to find many traditional country albums released in 2012 that can compete with the quality of songs, production (from Gary Paczosa) and vocals found on 'His & Hers', an album that's about as timeless as an album can possibly get."

- Matt Bjorke / Roughstock -


Tony Denikos "Under The Church" (T.D.M.)

"If the names of John Prine, Jim Croce or Jesse Winchester means something to you, this one is surely for you....."

- Davide Albini / Roots Highway -

"The repertoire here is 10 nicely crafted and cared for lyrical sensations....."

- Czekus Mihaly / HiFi City -

“When the ten songs on Tony Denikos’ album ‘Under The Church’ are over, there is a true desire to hear more of such beautiful emotional and sensitive stories. That feeling should form the best proof that we enjoyed his work and anxiously look forward to his next release of new heartfelt songs.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"If you look in your collection and see names like John Prine, Marc Jordan and Steve Forbert, this is one artist you should check out. Tony Denikos new album 'In The Church' is a well produced album with 10 songs of good class. Best songs on the album are 'Tip Of The Tongue' which actually could have been on the 'Reckless Valentine'-album by Marc Jordan (a lovely tune!) and 'When The Morning Comes', a softer song. A lovely tune that sounds like a nice mixture of David Crosby and Jackson Browne."

- Pär Winberg / Melodic Net -



Ron LaSalle "When Hellhounds Meet Angels" (PHQ Records)

"With 'Hellhounds Meet Angels' Ron LaSalle and his companions serves us first-rate blues, jazz, country and roots-rock, with particular clarity and color in tone, great approach and a masterful execution of songs....."

- Martin Overheul / Alt Country Forum -

"How would 'Moondance' by Van Morrison have sounded like if Joe Cocker stood behind the microphone? Absurd question, of course, but 'When Hellhounds Meet Angels' is a number that raises this question."

- John Gjaltema / Alt Country NL -

"Ron LaSalle delivers us a provisional masterpiece with his new album 'When Hellhounds Meet Angels'. A unique smoky, raspy voice like Tom Waits, the songwriting talent, the feel of John Hiatt and the drive of Bruce Springsteen are honorable merits to mention, but the most important is that LaSalle and his band gives it all a true own sound and versatility in a crossover of styles like blues, jazz, country, rock or roots. A magnificent album of a man who has found his heaven and is willing to share it with us."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"I feel that this album is growing with every play and I would really like to see this man in real life. I think he is a man who, just like Jimmy LaFave, sees his audience in the eyes, even when he closes them....."

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -


Burton Jespersen "Any Road" (Dog Soldier Press)

"This CD contains a smooth blend of country songs, with a certain touch of melancholy. The previous one was 10 years ago, and in the liner notes Burton says that seems a very long time, but for me it feels like exactly the right time....."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"Smooth country songs that really reflets Burton Jesperson's actual musical style....."

- Patrick van de Wiele / Keys & Chords -

“Almost 10 years after his latest release ‘The Ride’, country and folkrock singer-songwriter Burton Jespersen has released a magnificent new album with ‘Any Road’. Nine of his own compositions are blended nicely with five very selective cover songs and together they are forming a timeless effort which will at any time in history be able to find an interested audience.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Brian Kalinec "The Fence" (Berkalin Records)

"'The Fence' by Brian Kalinec is an album that reminds me very much about the late, great Jim Croce....."

- Ivan van Belleghem / Keys & Chords -

"Following five years after his debut album ‘Last Man Standing’, the Houston-based veteran folksinger-songwriter Brian Kalinec returns in the spotlights with his new album ‘The Fence’. This collection of catchy and tuneful songs will give you lots of pleasure to listen to during a quiet evening, accompanied by some dimmed lights and a good glass of wine (or two)."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Brian Kalinec's 'The Fence' is a true singer-songwriter hit. Pearls of songs, lyrics that matter, beautifully played by a bunch of outstanding Texans, produced by Kalinec himself. Take a listen and you're sold!"

- Fred Schmale / Real Roots Café -

"Brian Kalinec's 'The Fence' occupys a well-deserved position on the Euro Americana Chart. See for yourself why!"

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -



Oh My Darling "Sweet Nostalgia" (O.M.D.)

"The refreshing combination of bluegrass, country and folk music, and their impressive live performances, should convince you to buy their latest CD...."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"These lovely and versatile ladies fom Canada brings the best from the prarie-roots, with an exciting combination of bluegrass, country and other music from the mountains."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

"The total outcome is again a great album, and although their previous efforts were already gold winning albums, this one is even better if you ask me. The band hasn’t been in Belgium yet, but hopefully we can greet these Canadians real quick on a stage nearby!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

"Whatever the romantic travails, it’s a mostly musically upbeat offering, only taking the pace down for the first third of instrumental showcase 'Mister Guy' and the closing pump organ accompanied slow dance folk blues 'All The Sweetness'. It may take another album to really get the momentum going outside of North America, but they’re on a clear and promising path."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -


Kiki Ebsen "The Beauty Inside" (Painted Pony Media)

"This is an impressive collection of thirteen self-penned songs, inspired by her own real life stories....."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"Fine songs and great pianowork from a very talented lady."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

"Apart from interpreting hit songs from other artists like she did last year on her album ‘Cool Songs Volume 1’, Los Angeles’ singer-songwriter and keyboard player Kiki Ebsen demonstrates on her latest release ‘The Beauty Inside’ that she can also write rich and valuable compositions and sing these songs in a diversity of music styles, like pop, folk and jazz.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Kiki Ebsen, an accomplished singer and songwriter, introduces her first original CD in five years. Already with four CD's under her belt, her latest endeavor is an impressive collection of thirteen self-penned tunes inspired by her own real life stories. The CD is beautifully packaged in a full color digipack filled with pictures and lyrics for each song."

- Bruno Fabrigues / Cool Night -


Mietek Szczesniak "Signs" (4ever Music)

"Everything on this beautiful album is held together by Mietek's impressive voice, it gives the songs charisma and density....."

- Günther Klößinger / RockTimes -

"'Signs' is a very good album, smooth and soothing, with strong material, and an exceptionally good voice in Mietek Szczesniak."

- Ingo Andruschkewitsch / Musik An Sich -

"Neat, white soul....."

- John Gjaltema / Alt Country NL -

"Mietek Szczesniak is no longer a noble unknown artist, and there will be an English release not unrelated to this - Check it out!

- Philip Verhaege / Keys & Chords -


Colors Of The Sun : Penny Nichols Sings The Early Songs Of Jackson Browne (Pensongs)

"Penny Nichols brings very fine and personal interpretations from the work of an old friend and great songwriter, and I can't wait to start the search for older work of this lady....."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“It is great to see that old friendships can still last forever. Singer Penny Nichols’ admiration for songwriter Jackson Browne dates from the mid-sixties and could not be expressed in a better way than via her tribute provided in the twelve songs on her intimate, heartwarming new album, ‘Colors Of The Sun’.“

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Jackson Browne appears on the new CD by his old friend Penny Nichols."

- Bruno Fabrigues / Cool Night -

"This new CD features a virtual 'who's who' from the music scene in Southern California in the late 60's."

- Arnaud Leger / Westcoast Rendezvous -


Robert Lamm Songs : The JVE Remixes (Blue Infinity Records)

"There are not only Chicago songs here, but also 3 Lamm solo songs that fits in just perfectly, my favorite remixes are 'Saturday In The Park' and 'Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is', splendid club/westcoast stuff....."

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -

"Taken as whole, this is definitely an interesting listen. You can see tracks here slotting easily into Sunday chill-out sets and the like as well, so a job well done, I'd say!"

- Russell Deeks / This Is Why We Dance -

"With very original remixes John Van Eps colors the electronic musical landscape."

- Philip Verhaege / Keys & Chords -

“With the remixes that John Van Eps has made of the ‘Chicago-hits' from the 70's and 80's, which were originally written and sung by Robert Lamm, many youngsters will get acquainted for the first time with the music their parents so gladly listened to."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Almost four years in the making, 'Robert Lamm Songs - The JVE ReMixes' will blow people’s minds."

- Arnaud Leger / Westcoast Rendezvous -



Don Williams "And So It Goes" (Sugar Hill Records)

"The gentle giant's first album in eight years, close and familiar, beautiful music with guitar performances by Al Anderson, Vince Gill and Keith Urban, the highlight is 'I Just Come Here For The Music" with Alison Krauss, wow....."

- Kalle Oldby / Country -

"If you're up for a country album that can do something good for your blood pressure, look no further....."

- Tom Skjeklesaether / Rootsy -

"Don Williams is now 73 years young, but with this album, he can add another masterpiece to his impressive oeuvre, which over the years has had more than 50 hits, and still proves that he is a master of his craft."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"Unexpected new work from 'the gentle giant', Don Williams, at the age of 73 he's still the master of laidback country music and honest ballads."

- Cis van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“We are convinced that there will be many people feeling very happy about this somewhat unexpected new record ‘And So It Goes’ by 73 years young country legend Don Williams. Alison Krauss, Vince Gill and Keith Urban provide support and Don himself keeps sounding excellent, like the good old Don which we have known during his 40 year career.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



West Of Eden "Safe Crossing" (West Of Music)

"This is an excellent, spirited album from a fine band that really knows its music and nautical references, and wouldn’t it be a refreshing change from the usual suspects, if next year they were to find themselves among the Radio 2 Folk Award nominees, they certainly deserve to be....."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"This new album was recorded in Cornwall, England, and has among other things, collaborations with Christian Kjellvander, Irish flutist Steph Geremia and The Celtic Brass Quartet. The disc has a recurring theme that is all about the sea, sailors, people in the country and various ships that wrecked off the Cornish coast. It was inspired by all these stories about shipwrecks and created thirteen new songs on this topic. These are stories depicting life and death. The focus is on the lyrics and the beautiful singing. Highly recommended."

- Mattias Gustavsson / Ikon Magazine -

"West of Eden knows their stuff, they are able to spread joy and, they are, as I said, absolutely competent at what they do, a really good album."

- Hans Halling / Lira Musikmagasin -

"With responsive feel and well-chosen words, Jenny and Martin Schaub has created their own formidable musical ship. A ship that carries the lyrics and the music proudly past the islets, reefs and due out in the open sea, where the wind blows and the people and its destiny passes by."

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"From Sweden comes West Of Eden, even though it's hard to tell. This six-member band focuses on Scottish and Irish music, and they do it very well. Two traditional singers and four vocalists in the background houses the band. The characteristic whistles are played by guests. Christian Kjellvander lends his voice for 'Wrecker's Weather', one of the tracks in which wind instruments adds an extra dimension."

- John Gjaltema / Alt Country NL -

"Swedish folkgroup West Of Eden are definitely born in the wrong country. They are Celtic both in heart and soul."

- Ivan Van Belleghem / Keys & Chords -

“It remains strange to realize that this Celtic music is made by a 100% original Swedish band, but West Of Eden has done a very professional job on the 13 self-composed tracks of their 7th album ‘Safe Crossing’. Let’s hope that their boat won’t sink and that they can continue to sing their traditional and contemporary Celtic folksongs.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



Kin : Songs By Mary Karr & Rodney Crowell (Vanguard Records)

"This is 'Kin', a straight through really strong album, with lots of soul and lots of heart....."

- Nils Ahnland / Lira Musikmagasin -

"'Kin' is a straight through brilliant album. The fine vocals forms the airy backgrounds where Rodney Crowell's rhythm guitar, Steuart Smith's sharp guitar passages, Larry Franklin's mournful fiddle and Tommy White's brilliant steel, builds a solid, strong foundation".

- Magnus Eriksson / Rootsy -

"Damn, how I like Rodney Crowell! And it feels so good that 'Kin : The Songs Of Rodney Crowell & Mary Karr" sounds so bloody good!

- Torkel Bohjort / Fredaxbloggen -

"Acclaimed singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell and best-selling author Mary Karr collaborate on this unique project. Crowell himself is here to share a few songs, brilliant as always, but also the guests on this album are great."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -


Jeff Larson "The World Over" (Red Bell Recordings)

"For friends of blissful, sunny, westcoast sounds, Jeff Larson's brilliant new album is a must....."

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"Why Jeff Larson is not better known is something of a mystery to me. Jeff Larson is a master of writing attractive melodies that quickly sticks to in your head, and in addition, he has an excellent voice. 'The World Over' ranks as his best album to date. If you enjoy names like America, Poco and Jackson Browne you will definitely have a new favorite in Jeff Larson. So, what are you waiting for?"

- Johan Annetorp / Rootsy -

"The instrumental elements in this album provide a mix of styles, from acoustic ballads, to latin-tinged folk-rock, to pure pop, these songs are strung together in a beautiful way."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster"

"The ultimate experience when listening to the album ‘The World Over’ from Californian singer-songwriter Jeff Larson lies in the perfect blending of his velvet voice with the heavenly sound of harmony vocalist Jeddrah Schmit. Jeff Larson is a magnificent songwriter who only delivers catchy, emotional and wonderful melodies that you can easily sing along upon its first hearing.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



Pat Green "Songs We Wish We'd Written II" (Sugar Hill Records)

"Delivered with his signature 'let-the-good-times-roll' attitude and 'guy-next-door' charm, 'Songs We Wish We'd Written II' is a collection of ten songs that fans are sure to enjoy....."

- Arnaud Léger / Westcoast Rendezvous -

“With a large diversity of carefully selected popular tracks and rather unknown songs from his favourite songwriters, Pat Green interpretes them in his own style on this second cover record ‘Songs We Wish We’d Written II”. Already having sold over 2 million records during his career, we are convinced that also this entertaining album will once again reach top sales figures.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Even if you're filling your CD with nothing but covers, it's not an easy job to do, because you still have to make a difference for your listeners. Pat Green knows how to make that difference. Great job!"

- Alfons Maes / Keys & Chords -

"The only question right now is: When can we have 'Songs We Wish We'd Written III'?"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

".....and now on to the real highlight of this week's show!"

- Jan N Evenhuis / Country Music Roundup -



Kate Campbell "1000 Pound Machine" (Large River Music)

"Accompanying herself exclusively on piano, Kate Campbell delivers a solid Southern focused collection of story songs....."

- Arthur Wood / Maverick Magazine -

"Quite simply, this is another example of Kate at her best. Listening to her songs takes you to another time and another place. If you are like me, these songs will take you back to the South you love; otherwise she will introduce you to the South you've never met. Either way, this CD has to be heard."

- Helen Mitchell / Fatea Magazine -

"Southern girl Campbell’s music is steeped in rich good old southern virtues that overflow in quality as country, folk, blues, r&b and gospel soul meet at a musical crossroad."

- Maurice Hope / Americana UK -

"This album is not not going to expand Kate Campbell's audience a great deal, but for those who’ve followed her career over the past 18 years it’s another testament to their very good taste."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"Kate Campbell returns with subtle piano playing, and amazing resonating vocals, to Alabama in bittersweet stories"

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“What great talent Kate Campbell represents is made clear by the legends in music that appear as guest artists on her latest album, '1000 Pound Machine' - Emmylou Harris as backing vocalist, Will Kimbrough on guitars and 'Hall of Fame'-initiated Spooner Oldham on keyboards contribute their best skills to this magnificent new album by Nashville's hidden treasure.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Kate Campbell's piano, together with the perfect guitar playing of Will Kimbrough, the soulful sounds of the legendary Spooner Oldham, through the cooperation of the other musicians, this album has the perfect musical balance."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"Barely six months after last year's excellent live CD she releases another wonderful album, this time a tribute to all the piano-teachers, and to the instrument she first learned to play, the piano."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"'1000 Pound Machine' is a peculiar but very coherent song cycle with elements borrowed from folk, southern rock, country, soul and gospel. Excellent songs and great musicians all around, but what makes this disc this year's best so far, is Kate Campbell's voice."

- Bengt O Tedeborg / Rootsy -



Marty Stuart "Nashville Volume 1: Tear The Woodpile Down"
(Sugar Hill Records)

"Making outstanding albums is simply becoming a habit for Marty Stuart....."

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

"You’ll find such beauties as 'Truck Driver’s Blues', 'The Lonely Kind' and the closing track 'Picture From Life’s Other Side' included in this splendid album - Great music for sure!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

"A 100% fascinating album!"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"To make this short: Ten really good songs, performed by Marty Stuart, his great band The Fabulous Superlatives and a few guests and friends. This album is great!"

- Von Bernd Wolf / Country -

"Oh, my God what a great album! Anyone who's in love with country music, must have this album. It is an important album that sets new standards. It is an album that contains songs that in the future will be considered standards in the field of country music."

- Andreas Hilgart / Country Home -


Wallis Bird "Wallis Bird" (Bird/Karakter)

"What we have here is possibly the strongest album of the year, so far....."

- Stefan Wermelin / Sveriges Radio -

"Wallis Bird has a unique voice and she's definitely a talent to be reckoned with....."

- Anna Maria Stjärnell / Luna Kafé -

"She refuses to decide whether she wants to be a folk singer, a singer-songwriter, record some heavy power ballads or even silly dance-pop songs, but who cares when she's got such a consistently good voice and great songs - It's been a long time since I was so happy, not being able to situate an artist in a special compartment!"

- Ulf Torstensson / Lira Musikmagasin -



The Deep Dark Woods "The Place I Left Behind"
(Sugar Hill Records)

"If you like a dash of morose rural balladry, then The Deep Dark Woods certainly deliver high-class, highly melodic, country misery....."

- Martin Chilton / The Telegraph -

"Keep an eye on these guys, after listening to their latest record, I went back into their discography and found their old, unknown albums to be equally well-crafted. I am positive their future work will continue in this same vein, bringing a taste of old-fashioned blues, bluegrass and folk music to our ears."

- Caitlin Cristin White / Bleecker Street Beat -

"If you don’t own any albums by The Deep Dark Woods yet, your life isn’t as good as it could be....."

- Oz / Hear Ya -

"The Deep Dark Woods have fashioned a deep and dark record, grounded in tradition, unhurried in its pace and rooted in the art of storytelling. The album does not apologise for moving slowly or repeating themes; quite the opposite. 'The Place I Left Behind' revels in the simplicity of it all."

- Slavko Bucifal / The Line Of Best Fit -

"Not many bands are making music as good as The Deep Dark Woods, as far as I’m concerned....."

- Geordie / You Crazy Dreamers -



Kenny White "Comfort In The Static" (Wildflower Records)

"Kenny White's new CD is a great example of the direction of piano-based artists, with sophisticated composing, a generally laidback musical setting and great writing all around....."

- George Graham / Weekly Reviews -

"When last we heard from Kenny White, he was tough on himself ('I'm getting tired of coming close/Tired of the chances I don't take'), determined to do better ('You got a brain, you got style/So you might as well put it on the line once in a while') and reveling in the absurdity of young women at bars with shirts so short you can see the tattoos in the small of their backs. Now he has a new CD out and I’m happy to report he’s the same delightful mess. Tough on himself? 'I’ve suffered fools, mostly kept them at bay/‘til the biggest one showed up in my mirror today'. Determined to do better? 'Let it go, it’ll all work out/faith is the handsome brother of doubt'. And digging the absurd? 'You google your own name, you get Kenny Rogers or Kenny G'. Just gotta love him!"

- Jesse Kornbluth / Head Butler -

"These are songs with expressive naturalness, and the album will leave you with the desire to start it all over again. Again and again....."

- Giulia Nuti / Il Popolo Del Blues -

"Many said 'Album Of The Year' when this album was released in the US. Well, I don't know about that, but it sure is an album really easy to love!"

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -

"What a cool hour this was. One of the best ever in 'Nilsson'. Great human being, brilliant songs and a musician completely in my taste!"

- Mats Nilsson / Sveriges Radio -


inLOve "Sister Blue" (Gazell Records)

"In Sweden, Gazell Records has a cool CD out entitled "Sister Blue" from singer-songwriter Lo Kivikas, aka inLOve. Lo gets solid backing on her album, which is tastefully produced by Swedish drumming legend Bosse Skoglund, best known in international prog-rock circles as being the drummer on those amazing Bo Hansson-albums from the 70's. Also turning in fine performances are Roland Nilsson (slide and electric guitar) and Hasse Larson (bass). There’s a great hippie vibe on the album, and Lo’s singing is reminiscent of 60's folk-rock legends like Melanie and even Quicksilver legend Dino Valenti. 'Sister Blue' is pretty much out there, semi-psychedelic hippie rock for the 21st century that’s enhanced by the expert good vibes touch of the amazing Bosse Skoglund."

- Robert Silverstein / MWE3 -

“Swedish singer-songwriter Lo Kivikas forms the heart and the soul of the band InLOve from Stockholm. Her fragile, broken sounding voice reminds of the smoky and hoarse singing by Marianne Faithfull. In some other songs also reflections of the Danish popstar Hanne Boel can be heard. These ten tracks on the debut album 'Sister Blue' of InLOve are each and everyone great songs which absolutely deserve to be heard everywhere in Europe.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"inLOve is another band coming out of Scandinavia, and a very pleasant surprise, as well....."

- Ivan Van Belleghem / Keys & Chords -

"The best kept secret in Sweden!"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -


- Joachim Brookes / RockTimes -

"The album by this Swedish group was first released in the fall of 2010, but went quite unnoticed. If that is the reason that the company is launching it again is unclear. Singer Lo Kivikas is the writer of the ten songs on the album and the music is generally pleasant laid-back, underlined by the harmonica player Roland Nilsson. There is an emphasis on jazzy blues and everything is produced by the group's percussionist, blues veteran Bosse Skoglund and the group also includes renowned Hans Larsson on bass. Lo Kivikas is voice reminiscent of Marianne Faithful, and at times very appealing. An album that offers very pleasant listening."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"This project sure is a stroke of luck, and musicians have gathered together at exactly the right time with the respective merits of the luggage. The group consists of Hans Larsson, bass, Roland Nilsson, harmonica, producing Bosse Skoglund, drums, and - not least - the singer Lo Kivikas, she is the one who wrote all ten songs on 'Sister Blue'. The quartet moves in several genres, including pop, reggae and down home blues. Sometimes brushing against the rhythms of jazz and krautrock, not without the smell of Yoko Ono. The album brings undeniable connotations, and it feels that the veteran Bosse Skoglund holds multiple threads. All is very well crafted, finely tuned, passionate. As one follows an open and relaxed attitude. Particularly exciting is the disc's second half, where the blues feeling arrives in pieces like 'Whisper My Name' and 'Knocked Out'. Overall, the interaction functions very well."

- Gert-Ove Fridlund / Hallandsposten -



My Darling Clementine "How Do You Plead?" (Drumfire Records)

So what are you waiting for? This is an album you surely can not do without....."

- Håkan Persson / Borås Tidning -

"This is the final proof that Englishmen are as good as Americans in doing great country music."

- Anders Nordgren / Herring Brothers -

"These British musicians are still rather unknown in continenteal Europe, but this is surely about to change with such a great album!"

- Jan N. Evenhuis / Country Music Roundup -

“As if the songs were already written and sung for the first time in the 60's. That is how the 13 tracks on My Darling Clementine’s excellent album ‘How Do You Plead?’ sound like. Michael Weston King and his lovely wife Lou Dalgleish are constantly retrieving memories of legendary country duos like George Jones & Tammy Wynette or Johnny Cash & June Carter. This great record deserves a place of honour in your private collection as it pleases from start to end and can therefore be enjoyed time after time.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This new album features 13 songs housed in a very pleasant harmony."

- Czékus Mihály / Sívtárs Magazine -


I See Hawks In L.A. "New Kind Of Lonely" (Western Seeds/Blue Rose)

The guys in I See Hawks In LA certainly impress in these naked and intimistic songs, and they demonstrate that their strong vocal abilities certainly convince in all 13 tracks on this excellent record.....”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"'If You Lead I Will Follow' is a melancholy end to an album that highlights loved people and loved things. An unsentimental respect for the larger values. Values ??that can not be bought for money, but that we can create within ourselves and with others."

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"'Take this faded old hippie love and use it if you please, all scattered so gently on the Santa Cruz breeze' - Yes, thank you very much!"

- Espen Strunk / Gaffa Magazine -

"Journeys frame this album, opening with 'Bohemian Highway’s' memories of old friends and road travelled, and closing with 'If You Lead I Will Follow' which, with its folk-hymnal chorus, references the emigrant wagon trains bound for Oregon or California and Independence Rock, the landmark they had to reach by July 4 to avoid the mountain snows. Reflecting on life, they sing ‘this whole long trip is just one big test and damned if I’m going to fail’. On the evidence here, they pass with flying colours!"

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"'New Kind Of Lonely' brings together everything you can expect from an album by the Hawks. It is never disappointing and builds up song after song. Another great recording from California's finest in Americana music!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -


Tom T Hall "A Gift From Tom T Hall" (Drumfire Records)

"This is not a Greatest Hits-collection, but a purely private collection of original songs, and to be able to be part of it is pure pleasure....."

- Norbert Neugebauer / RockTimes -

"For those who know their Tom T Hall, this new album is a much welcome return to form."

- Frank Östergren / Rootsy -

"Now almost 76, Tom T Hall is known not only as a very successful writer of narrative songs, but also occurred in the past as a country DJ at radio stations, and in the period late 50's to the early 60's even for four years as a singer-guitarist for the Armed Forces Radio Network in Germany!"

- Jan N. Evenhuis / Country Music Roundup -

"Tom T. Hall is a true legend in the world of bluegrass music. With some of his best friends, he recorded his latest album as a tribute to his wife and companion songwriter Dixie Hall. Both are now in their seventies and can fully enjoy their retirement, since all the fans of Tom .T Hall can finally have this musical document in their own record collection and keep listening to the great recordings of ‘The Nashville Storyteller’.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Nashville's greatest storyteller is here again with another brilliant, new album!"

- Czékus Mihály / Sívtárs Magazine -


Tom Kell "This Desert City" (17 Degrees Recordings)

One of 2012's best albums is already here, simply because this is a real bonafide hit....."

- Anders Nordgren / Herring Brothers -

"This is an album with a unique, yet familiar, sound, and songs with brilliant quality and strong craftsmanship"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

“Music veteran Tom Kell has gathered some of his best and most distinguished friends from the Los Angeles music scene in the recording studio to play on his new album ‘This Desert City’. Eight selfpenned beauties and two carefully selected covers will provide you with a 100% guaranteed enjoyable hour of listening to marvellous soon-to-be classics. This is absolutely one of the best albums that I could listen to this year.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This music is as timeless as it is unique and is delivered by a band of LA players so perfectly assembled, that it could easily be Tom’s finest hour."

- Arnaud Leger / Westcoast Music -

"Tom Kell? Well, it was like time stood still. All those Southern California names rippling like the Canyons were still the place to be; Don Heffington, Bob Glaub, Greg Leisz, Valerie Carter and the late, beloved Kenny Edwards. But it’s not nostalgia. All those players and vocalists are still in peak condition, criminally suited for the dusty kind of yearning that tempers an album about the flickering light of what was, what can’t be and what one needs to get by."

- Holly Gleason / No Depression -


Matt Keating "Wrong Way Home" (Sojourn Records)

"This is Matt Keating's 10th album and it contains 16 songs reminiscent of the classic songwriters of the 70's - In his songs he effortlessly combines humor with seriousness, and all of his albums are, without exception, hailed by critics....."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

“Debuting in 1993 and 20 years later still waiting for his well deserved recognition. It is the story of NYC-singer-songwriter Matt Keating. His 10th album 'Wrong Way Home' is a pure diamond from which I can easily select at least 5 delicious future song classics. On this record, Matt Keating is delivering a varied mix of Americana, alt country, pop and rock which is blended in perfect harmony with his constant top level singing.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"'Wrong Way Home' reaches for musical heights based on orchestration and arrangement."

- Arnaud Leger / Westcoast Rendezvous -



Stephen David Austin "A Bakersfield Dozen" (S.D.A.)

"It'll be interesting to see how Stephen David Austin is received by the discerning audience, he is surely on to something here...."

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -

"This is entertainment with meaning, but also a reminder that great music can be very simple. You only need to have a 56-year-old singer-songwriter who likes to give the world his music and a bunch of musicians handpicked among the foremost in California."

- Jonas Öhman / Om Country -

"On first listen this sounds just like yet another album of well played honky tonking country songs very much in the Bakersfield tradition with the likes of Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam beaming at you through the beers and tears. However Austin has a trick up his sleeve. Wading through the many fine licks here one eventually finds his lyrics which are certainly a notch above what one expected. While he’s able to craft an almost perfect tale of a jailbird heading home after a 40 year stretch and deliver an affectionate homage to the late Buck Owens, several of his songs have a wry, sardonic edge to them. Overall Austin’s debut is mighty impressive indeed."

- Paul Kerr / Blabber'N'Smoke -

"Stephen David Austin combines 'A Bakersfield Dozen' as it were the best of both worlds. Fine workmanship and strong examples of storytelling. In our humble opinion he touches artists as Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Steve Earle and Dave Alvin."

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -



Judy Collins "Bohemian" (Wildflower Records)

Like high quality wines, Judy Collins is only getting better by the years. Soon reaching the blessed age of 73, her crystal clear voice glitters like a diamond in the eleven songs on her latest album....."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"A total of eleven, without exception, excellent songs delivered to us on this amazing new album....."

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

"Judy Collins is an icon where the ravages of time have no control what-so-ever - There's nothing but praise for this magificent lady."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"The voice of age is way more expressive and, together with the absolutely harmonious and beautiful atmosphere, it creates a perfect unit."

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"Two years ago I commented that, in moving back to her early roots and away from easy listening and showtunes, for the first time in years I was actually keenly anticipating the follow up. And so here we are, and, I’m relieved to say that it doesn’t disappoint. As ever, her choice of covers is faultless. Joni Mitchell’s 'Cactus Tree' takes the form of a wonderful duet with Shawn Colvin, 'The Desperate Ones' is a return to the work of Jacques Brel, Jimmy Webb’s TexMex tinted 'Campo De Encino' shares sentiments with 'Big Sur', Michael Veitch’s 'Veteran’s Day', sung here as a duet with Kenny White, recalls the anti-war songs of the 60's protest movement, while looking further back she also includes a keyboards and guitar arrangement of Woody’s 'Pastures Of Plenty' followed by an austere reading of traditional lullaby 'All The Pretty Horses'."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -


Whitehorse "Whitehorse" (Six Shooter Records)

Whether this is a one-time collaboration, is as yet a mystery. What we do know, for certain, is that their first CD together is an amazingly beautiful album....."

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

“Canadian husband and wife Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland can both already reflect on an impressive career as solo artists. With their most recent project ‘Whitehorse’, they are collaborating as a duo. Their mutual singing skills can without doubt be heard on their first joint album. It invites for more similar work, hopefully following on a full length CD within not too long time”.

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This duo sounds very fresh and varied, and reminds me very often of my favorite band emith....."

- Norbert Neugebauer /RockTimes -

"The beautiful 'Emerald isle' is one of the best songs on the album, along with a very nice cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm On Fire'. This is good stuff!"

- Kaj Roth / Melodic Net -

"Two established Canadian singer-songwriters, Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet, have joined forces for a very pleasant duet album. Finest is the pared-down and more traditional Americana ballads like 'Night Owls', and toughest are a couple of hard-rocking songs. Overall, not the slightest bit of innovation, but very convincing!"

- Patrik Forshage / Nöjesguiden -

"When Luke Doucet and Meliassa McClelland combine their musical forces it gets strong, brave, edgy and beautiful. Maybe this is the sound of indie folk? Or even friction americana? The melodies are excellent and the vocals are brilliant. And their version of 'I'm On Fire' is one of the best Springsteen-covers I've ever heard. This debut album outshines McClellands previous albums and is, at least at times, absolutely brilliant!"

- Bengt O Tedeborg / Rootsy -


Gary Hunn & The Wayward Angels "Dust & Gin" (True Faith)

"Overall, a really nice album of traditional country music made in a very warm and harmonious way....."

- Per Gyllingberg / The Bull's Place -

"Gary Hunn is a very skilled singer-songwriter that engage and impress, from the first bar to the last. This is an album in the American westcoast country and rock tradition, whether it is spelled Merle Haggard, Eagles or Dwight Yoakam. Titles such as 'Buy A Gun Or Go To Memphis' and 'Broken Lives Are Mended Here' reveals that this is the issue of a traditional album, honky-tonk with steel and fiddle. Music that still has much to say to people who have a heart, and music with a natural right to exist, alongside more modern beats."

- Jonas Öhman / Om Country -

"Gary Hunn & The Wayward Angels has conjured up a classic country album, stylish from the events, and the painful lyrics, down to Hunn's singing style and phrasing, that gives echoes of George Jones and his no less sentimental ex-wife Tammy Wynette. Especially gripping is 'She Falls Apart', where the wife has gone into drinking, after the loss of her son, and the husband - the song says - quietly cleans up when she's gone to the floor - 'There's a Tammy Wynette box set on the table, a drunk-dry bottle of gin laying on the floor, a TV with a hole shot through in the corner, and a busted talking machine hanging from the wall'. Strong stuff, indeed!"

- Espen Strunk / Gaffa -

"Evil, depression, alcohol and tough relationships are forming the basics of the songs on ‘Dust & Gin’, the latest album from Australian singer-songwriter Gary Hunn. The profetic and soothing lyrics have been taken from his own experience and observations and contain some excellent advices for an easier life.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Jenai Huff "Transitions" (Jenai Huff Music)

"You should enjoy this music as a good wine, and discover all the small, but subtle nuances that make the overall result so lovable....."

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

“Completely out of the blue, Californian singer Jenai Huff is popping up with an excellent debut album, ‘Transitions’. Eleven relaxed and laid back sung tracks that demonstrate her great vocal qualities, as well as her good nose for great songs that have been written or performed by fellow musicians in the past. Please note down that we will for sure hear more from this rising star in the American folkscene.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Her pure and soulful voice touches people and stirs their souls. Her style is a little bit folk, a little bit country, with a touch of bluegrass."

- Arnaud Leger / Westcoast Music -


Allan Thomas "Deep Water" (Black Bamboo)

"Anyone who miss that late 70's L.A. westcoast sound, just listen to 'Deep Water' and grab it at once....."

- Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutterzine -

"Almost three years in the making, but here it is, the fifth studio album by Allan Thomas and he still keeps his promise that he will release at least one album every 10 years of original material. As always, very well worth waiting for!"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"Brought to you in a laid back style, crossing borders between americana and jazz, 'Deep Water' gives us some really nice songs like the title track, 'The Longest Ride' (featuring Crosby & Nash) and 'Homegrown'."

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

“With an interesting mix of folk and jazz music, singer-songwriter Allan Thomas is offering a pleasant time to anyone listening to his 5th album ‘Deep Water’. Five records is not that much in a musical career which is lasting more than 40 years, but when the qualitative level is as high as on this record, we don’t mind to wait a bit longer to welcome his next release!”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -



Janni Littlepage "Strange Angels" (Little Pages Music)

"What a pleasant surprise, the excellent folk pop from this elegant piano player and singer-songwriter from California deserves your full attention...."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“Janni Littlepage convinces as singer and as songwriter through the songs on her latest album ‘Strange Angels’, which can also be seen as an ultimate tribute to last year deceased singer-songwriter Kenny Edwards, who played bass and was singing harmony vocals on each track of this well arranged and nicely balanced record.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"To form lyrics and music as a wonderful unit as this, makes this album a precious little jewel!"

- Wolgang Giese / RockTimes -

"'Strange Angels' is a finely balanced album from an artist well worth to discover. Highly recommended!"

- Ingo Andruschkewitsch / Musik An Sich -

"With a taste of spring and early summer, the music of Janni Littlepage comes sweeping over you like a warm breeze in May. Definitely needed in these dark and cold days in Sweden. The production of 'Strange Angels' feels like velvet to your skin, or why not whale song to your ears. Janni takes the listener on a journey through folk, americana, country, as well as piano driven pop, on her new album. She's got a beautiful voice and I really like this!"

- Kaj Roth / Melodic Net -



Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst "Kindness" (Silent City Records)

When we get such qualitative work after waiting for more than 3 years to hear the latest full CD, we don’t mind sitting in the waiting room for another few years. Meanwhile, we do now, of course, have this beautiful record ‘Kindness’. The broad variety in styles and rhythms, as well as the excellent songs, provide us sufficient moments of joy to play this album again and again, to help us through such long waiting period.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

"Steven Casper is a citizen of the world. He was born in New York, but grew up in Japan, Italy, Nigeria and Mexico, and finally Santa Monica, on the California coast. In 2006 he released an album titled 'Cowboy Angst' which he later called his accompanying band. The music is a blend of roots, blues, folk and country. The latest album from this band is called 'Kindness', and here the collaboration with producer Ira Ingber continues. We also find a number of guest musicians on this album: The Brotherhood Horns, Carl Byron on keyboards and accordion, pedal steel on John McClung and Matt Cartsonis on mandola and autoharp. Highly recommended!"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"With a backing band who look like they’ve not only been round several blocks, but slept on most of them, Casper’s a LA based singer and songwriter who grew up in Japan, Italy, Nigeria and Mexico, listening to his parents records of Hank Williams, Leadbelly, Bob Wills, and Woody Guthrie. He sings with that Southern twang, the band rock out with ringing guitars and keyboards that mixes a roots rock sound ('Solid Gone') with Texicali flavours ('Maria'), some r&b colours ('Down Home Girl') and bar room rock n roll ('Be My Baby Tonight'). There’s nothing to make them stand out of the crowd, but, headed up by the shuffling Southern country rocker 'Broken Hearts & Cadillacs' (which sounds exactly like you’d imagine), they’ll go down well with a cold Bud."

- Mike Davies / Roots & Branches -

"Artist Of The Week!"

- Benny Sørensen / Skagenexpressen -



Árstíðir "Svefns Og Vöku Skil" (ÁRCD)

"Extremely subtle and adult vocal folk from Iceland, somewhere between English Canterbury and classical music...."

- Johan Leifsson / Red Hot Rock Magazine -

"It's a cold and tough climate in the Nordic seas, especially if you live in Iceland, the island with no trees. You can truly touch the melancholy of Árstíðir's music. Their 2nd album, 'Svefns Og Vöku Skil', is a beautiful and relaxing affair of folk music and indie pop. Árstíðir ('Seasons' in English) is a vocal-based indie band from Reykjavík with a sound unique to the Icelandic music scene, with artists like Sigur Ros, Björk and Jonsi."

- Kaj Roth / Melodic Net -

"Beautifully floating music with various vocalists and dreamy sounds. Let in the dream of trolls, goblins, and haunted forests, with roots in that folk music, as reflected in the late 60's and early 70's, for example in Great Britain established - sometimes even some elements of Incredible String band. My rating; Particularly valuable, or more simply - Buy!"

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"'Svefns Og Vöku Skil' by Árstiðir is a very suitable album, imported from Iceland, to overcome this coming horrorwinter..."

- Ivan van Belleghem / Keys & Chords -

“I really can’t pronounce their name and I don’t understand a word of what they are singing about, but I do love the heavenly sound of the music that this sextet from Iceland is presenting on their 2nd album release. With the contemporary hype over Icelandic performers in Europe, Árstiðir might soon become a big act in our region, next to already well known country fellowmen like Björk and Sigur Rós.”

- Valére Samperman / Rootstime -

" Árstiðir attracts sympathy with, beyond an undeniable talent for writing, their ability to foster imagination and invent atmospheres, as simple as they are..."

- Hyperunknown / Music Waves -

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