Annika Fehling "Rust & Gold" (Rootsy)

"Annika Fehling moves as easily in the landscape around Mississippi, as for example in 'Making It Back', as when she sings 'Kristallen Den Fina' from Dalarna, Sweden....."

- Egon Jonsson / Eskilstunakuriren -

"Annika Fehling is a traditional singer-songwriter with a voice and an acoustic guitar that harmonize well, nothing innovative, but as she's blessed with a great voice, there's still something extra to all of this."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"On her new mini-album Annika Fehling shows that she is still an artist who doesn't stand still, but rather both lean firmly on her past, as well as gazing hungrily forward."

- Björn Bostrand / Popgeni -

"If Monica Zetterlund was 'a lingonberry in a cocktail glass' you just have to surrender, this reviewer may be an abstainer, but Annika Fehling is nevertheless a frozen sea stack in a glass of Jack Daniels."

- Anna Carlstedt / Rootsy -

"The intimate and acoustic new songs on this mini-album shows that we may still expect many fine things in the future from this talented singer."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

"With her latest album ‘Fireflies’ still in mind, there is no longer a need to introduce the Swedish singer-songwriter Annika Fehling. If you would like to know her better, prior to the hopefully soon coming brand new record, then we can warmly recommend you to listen to the new EP ‘Rust & Gold’, with some key tracks from previous albums and a few brand new and very beautiful songs.“

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



Sofia Ekberg "All The Small Details" (Trickleheart/Border)

"In the two fine tunes 'Så Nära' and 'Så Fint Att Vakna Sen' Sofia Ekberg takes a giant leap forward and show us all that she should definitely continue to write in Swedish....."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten

"Sofia Ekberg is a new acquaintance that I love to hear more of, preferably with more Swedish-language material."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Oh, how I enjoy this album! Right from the very first track! Mature, a distinctive own voice, personally addressed tracks that takes both me and her lyrics and music very seriously."

- Jimmy Ginsby / Lira Musikmagasin -

"Swedish girl Sofia Ekberg presents this 6 track CD with music somewhat similar to the calmer side of James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. Or why not fellow Swede Lisa Ekdahl? It's all acoustic and mellow, with a rather fragile voice that is both charming and moodful. All in all, a quite nice album."

- Ola Gränshagen / Melodic Net -

"Sit back, relax and look forward to the first full-length album, because after these six songs, and this delicate and expressive voice full of warmth and charm, we certainly want to hear more!"

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"Swedish singer-songwriter Sofia Ekberg has put six songs, 4 in English and 2 in Swedish language, on her debut, ‘All The Small Details’. It's an acoustic folk album from a troubadour with high potential as composer of meaningful songs. We would gladly like to hear more from her, better sooner than later!”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



Loveflowers "Bridge Or Barriers" (MiLe Music)

"This trio from Sweden is simply sensational, it's one of those albums that whether you like folk or not, you really can get into....."

- Gemma Hirst / Fatea Magazine -

“Compared to their debut album, the Swedish folk and alt country trio Loveflowers has increased the orchestration. The professional recording and the all English songs on their second album ‘Bridge Or Barrier’ demonstrates that they are now straight forward shooting towards a well deserved international recognition.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"The album has a very clean and crystal clear production, where it feels like every component is well thought out and properly placed, but for that reason never becomes boring."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

"The opening song 'Children Eyes' is a killer, real nice guitar work, it could best be described as some sort of bluesy singer-songwriter, and I like it!"

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"The first song on this album takes me with full and complete storm, it is one of the best songs I've heard in a very, very long time!"

- Maria Lagergren / Lira Musikmagasin -

"Leif and Yvonne's strong voices are really upfront in the audio mix, like a musical snake that winds in various directions around the trees roots, Loveflowers really feels like a band you should meet in a live setting."

- Björn Bostrand / Popgeni -


Jeff Golub w/Brian Auger "Train Keeps A Rolling" (E1/Membran/Naxos)

"I am happy to follow the trails of 'Train Keeps A Rolling', the Hammond B3's warm and tender notes, the brilliant guitar playing, and the strong performance of the horns on top of it all, clearly congenial....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"This is an album well worth investigating in if you like soul-pop-rock with good musicians."

- Ola Gränshagen / Melodic Net -

"Close your eyes and join Jeff Golub and Brian Auger as they deliver a classic soul-rock styled album that is both unique and contemporary."

- Kaj Roth / Palace Of Rock -



Tony McLoughlin "The Contender" (Wild Eye Records)

"I like this album right away, as Tony McLoughlin's voice sounds exactly like that scarred, yet still tender, soul you see on the cover of the album....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Along with a handful of excellent musical friends Tony McLoughlin digs with style in the roots soil and serves 14 tracks of mellow Americana flavor in Tom Petty's and Bruce Springsteen's footsteps, but Tony McLoughlin is no Petty or Springsteen ripoff, Tony McLoughlin is himself and, as such, a bargain for us who do not have a clue."

- Björn Bostrand / Popgeni -

"McLoughlin sings with lace, he sings with warmth and strength, and he has a lot of soul in his voice. Why have I never heard of this man until now, on his 5th album, I wonder. There are certainly reasons, but never mind, now I have discovered a man and a voice that straight away takes place among my very favorites."

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -

"'The Contender' surely is an album that will please a lot of people, it’s an nice and easy album that quickly gets under your skin and gently asks for another spin."

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

“On his 5th record ‘The Contender’, the Irish singer-songwriter Tony McLoughlin blends influences of bluegrass, folk, rock, country and blues in perfect harmony to a true Americana album with 13 self-penned, astonishing, melodic and melancholic songs. This record is also his 2nd collaboration with producer and equally excellent singer-songwriter Ben Reel.”

- Eric Shuurmans / Rootstime -



Jimmy Webb "Still Within The Sound Of My Voice"

"Jimmy Webb himself is out there right now with a great collaborative new album....."

- Kalle Oldby / Country -

"A comfortable, country influenced, highly cohesive album, despite a diverse range of different musicians, a great album that holds well together despite many different artists."

- Mattias Gustvasson / Ikon Magazine -

"It's an amazing collection of songs we are served on one, single platter, and all participants efforts are to the very utmost for its composer."

- Per Wiker / Nya Wermlands Tidning -



The Men "This Way" (The Men Musical Industries)

"The thirteen tracks on the Men's new album are of the highest class and the interaction within the group is stunningly good....."

- Gert Fridlund / Hallandsposten -

"Overall, the sound is more rocking and have more of a garage feeling than what I remember from 'Return' (2006), but I do not mind, actually, and the seedy sound clearly has its merits."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon -

"Rock'n'roll music from Skåne, and not least Lund, has always been a genuine quality assurance throughout the decades and The Men have a musical past that further reinforces that truth."

- Björn Bostrand / Popgeni -

"Pop music á la the English 60's can not get much better than this. It's fun, it's spot on and it's the best thing right now!"

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -

"A grittier and more chaotic pop sound from the 60's."

- Patrick van de Wiele / Keys & Chords -

"Inspired by an adventurous trip to Melbourne, Australia, in 2011, the Swedish pop and rock quartet The Men have recorded 13 tracks in the spirit of the golden 60's for their 4th release ‘This Way’. Short pop songs with catchy melodies and funny lyrics should open the doors for this band to stages outside of their home country.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


The Deep Dark Woods "Jubilee" (Six Shooter/Sugar Hill Records)

"Canadian band The Deep Dark Woods continues to deliver fine albums, in 'Jubilee' the group continues to develop their original sound and also explore new avenues, and the album grows with every listening....."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"This new release is more like electric folk with a psychedelic touch and the result is highly pleasant."

- Mattias Gustavsson / Ikon -

"With 'Jubilee', The Deep Dark Woods has taken a major leap forward in the highest music division."

- Per Wiker / Nya Wermlands Tidning -

"Like a great album from The Band!"

- Björn Bostrand / Popgeni -

"A first immediate feeling is that The Deep Dark Woods is glancing through the door to a larger and more extensive world outside their home in Saskatoon, Canada."

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"The Deep Dark Woods continues to convince as one of the most exciting and evocative bands right now!"

- Tom Arvidsson / Thirsty Boots -

"It's easy to grasp the nature of metaphors in The Deep Dark Woods musical presence, for obvious reasons, and a finer soundtrack to autumn colors surrounding us right now is hard to find."

- Tom Skjeklesaether / VG Plus -

"An expanded musical palette is significant here, with the impression of a band that has managed to add an unmistakable personal touch to an already present idiom, which is more than I can say for most other bands."

- Espen Strunk / Gaffa -


Ronald Isley "This Song Is For You" (E1/Membran/Naxos)

"Ronald Isley is still alive, 72 years old, and he continues to make timeless albums that does not fit into the contemporary soul sound, but where his voice continues to glow like those ashen bits at the back of the fireplace."

- Jan Gradvall / Dagens Industri -

"Songwise this is good stuff, and another highly impressive thing is the voice of Ronald, which is still really sensitive and strong."

- Ola Gränshagen / Melodic Net -

"Autumn activity; Organize a music duel between Ronald Isley, the voice of the Isley Brothers, and Marvin Gaye. Or Otis Redding. Or Ray Charles. Or James Brown. Whether you compete in raw voting power, subtle ballad phrasing, or the value of the catalog of songs, Ronald Isley match them all."

- Jan Gradvall / Gradvall -




Rick Shea "Sweet Bernardine" (Tres Pescadores)

Rick Shea's new disc is packed with interesting lyrics and subtle melodies, and his warm, sensitive vocal takes listeners on a gorgeous ride...."

- Paul Riley / Country Music People -

"Reflective, not exuberant, but very, very nice....."

- Norbert Tebarts / Written In Music -

“Having proven his abilities as singer, songwriter and producer many times before, renowned guitarist Rick Shea excels once again on his latest release ‘Sweet Bernardine’, with 8 self penned pearls and 2 carefully selected covers of classic songs from Hank Williams and Roy Acuff.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"An album of stories from San Bernardino, the place where Rick Shea grew up, is actually more fun than you might first think. To a very large extent, it's due to the lovely voice he possesses, and when he sings in that haunted voice in 'Mariachi Hotel', or gets into a wild west song with Mexican undertones in 'Shake It Little Sugaree', I certainly would love to hear more!"

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine


Brian Wright "Rattle Their Chains" (Sugar Hill Records)

This is a finely crafted step forward from Brian Wright's previous album, showing off both his ever sharpening songwriting and growing reach as a performer....."

- Hyperbolium / No Depression -

"Brian Wright's voice really is something extraordinary, listen to 'Rosalee', where attendance is absolutely phenomenal. Wright has just moved to Nashville and I'm guessing that he will soon belong to the first division in the genre. I'm already looking forward to his next album."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"Brian Wright is one of those great singer-songwriters from Texas, who knows how to carefully assemble a precise lyric, knows how to handle a tune with both country and pop itself, and with arrangements that are both carrying and lifting. Just exactly what he has shown here."

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -


Robbin Thompson "A Real Fine Day" (Out There Music)

"This album contains two of Robbin Thompson's best songs ever, 'A Real Fine Day' and 'Heaven's Gonna Call You Up', two great songs that should arouse the jealousy of his friend Springsteen, and yes, really all singer-songwriters....."

- Daniel Gustavsson / Lira Musikmagasin -

"'The Word' is one of the better tracks on the album and 'I'm Gonna Take You Home' is one of the rockier tracks, where Robbin's voice fits just like hand in glove....."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

"The music on this album is guitar-based rock, influenced by calmer SoCal westcoast music, but Robbin also uses some unusual Asian instruments, which makes the album highly pleasant."

- Mattias Gutavsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Robbin Thompson sings like a hero, with lots of soul and emotion, it's a joy to hear him sing on songs like 'All Along The River James' that bring thoughts to Procol Harum, and the bluesy 'Heaven's Gonna Call You Up'. I just love his California pop version of Lennon and McCartney's 'The Word', not to mention the Eagles-esque 'Ain't Love Crazy Like That' which would make Don Henley real proud to have his name in the songwriting credits. A real warm album that will make any day, a real fine day!"

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -



The Saints "King Of The Sun" (Highway 125)

The Saints brand new album 'King Of The Sun' is built around 11 tracks where Chris Bailey continues to show strong musical form."

- Björn Bostrand / Popgeni -

"Recorded in Sydney with a full band, including cello, trombone and trumpet, this is the wine drinking, worldly-wise, observant celtic bard's return to form. Irony, humor and crazy reflections are in place, production is perfect and his voice is better than a vintage wine."

- Urban Henriksson / Rootsy -

"One of punk's pioneers are still at it with what he does best, namely making great music!"

- Frank Skoveng / Groove -

"Chris Bailey sounds reborn and presents on 'King Of The Sun' songs in which sparkling guitars has a prominent place."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"This is a particularly pleasant reunion with Chris Bailey's reincarnation of The Saints!"

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“Chris Bailey was and still is the one and only central figure of the Australian folkrockband ‘The Saints’. His songs, his singing and his music have determined the 4 decade long history of this legendary band. The best part of that work has been collected in the bonus record ‘Songs From The Stash’ that you get free of charge when buying their 14th album ‘King Of The Sun’. And that acquisition is strongly recommended!”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



Ian McFeron "Time Will Take You" (Ian McFeron)

"By diligently listening to Ian McFeron's 7th album, it is a mystery that he is not signed to a major label, although he is mentioned in the same breath as both Bob Dylan and John Lennon....."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"'Time Will Take You' was recorded real quick in Nashville, and it is surely a gem of an album!"

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"With a jingle of tambourine we get a likely candidate for album of the year, simple as that! There is absolutely nothing, and I do mean nothing, not to like. With a band comprised of Ryan Adams' Cardinals, alongside players from Patti Griffin and John Hiatt, you’d expect nothing less. It’s the good bits of Dylan, for sure, and Mellancamp, and even bits of Lennon. There is an undercurrent of Petty in places, mostly it is just the best thing I’ve heard in a while. It really is a wonderful record!"

- Rudie Humphrey / Americana UK -

"This set of songs mainly feature driving arrangements that really hit home lyrically and musically. Highly recommended!"

- Alan Cackett / Maverick Magazine -

"Not an immediate album, but the more you listen, the cosier it becomes!"

- Mike Davies / Roots & Branches -

“Seattle-based singer-songwriter Ian McFeron possesses this fresh sound that makes you feel happy. His joyful singing is making your heart jump and all the songs on his record ‘Time Will Take You” have such a catchy melody that you will not be able to forget after its first hearing. Time has taken us by now, but so has Ian McFeron!”

- Dani Heyvaert / Rootstime -



Susan James "Driving Toward The Sun" (Susan James Music)

It's a very nice variation on this CD, with everything from soft tunes to uptempo stuff, highly recommended for all fans of lightweight rock, with one foot in country music....."

- Ola Gränshagen / Melodic Net -

"'Driving Toward The Sun' is a breakup album, but oh my, how beautifully Susan James has captured every nuance of this ugly little trauma. Kudos to you, Ms James, this is a gorgeous little album."

- Rose Petralia / Ink 19 -

"Even before the steel guitar warbled its way into the mix, the country roots were loud and clear. Susan James does have a fine voice and there are a few songs that seem to have something working well with melodies and storytelling."

- David Hintz / FolkWorld -

"The album 'Driving Towards The Sun' consists of 8 new songs from Susan James and is launched as successor to her re-entry in the showbusiness 2 years ago with the marvellous album 'Highways, Ghosts, Hearts & Home'. For this new release, she is supported by Lone Justice-drummer Don Heffington and guitarist Neal Casal from Ryan Adams' band The Cardinals. Susan offers a few lovely ballads, next to sunny and positive uptempo songs."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Fine album with wonderful images and strong atmosphere. Highly recommended!"

- Branimir Blokner / Stereo Sun -



The Golden Demon - New Songs About Chaos & Transition (Hemifrån)

"This is a very ambitious project, a total of 25 tracks on two CDs, and here you will find a lot to cherish....."

- Håkan Persson / Borås Tidning -

"If you are interested in a bag of mixed music from some singer-songwriters and artists in country, folk and americana field, you can find some real goodies in this mix."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

"Country, folk, americana, singer-songwriter is the musical motto here and you sure are getting a lot of great value for your hard earned money."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Despite that this album pulls together tracks from over 25 artists, it feels cohesive and well thought, and of a striking high quality."

- Tom Arvidsson / Thirsty Boots -

"This is a wonderfully diverse yet coherent collection of songs about uncertainty, chaos, change and transition. As my grandfather would have said, 'twenty-five tracks and not a dud among them'.

- Peter Cowley / Fatea Magazine -

"Regardless of the issued subject of 'chaos and transition' here we can find many positive musical new discoveries and some cherished old friends."

- Michael Masuch / Hooked On Music -

"Due to the number of musicians here, there is a wide range of styles, first from the strong singer-songwriter genre, influenced alone by the numerous acts that are funded from this direction by Peter Holmstedt. There are also excursions into pop, rock, folk, country, and also traces of blues and jazz that shimmer occasionally."

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"The Swedish promotor Hemifran once in a while brings us occasional compilations from the artists they are representing that are developing a particular theme. 'The Golden Demon - New Songs About Chaos & Transition' is a fine, jampacked double album."

- John Gjaltema / Alt Country NL -

"Although Peter Holmstedt lives in Sweden, he knows better than anyone how the American music culture works and sounds, and he musically brings continents closer together and that deserves a big compliment. The latest compilation album is another example of his tireless efforts and skill, bringing the attention of the music that would otherwise not reach us."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"With no less than twenty-five tracks on "The Golden Demon - New Songs About Chaos & Transition", here is one track often better than the other!"

- Benny Metten / Ctr Alt Country -

"In these 25 tracks fine musicians from the US and Scandinavia, associated with the Swedisch promotor Hemifran, deliver songs around the topic of chaos and transition, again an excellent and inspired project from Peter Holmstedt."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“With a compilation of 25 thematic songs from inspired and excellent musicians, ‘The Golden Demon’ is once again an outstanding document which was based on the initiative from Swedish marketing and promotion company Hemifrån and their motivated leader Peter Holmstedt. Message to all music lovers: enjoy listening to all these highest quality songs!”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Chaos and transition, a very broad goal, leaves freedom of choice to the artists involved; twenty-five songs, for the most part previously unreleased, which bring together American singer-songwriters of the highest order (Greg Copeland, Kenny White, Allan Thomas, Sid Griffin of the Long Ryders) with some fine European artists (Sweden's Mikael Persson, Poland's Mietek), all related to the activity of Hemifran, with a predilection for the sounds of the American West Coast."

- Davide Albini / Roots Highway -

"Artists from the US, the UK and Sweden are featured side by side on a double CD set that skillfully combines rock, folk and pop music."

- Robert Silverstein / MWE3 -

"Many thanks for sending 'Golden Demon: New Songs About Change & Transition'! Was able to spin through it all when it arrived yesterday. What a great, diverse range of music by such talented players. Great to hear Greg Copeland and Doug Ingoldsby sounding so strong. And Jeff Larson is a joy to hear, as always. Persson, wow, what a songwriter and singer he is. Allan Thomas, too, among many. Amazing. Thanks again!"

- Dave Zimmer / US writer -



Annika Fehling "Fireflies" (Rootsy)

"She's the possessor of a passionate, yet tender voice, which evokes a strong response in the listener, and that her songs bear the stamp of authority and lived-in experience, also that her chosen musical settings are attractively bright, clear-textured and appealing, although never feeling stripped-down in any way....."

- David Kidman / Fatea Magazine -

"Annika Fehling, now that's a name to remember, here with a great, brand new album!"

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"She has charm and wit combined with musical chops - Annika rules!"

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -



I See Hawks In L.A. "Mystery Drug" (Blue Rose Records)

"I See Hawks In LA is no throwback to the glory days of Laurel Canyon, but a classic band, using all their considerable abilities, to build themselves a place in the musical canon of the future....."

- Simon Beards / Maverick Magazine -

"We all talk so easily about that 'Cosmic American Music', that sound that Gram Parsons promised us was just within our grasp. All of us, I guess, hear it differently, which makes it seem forever beyond our reach, the holy grail, the transcendent moment, that one perfect beer we've tasted but never recaptured. It tantalises on the edge of consciousness. I See Hawks In LA crystallise that music out of the air, a golden intriguing beautiful precipitate of music that has to exist."

- Jonathan Aird / Americana UK -

"With a fuller sound than their last offering, 'New Kind Of Lonely', the songs here almost define that 'peaceful easy feeling' one expected when listening to the latest release on Asylum records back in the seventies. Overall the main vibe is of a band who inhabit a time and space that may have passed into the mists of time, but fortunately for those who were not there, a trip into 'Mystery Drug' can capture some of the essence of that time."

- Paul Kerr / Blabber 'N' Smoke -

"'Mystery Drug' is, arguably, even better than 'A New Kind of Lonely, and I cannot praise it higher than that!"

- John Hawes / Fatea Magazine -

"This is a typically eclectic range of material, and it’s all delivered with great panache; the pedal steel sounds like one of those hawks out in the wild blue yonder and there are some lovely bits of acoustic guitar lurking in that big sound that they make. This album is warm, it’s fun, it’s serious and it’s great music – can’t ask for anything more."

- John Davy / Flyin' Shoes -

"This album sports an immediacy of execution and boasts a thrust that makes its forthright honky-tonk an ideal drive-time companion."

- David Kidman / Net Rhythms -

"This is definitely a band worth investigating!"

- Nick Browne / Whisperin' & Hollerin' -



"Marsteller & Rhodes Present The Beautiful Old"
(Doubloon Records)

"From 'Home Sweet Home' to 'Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life', these songs are classics for a reason, but if you've forgotten any, this excellent collection will make you a fan, superb....."

- James Mann / Ink 19 -

"This is the hidden diamond that may be the best recording to cross my desk all year!"

- Alan Cackett / Maverick Magazine -

"'The Beautiful Old’ brings back the memory to the, not always for everyone so, good old days at the turn of the century. A little well known classic and totally forgotten tunes are performed with remarkable devotion by musicians with a thrilling affection for these old tunes and vintage sounds."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“It is pretty much incredible what has been achieved on this splendid compilation of songs that originate from up to two centuries old sheet music. Beautiful and old, but a real ‘must have’ for all fans of great music and magnificent songs that are interpreted here by legendary musicians in the contemporary world of folk, country en jazz.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Jude Johnstone "Shatter" (BoJak Records)

"Jude Johnstone has her own voice, her own tone and she has always something to say, she was discovered by none other than Clarence 'Big Man' Clemmons, and he would have been so proud of 'Shatter'....."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"If you can put solitude into words and tones, 'Your Side Of The Bed' a shining example of this, with just vocals and piano by Jude Johnstone and cello by Bob Liepman, this will be a future classic, for sure....."

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"I have tried and failed to pick favourite tracks; they are all so different and unique that it would be unfair. Instead, I am simply going to say that anyone who loves well written, intuitive music and lyrics, needs to have this CD in their collection, whether they are already familiar with Jude Johnstone or not."

- Helen Mitchell / Fatea Magazine -

"If you're into Randy Newman, Rickie Lee Jones and Tom Waits, Jude Johnstone's 'Shatter' is a highly recommended album!"

- Marcel Huffer / Musik An Sich -

"Honesty and introspection are the keywords on 'Shatter'. The 6th album by Jude Johnstone is undoubtly one of her best!"

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“’Craftmanship’ is once again the only correct definition for Jude Johnstone as songwriter, but also as performer on her latest album ‘Shatter’ where the variety of styles is higher than ever before. Also from this album’s marvellous tracklist, there are several candidates to be covered soon by renowned artists in the world of country and folk music.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"'Shatter' is Jude Johnstone’s most diverse collection so far, spanning several musical genres, delving honestly, and even eerily at times into a world of experiences that have led her characters down a darkened path only to emerge from it, ultimately."

- Arnaud Leger / Westcoast Rendezvous -


Mona & Maria "My Sun" (Jansen/Naxos)

"This is a captivating debut marked by a beautiful mystery and two absolutely gorgeous voices....."

- Gert Fridlund / Hallandsposten -

"I believe very much in this duo, the potential for greatness is there, and it will be exciting to see what they can accomplish in the future."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"'My Sun' is Mona & Maria's debut album and it feels a bit like a CV, you sense the great work of the future, and it will be very interesting to follow their continuing road."

- Per Wiker / Nya Wermlands Tidning -


Rosemary's Garden "Royal Flush" (Mellow Boy Records)

"Michael-Louis De Terre is a really good singer, there's much here to appeal to many, and besides the little rockier numbers, there is also the wonderful serene track 'Stop This Beating Of My Heart Torn In Two' to cherish....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Royal Flush is a first class rock album that really marks the quality of leader/producer Michael-Louis De Terre. A five star inclusion without a doubt!"

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

"If you can deal with the heavy lyrics, then Royal Flush by Rosemary's Garden will certainly appeal to you."

- Ivan Van Belleghem / Keys & Chords -

"L.A. band Rosemary's Garden, and their front man Michael-Louis De Terre, demonstrate their diversity and variety in the music of these ten tracks."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Royal Flush's much talented compositions builds up a very unified, complete album."

- Czékus Mihaly / HiFi City -


Mara Levine "Jewels & Harmony" (Mara's Creations)

Here you'll discover a pure voice that recalls the young Judy Collins or Sylvia Tyson and, while not a writer herself, some lovely acoustic arrangements of songs by both well known and unfamiliar artists....."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"This album proves to be one of those almost-too-good-to-be-true records, where everything is so in-its-place: vocals are expressive perfection, arrangements telling and apt, interpretations classy, choice of material neatly mixing slightly familiar with unknown, but very worthy."

- David Kidman / Fatea Magazine -

"A touching story and a moving album that I will return to, a lot....."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"Life-provoking, positive with a vengeance, and a voice that, in a positive way, cuts right through your soul."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"A woman with a beautiful voice!"

- Johan van Zundert / The Country Startpage -

"The 2nd album from Mara Levine show us a very fine collection of both traditional and more recent folkwork."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“Mara Levine’s crystal clear voice reminds me of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez in the fifteen tracks that she selected for her new album ‘Jewels And Harmony’. It is a marvellous collection of well arranged and beautifully sung folk traditionals, covers of well known and unknown style classics and harmonious duets.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"'Jewels & Harmony' is undoubtely fine travelling through folk history, but also a clear signal that Mara herself and her team, has created a standard of our time."

- Branimir Lokner / Time Machine Music -


Andrew Strong Live : The Commitments Years And Beyond
(Dixie Frog/Puzzle Head)

"Live albums are supposed to make you wish you'ld been there, and this sounds like it was one of those nights and more, Andrew Strong gets it and not only nails it, but drives that message home in spades....."

- Neil King / Fatea -

"This will doubtless sell better in continental Europe (and Ireland!) than it will here in the UK, but it’s really good to hear he’s still around!"

- Mike Davies / Roots & Branches -

"For fifteen tracks long you’ll get yourself a great party that isn’t spoiled for one single moment."

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

“On this live album, Dublin-based musician Andrew Strong relives his adventure while recording the soundtrack for the movie ‘The Commitments’ in 1991. In 15 tracks he guides you through the legendary music which still forms the basis for all you can hear today. The journey through this musical heritage is a must have for all fans of great soul and rock music."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


iamthemorning "~" (Broken Silence)

"A stylish blend of artrock, chamber music, ethno and industrial, a magnificent CD to enjoy forever....."

- Matthias Bergert / Eclipsed -

"'iamthemorning' is a neo-classical vocal indie band from Russia that combines great vocal melodies of progressive rock with a distinctly classical musical approach."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

“The angelic voice of Maryana Moleskine and the terrific piano played by Gleb Kolyadin are forming the basics of the sound created by the Russian ensemble ‘iamthemorning', and their mix of classical music and progressive folk is working perfectly and is both intriguing and innovative.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Annie Keating "For Keeps" (Grapevine Music)

"Annie released her first album as a 34-year-old, has several times been likened to a female John Prine, belongs in the same league as Lucinda Williams, just so that you know".....

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"Keating's sharp words are a joy to hear. The closing cover of Neil Young's 'Cowgirl in the Sand' is beautifully rendered and is a testament to her talent. Her album is a keeper."

- Anna Maria Stjärnell / Luna Kafé -

"10 original songs and a brilliant cover of Neil Young's 'Cowgirl In The Sand', still one gets the feeling that Keating has something even bigger going, just wait and see."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"This is Annie Keating's fifth album and she has only gotten better and better since her breakthrough in 2008."

- Rune Häger / Rootsy -

"Here she proves in sympathetic and unpretentious way her great talent for strong, honest emotions that she expresses in peaceful songs, clear and full of harmonious melodies."

- Max W Achatz / Country Jukebox -

"Somehow I admire musicians who are mentioned in the same breath as Gillian Welch, Aimee Mann or Lucinda Williams, but still do their own completely unique thing, as does Annie Keating, now on her fifth album."

- Michael Masuch / Hooked On Music -

"Although the year 2013 is still relatively young, Annie Keating already competes with 'For Keeps' as 'album of the year'."

- Alexander Mathias / RockTimes -

"Annie Keating is a mix of Lucinda Williams' and Gillian Welch's songwriting, here she delivers a more than excellent album, which at some points score notes so high you're stunned."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"'For Keeps', the 5th album from Annie Keating deserves your full attention."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“’For Keeps’ is the best record ever from Annie Keating. It has the most beautiful songs, the most handsome musical arrangements and a terrific singer that is slowly but firmly growing towards the top of her abilities. She should finally be able to get her since very long time deserved international recognition. Listen to the catchy classic songs ‘All Gone’ or “Take Only What You Can Carry’ on this marvellous album for final conviction.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



Jeff Pevar "From The Core" (Pet Peev Music)

"The album starts with two instrumental songs, followed by 'River Of Dreams' by Jon Anderson from Yes on vocals, and I, who generally think his voice is amazing and has a very good relationship to Yes, is in pure heaven....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"The soundscapes that Jeff Pevar originally created for a documentary of 'The Caves Of Oregon' are partly recorded on location and led to a marvelous and inspired debut of this remarkable guitar player and talented composer."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“Probably most instruments containing strings have been used by Jeff Pevar to record twelve selections of instrumental compositions for his debut album ‘From The Core’. This music forms an ideal soundtrack for a movie or a documentary and that is also where it was finally used for as soundscapes on pictures about the amazingly wonderful ‘Oregon Caves National Monument’.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

“'From The Core'” is a collection of 12 acoustic-based songs, all of which display the virtuosity that has kept Jeff Pevar busy through the decades."

- Arnaud Leger / Westcoast Rendezvous -

"Jeff Pevar offers a really sophisticated portion of acoustic music, with expanded arrangments and some nice performing tricks. All tracks are greatly enjoyable and recommended not only for so call acoustic purists."

- Branimir Lokner / Time Machine Music -



The Plastic Pals "Turn The Tide" (Polythene Records)

"For the most parts on this very album, I am sitting more than happy in my most comfortable chair, time standing still, feeling as pleased as I possibly can be....."

- Mikael Mjörnberg / Joyzine -

"This really is a good record, and if you like your guitar chunky, chugging and flowing, plus a good brood, and who doesn’t, this is for you!"

- Rudie Humphrey / Americana UK -

"The different mix of influences gives The Plastic Pals their own distinctive style and their own distinctive sound."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"'Would Not Change A Thing' is as strong as anything Green On Red or The Long Ryders ever did."

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

"Supported by Green On Red-founder Chris Cavacas as producer and on piano, Swedish pop and rock band The Plastic Pals releases their 2nd full length CD 'Turn The Tide'. Compared to their 1st album 'Good Karma Café' this one is generaly more soft, eased down, poppy and in more of an Americana style. All this enables the album an easier listening and will certainly provide these guys more airplay."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"These new songs posesses great melodicity and some dark atmospheric details."

- Branimir Blokner / Stereo Sun


Elliott Murphy "It Takes A Worried Man" (Blue Rose/Last Call)

"Overall, this is an album that probably as a whole is Elliott Murphy's best in maybe 15 years, not bad for a singer and songwriter who has stayed at the top of his game well over 40 years....."

- Christer B Jarlås / Popgeni -

"On his new album, Elliott Murphy is real close to a bonafide hit. Several factors contribute; strong songs, extra focus, brilliant production and when the sidekick and guitarist Olivier Durand also surpasses himself, the entire disc has an extra glow about it."

- Per Wiker / NWT -

"This new album is a fine late work without sounding old. Fresh and new as ever, the music of Elliott Murphy that comes from these speakers is just great!

- Ingo Andruschkewitsch / Musik An Sich -

"A concept album with stories and characters galore, 'It Takes A Worried Man' is perhaps Elliott Murphy’s most finely produced album since his classic 'Just A Story From America'."

- Johan Severijns / Cult Heroes -

"How can anyone not respect this guy for keeping the faith, and his songwriting chops, for forty years without a lot to show for it?"

- Hal Horowitz / American Songwriter -



Mikael Persson "Marks & Bleeds" (Paraply Records)

"Some of the album's stronger tracks are 'Roughhouse Boys' and 'Man With Hound By His Cottage', two songs with a bit of a rough style that should fit contemporary radio like hand in glove, as we will probably hear a lot more from Mikael Persson....."

- Torbjörn Berlin / Önsköldsviks Allehanda -

"'Marks & Bleeds' may very well be Mikael Persson's breakthrough to a wider audience".

- Gert Fridlund / Hallandsposten -

"This is a solid album, I dig the warm sound, and truly love his beautiful cover of Yazoo's 'Only You'."

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -

"It has long been no secret that the Swedes make good music, and that the attention for countless exciting bands and artists from this country is growing rapidly. One who understands the creation of smooth harmonies and catchy song phrases is definitely Mikael Persson."

- Max W Achatz / Country Jukebox -

"Every single song is carefully thought through, bubbling with subtle hooks and is characterized by a great diversity within the arrangements."

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"The final result is a gem of an album!"

- Holly Moors / Moors Magazine -

"A beautiful album with successful arrangements, coupled with excellent backing musicians, makes 'Marks & Bleeds' a great Americana album from Sweden."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

“I’m impressed, mr Persson! Deeply impressed!”

- Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country -

“The latest album ‘Marks & Bleeds’ is once again the ultimate proof that Mikael Persson is able to produce strong and professional Americana music which in no way discloses his Scandinavian origin."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Chris Dair "Crossroads To Freedom" (Chris Dair Music)

"Chris Dair is an amazing singer-songwriter, 'Crossroads To Freedom' is an uncommon release of a great artist and an excellent album that is characterized by versatility and high quality....."

- Philip Verhaege / Keys & Chords -

"The man is not afraid to experiment in some very interesting ways and the way he plays his guitar is very refreshing.".

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"Chris Dair's a brilliant guitar player and a fully convinced songwriter. Highly recommended!"

- Joachim 'Joe' Brookes / RockTimes -

"Artist Of The Week!"

- Benny Sörensen / Musik Fra Kyst Til Kyst -

"Chris Dair is this month's exclamation mark!"

- Gert Fridlund / Hallandsposten -

"'Crossroads to Freedom' is an album which displays how different the blues can sound, and it gives the disc so many layers that really impresses me."

- Tom Arvidsson / Thirsty Boots -


Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst "Trouble" (Silent City Records)

"Both 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' and 'Hey Marie' are great songs, and a little extra bonus is awarded for the brilliant vocal performances....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Artist Of The Week!"

- Benny Sörensen / Musik Fra Kyst Til Kyst -

"Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst has once again offered up a very convincing piece of work."

- Markus Kerren / RockTimes -

"The music of Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst has once been described as country music from the backyards of the Allman Brothers Band."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

“Like has happened to us before, listening to the five songs on the mini album ‘Trouble’ by Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst makes you long hard for more new work from this American rootsband. Their music style is reminiscent to Rodney Crowell in the country ballads and makes you think about Flaco Jimenez or ‘Texas Tornados’ in the uptempo accordion driven tracks.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -



Ted Russell Kamp "Night Owl" (PoMo Records)

"Want some brave new americana? Then this album is definitely something I think you should check out....."

- Georg Ryttman / Countrywood -

" This sequel to the fine album 'Get Back To The Country' (from 2011) is as good, if not better!"

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"On his new album Kamp continues to blend southern rock with country and soul, and he creates beautiful Procul Harum-vibes with the warm organ parts in 'Smile Alone'. As usual, he plays several instruments himself and sings with personal and steady voice. The sound is soft, organic and melodic and echoes back to the 70's."

- Robert Lagerström / Gaffa -

"There are many different types of songwriters, in regard to how they write songs. There are those who write about one thing, but really mean something else. There are those who weave in what they want to say in symbol heavy images. Other builds layer upon layer. And then there are those songwriters like Ted Russell Kamp, who simply pick the songs from the sky and/or from his sleeve. The songs are all that they want to say, neat, beautiful and without frills. No secrets or codes, more than the magic of a beautiful language can create. In this way you can emulate Kamp with names such as John Mellencamp and Jackson Browne. Good songs in focus, some additives. Or why not Kris Kristofferson - they all have some sort of basic melodic common sense."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"Ted likes to blend varied genres like americana, country and folk-rock and the result is quite comfy and enjoyable. His passionate vocal performance lifts the music and there are moments when he reminds me of Van Morrison. This is a very good album where my favorites are 'Smile Alone', 'Santa Ana Winds' and 'When The Radio Goes Dead'."

- Kaj Roth / Roth 'N' Roll -

"The combination of honest storytelling and musical craftmanship results once again in a very fine album. 'Night Owl' recalls the fine spirit of the gloray days of westcoast music from Laurel Canyon."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

"What a terrific songwriter this 'Mr. Sympatico' from the americana music scene is. Album after album, Ted Russell Kamp keeps surprising us with his great lyrics and splendid songs. His most recent record 'Night Owl' is certainly not making an exception to this conclusion. Singer-songwriter craftmanship can become the absolute definition of his constant superb qualitative work. Some influences from soul, alt country and americana can be traced in his uptempo songs and his true emotional involvement is dripping from the touching ballads of which 'Where Out West' is the most obvious exposure."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Tokyo Rosenthal "Tokyo's Fifth" (Rock & Sock Records)

"Tokyo Rosenthal's 5th album doesn't look like much, cover concerned, though lord-my-god, what a surprise you're in for, as 'Tokyo's Fifth' is simply a brilliant album....."

- Per Wiker / Obladoo -

"Tokyo Rosenthal’s been building a following on these shores in the last few years and he’ll be back in the late spring to present these new songs. He’s a fine, individual writer and well worth checking out if you haven’t already caught up with his work."

- John Davy / Flyin' Shoes -

"Contemporary song structures are topped by a strong noteworthy creativity, as Rosenthal has always been a poet who situates his stories in the here and now....."

- Max W Achats / Country Jukebox -

"'Tokyo's Fifth' is an exquisite Americana album. Skip a song - the cover of 'Helter Skelter' - and you have an excellent record for the cold winter evening, well worth spending."

- Patrick Struijker Boudier / Blues Magazine -

“Tokyo Rosenthal has delivered his 5th album, his best up until today. Once again, emotional and feel good songs are exchanged throughout the ten songs. Several of his own heartfelt, storytelling songs, strong ballads and well orchestrated uptempo tracks make us now already look out intensively for his hopefully soon coming ‘6th’ album.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This disc is well worth taking a little time listening to the lyrics of. Because of them, an interesting picture emerges in front of you about today's society in America."

- Czékus Mihaly / HiFi City -


Billy Marlowe "Show Me The Steps" (NewTex Records)

"Listening to these never-before-released songs 16 years after Billy Marlowe's death is like a getting a gift from the angels...."

- Bill Werngren / Radio 88 FM -

"Were Billy Marlowe still on this earth it’s a fair bet that there would be a demand to see and hear him play these songs and catch up on the acclaim that’s been missing for so long."

- Paul Kerr / Blabber 'N' Smoke -

"'Show Me The Steps' is an album you don't would wanna live without....."

- Rein van den Berg / Johnny's Garden -

"Billy Marlowe had a pleasant, clean sanitized Bob Dylan-voice, and sometimes even compirasons to the voice of Tom Petty could be made, and in 2013 Billy is welcomed with open arms into the americana singer-songwriter scene."

- François Braeken / Beale Street -

"The first name that comes to mind when hearing Billy Marlowe is that of Willis Allan Ramsey, whose musicality and sensitivity is very close to that of Billy Marlowe's, with great attention to melody and echoes of country, folk and even soul sometimes."

- Remo Ricaldone / Lonestar Time -


Zachary Richard "Le Fou" (Zach Rich)

"A beautiful album, exciting, moving, and I could stop here, but I won't....."

- Fabrizio Poggi / Folk Bulletin -

"Another centerpiece from the champion of Cajun culture in North America....."

- Aldo Pedron / J.A.M. Magazine -

"Already in the initial track 'Laisse Le Vent Souffler', when the cherished singer-songwriter musicianship with streaks of Americana, sweeps out from the speakers, the sound is very comfortable on Zachary Richard's latest album....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"This environmental activist and poet appear to be more passionate for each album. Diversity has been strengthened, while the voice has become more personal. 'Le Fou' contains 13 original songs spanning a large area. This time Richard sings almost exclusively in French, which marks his specific residence of Louisiana. The feeling is strong, and there's also some very sensitive musicians aboard."

- Gert Fridlund / Hallandsposten -


JJ Schultz "Carolina" (jjschultz.com)

"'Carolina' is a little shorter collection of tracks, eight of just over half an hour, but half an hour which is not like any other, JJ Schultz is a new experience for me, but 'Carolina' surely is a girl well worth looking for....."

- Staffan Solding / Rootsy -

"The themes of this great album are universal and demonstrate a strong commitment from both Schultz and his fellow musicians."

- Koos Gijsman / Alt Country Forum -

"'Carolina' is an album that is neatly divided, both Schultz and the other band members are in sublime use of their limited time to shine, short but sweet!"

- François Braeken / Beale Street -

"JJ Schultz now lives in San Fransisco, but the intimistic, personal stories on his 4th album 'Carolina' go back to his time in Wisconsin. Sparse, but impressive, the instrumentation creates the desolate atmosphere of life in the midwest. 'Carolina' is full with beautiful song work that deserves your full attention."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

"San Francisco’s resident JJ Schultz admires folk and country music and has been writing songs in both styles that now appear on his 4th album “Carolina”. Surrounded with only music from his acoustic guitar and some Hammond organ played by Danny Eisenberg, several highly emotional tracks about love, sadness and passion are creating a very touching atmosphere while listening to this splendid record. That’s the way I like it!”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Rambling Nicholas Heron "Cannot Feel At Home In This World Anymore"
(Red Top/Border)

"This disc was recorded in only four days and it has really managed to capture a vital euphoric feeling that rubs off, not bad, not bad at all....."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine -

"Artists Of The Week!"

- Benny Sørensen / Musik Fra Kyst Til Kyst -

"This great indie-folk-rock-boogie-blues band from Gothenburg is one of the best kept secrets of the city."

- Gerrit Vermeij / Muziekvenster -

"This is a very pleasing debut album!"

- Ivan van Belleghem / Keys & Chords -

“Hopefully the rather dark title of their debut album does not inspire ‘Rambling Nicholas Heron’ to step out of this world. We believe this young Swedish singer-songwriter will still have many opportunities to conquer the world by translating his experiences from life in great songs that can appear on the succession album to their outstanding debut album.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Annie Gallup "Little Five Points" (Waterbug Records)

What a classy woman Annie Gallup is on her 9th solo album ‘Little Five Points’, with her sidekick Peter Gallway always being around on every tune, these eleven superb and passionate songs are grabbing you immediately and won’t let go.....”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"'Little Five Points' gets 'Four Big Points' from this very writer....."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

"Poetic singer-songwriter music, very calm and laid back, with a strong focus on the lyrics....."

- Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutterzine -

"Self-described as conversations in a quiet room, accompanied by musical partner Peter Gallway on guitar, bass and keyboards, Annie Gallup’s latest solo album is a hushed, intimate affair, Gallup often talk-singing the lyrics over a stripped back bluesy background of guitar and the occasional lap steel or ukulele."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -



Hat Check Girl "Road To Red Point" (Waterbug Records)

"From the eerily windswept antiquarian-back-porch feel of 'The Other Road', right through to the spooky semi-spoken chronicle of 'Texas Burning', the power of this disc never lets up, and once caught in its spell, you won't want to interrupt its carefully coordinated natural flow....."

- David Kidman / Fatea Magazine -

"In the same way as the paintings of Wyeth, the music of Joplin and the writings of McCarthy, this album resonate with the soul of America’s backroads, dust scrabble lives and the endurance to find a better tomorrow. It deserves to be cherished."

- Mike Davies / Net Rhythms -

"Two phenomenal singer-songwriters, highly recommended!"

- Holly Moors / Moors Magazine -

"A dozen of guitars is sufficient to create a personal landscape for the deplorable stories, and with their 3rd album Hat Check Girl delivers once again an intruiging piece of work."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“Like their two previously released albums, ‘Road To Red Point’ is once again top quality work from Hat Check Girl. Their intimate and dark songs on this record fit perfectly as relaxing background music during a quiet and shimmering winter evening.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Jack Tempchin "Live At Tales From The Tavern" (T.F.T.T.)

"This is really an enjoyable album in every way, Jack Tempchin is an excellent songwriter, has an expressive and pleasant singing voice, and is an entertaining artist with a good sense of humour that captures the audience with great stories inbetween songs....."

- Roger Molinder / Real Music Journal -

"When Jack Tempchin, with his soft and warm voice, performs his most famous songs, alone on stage with just his guitar, in front of an audience in a small club, what happens is what usually happens when well-known songs lose their big arrangement and voices associated with them, the lyrics reach through to you in a completely different way, and the songs are perceived as stronger than ever....."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

"He captivates the audience with brilliant stories inbetween his great songs, and you feel like you're right in the middle of a beautiful concert, with a warm and cozy living room atmosphere....."

- Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes -

"A fine, heartfelt concert CD/DVD with the finest material from one of the greatest songwriters in the California area."

- Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords -

“That Jack Tempchin belongs to the club of the greatest songwriters is hardly known to anyone, but when you are told that he penned the Eagles hits ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ and ‘Already Gone’, as well as Glenn Frey’s ‘You Belong To The City’ and ‘The One You Love’, you will have to admit that the person who wrote such classics must be regarded as a legendary composer.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -


Lowlands "Beyond" (Gypsy Child Records)

"Edward Abietti wanders down mean streets looking for the past, while the band conjure up a backdrop that is one part E Street Band, one part Richmond Fontaine with a dynamite guitar-keyboard middle eight that then swells into a triumphant crescendo, stirring stuff....."

- Paul Kerr / Americana UK -

"Sometimes laid-back and at other times rocking out, but always keen on strong melodies that stick in your head."

- Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutterzine -

"Lowlands shows us once more that we can’t ignore them and there is no reason why we should do so."

- Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -

"Lowlands serve a subtle blend of hard rocking stuff and humble folksongs."

- Ivan Van Belleghem / Keys & Chords -

"Lowlands surprises heavily after ‘Better World Coming’, their excellent tribute album to folk legend Woody Guthrie. The ten songs on their new album ‘Beyond’ are blending folk and rock music into a fresh and dynamic sound, which pleases from the beginning to the very last end.”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

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